Weekly Dossier: Clinton Conclusion (10-12-17)

On John’s last show (at least for a little while) he discusses the ever-growing Clinton body count and related topics.

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Haven’t listened yet…saving it for work tomorrow, but sure am disappointed to see this will be your last show John. I understand, as much as one can who’s never done it, the weekly show I mean. I’ve really enjoyed your shows, and appreciate any sacrifices made. Your content was worthy and valuable, and quite frankly, I just like the sound of your voice. You will be missed, kinsman, hope to hear from you in the future. Best wishes.


thanks for the kind words. I’ll just be over here keeping the bench warm for now 🙂


Thank you for all your work, John and all the best for your co-host as well . Perhaps you can direct some of your energy and experience to the round table as a caller when these “oh no” moments occur. You know the desperation and you have the means to rescue! Enjoy the freedom sitting back on the bench and the respect you earned doing the right thing when it was needed. I’ll miss your shows.

Quintus Sertorius

Thank you for all the great shows John! I hope you continue to make the occasional guest appearance. Your thoughtful and thought-provoking insights will be missed. Here’s a big green water toast to your excellent work!


How much longer do we have to put up with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family?

Anthony Roberts

I’ve got a horrible feeling Killary will be handed the throne, if/when the chosen choose to “retire” Trump. Her screech writers will have a field day! Thanks for all your hard work John. Your shows have made, in the words of your favourite, “jew’s sorry now!”

PS Are we in for more False flag trickery this “Templar” weekend? (Fri 13th Oct)

Rollie Quaid

I’ll miss you John, even though we never meet I am big fan of your show.


Hmm… looks like we have a down voting saboteur on this comment board. I suspect a certain person who’s name starts with a p.

Foster XL

A proper investigation of a crime to establish suspects requires a great deal more than simple paranoia & schoolyard finger-pointing Scarlett LOL! If it’s the “p” I think you’re alluding to then he has never shied away from letting his ample words say what has to be said. No, cowardly down-voting from the shadows of anonymity is more the domain of Mami’s Shitard troofers or cling-on flunkie fans of emotionally unstable disgruntled ex-hosts. Back to the drawing board for you girl! 😀

Thanks for all the shows JS 😉


Touché.. Perhaps . Peace