Weekly Dossier: Daphne Rimmel – Everything is Connected (4-6-17)

John talks to Daphne about her channel, the cancer industry, the AIDS scam, homo illness, sex ed, jewish power, chlorophyll, natural health tips, the earth question, trannies, and other triggering topics.

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I enjoyed the expose of the medical mafia. As a dedicated non TV watcher, I was quite shocked when I went to teach a yoga class to the staff at a convalescent home and there was a tent outside. It was at the height of the SARS scam and I had to fill out a form, sanitize my hands and don a mask like everyone else. It was surreal but I had no fear because I knew it was a lie, as the media had not affected me. I was offered a job a few years back to teach yoga, dance and nutrition at a rehab house, but was told I needed to take a TB test . I refused and the director asked if… Read more »

Lisa Elizabeth

Loved the show. Daphne is a great guest!!!

John SmithRGB

thank you x2 lol

What is the link mentioned in the broadcast of the scottish guy that does as you guys say groundbreaking research? Thanks!


Mick Benson, The weeman, subscribe to him! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuMYw6FIK7mKHrPBGp5_q8A

John SmithRGB

subscribed! thanks again for coming on; I re-listened to the show today and it’s solid! 🙂


Thanks for having me on the show! That was fun! I hope everyone got the message that AIDS is fake. Thanks for all the new subscribers, too!


I hope Daphne becomes totally jew-wise. All the shit she talks about is really jew shit, but I don’t know if she’s aware of that. If she thinks she caught hell for exposing AIDS, she’ll find herself in a wonderful shit storm if she ever talks about the holocaust being a hoax on her channel.

John SmithRGB

I am sending her material we talked about in the show; worry not!


That’s awesome, John. If she ever fully wakes up, she will be a poweful force in the fight against the JWO.


Archive.org has TD audio as well as all of Pierce’s recorded speeches.


I am totally jew-wise, thankyouverymuch. I was deleted from instagram three months ago for calling out the rabbis who suck baby dick upon circumcision. John and I did not have time to cover the VAST amount of topics we wanted to, rest assured, I’m well informed.


I truly hope you will start fearlessly saying the “J” word in your videos. People will never wake up unless they hear that all this shit is because of the fucking jews. It’s the jews. It’s the jews. It’s the god damn fucking jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John SmithRGB

thats awesome; the cross pollination in audiences is what I strive for with every guest who appears; we are all stronger together!


Close to Half of American Adults Infected With HPV, Survey Finds (maybe this article will get you triggered Daphne) https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/06/health/hpv-virus-survey-united-states.html?_r=0

Shawna Marie

Wee mans work reminds me of this vid. Called frequency of the heavens.
Very interesting thanks for sharing his channel with us.

Lisa Elizabeth

I really enjoyed the show. Daphne is a great guest!!!!


Daphne the goofball is spewing anti vegan nonsense now. She’s giving Jon Humanity a run for his money in the retard department.


Foster XL

Yep, she’s at least an obvious attention seeker. Is now saying veganism is really bad for you & caused her all these health issues, etc yet when someone challenges her in the comments about not providing actual statistical evidence she counteracts by saying she’s been a nurse & nutritionist for 17 years! If she’s that knowledgeable & using her 17 years of experience to back her claims about meat eating how come she chose to go vegan in the first place? She’s an obvious fraud caught being a hypocrite in her own comment section!!! Look at all the lost sheep trotting along behind her there also though – quite sad.


Daphne says fruits and vegetables are bad for you, but bacon is a health food. There seems to be a trend of supposed”vegans” on jewtube coming out as carnivores. Going from a no meat diet, to an all meat diet is a bit suspect.

Foster XL

Oh yeah of course! It’s so obvious to people like us it would laughable if not so utterly disgusting! The fact that little sheep will follow this shit rather than go look up information for themselves is even more disgusting & the very reason these despicable agents (willing or otherwise) do what they do. Even a quick look at a simple introductory site like greatveganathletes.com shoots down the lies of people like Daftnee deader than the days-old death they say they now consume every day! But do the little lost lambs bother to look at sites like that let alone any real scientific evidence?

Anders Dahl

The man from Scotland is “theweeman”

Is it ok for me to juice spinach an kale just once a week? Whats that Scottish guys name doing the astronomy stuff?

Ginger Doucet

What a terrible interviewer!!! He isn’t interviewing, as he says, he is TALKING to Daphne, and talking and talking and talking. I want to hear her!!!


Daphne is great. So much good information. John, please check out Bo Peep. She has some great info. Hope you get her on your show.

John SmithRGB

I actually have watched some of her videos and you are right! thanks for the tip


“ball skeptic” i’ve got two arguments that will change her mind.

1. arctic circle.

2. please take three days to drive from north bay, ontario to miami, florida in january. kindly provide an explanation for the position of the sun at noon (mmmm… direct sunshine….) that excludes a round earth.


Nice try, but you’re going on the assumption that the sun is a gigantic ball that is “billyuns” of miles away, shining on a globe earth. We’re living on a flat disc. It’s okay, just take a flight some time, hopefully it will be mostly clear and you’ll see a FLAT horizon. You’re welcome.


The Earth is flat I’d say Eric Dubay, agent or not, presents enough evidence in a manner for one who doesn’t understand, to understand.
Just don’t become a fanatic defender of him. He seems to be an agent. But who knows. I watched a video, but I sure don’t know.
I know Trump is though. That’s obvious to anyone.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5c0DNV2l90 Daphne swears up and down on a stack of Talmud books that she is jew-wise. And yet in this rant compilation there is not a single mention of the dreaded “J” word. Ummmmm……is she jew-wise or isn’t she? And if she truly is jew-wise, is she just afraid of the big bad scary jew so much that she can’t point a finger at him? You can rant about the problems all day long, but until you disclose the source of the problem, nothing will change. In fact the jew loves it more than anything when you talk about all the shit they do without naming them. Yeah, she’s cute and she does have good information and she’s funny. But fuck it, I’m wasting no… Read more »


My channel is really young still and if you knew what my future content consisted of, you’d put your foot in your mouth with all possible haste. Not only am I jew wise, I am jew obsessed. My audience will come to understand that, (and a lot more) about me in the future. I’ve been kicked out of school and bullied my whole life for trying to educate people about jew truths which I will talk about in detail in my video number 289!! I moved to Germany as a teenager and protested Anne Franks fake diary, all on my own free will. That’s video 203!!! I’m currently only on 106! You can stay tuned or crap out like a pusillanimous.


I’ll believe you’re jew-wise when I hear you calling out the jew. Until then, you’re either not jew-wise or you are afraid to call them out for all the evil they do in the world. The jew is at the root of every last damn thing you rant about and yet you won’t mention them at all. You’re obsessed with the jews but can’t say the “J” word?????? Sounds kind of fishy to me. Please prove to me that you’re jew-wise and do videos about the following topics: the holocaust hoax, Israeli/jew involvement in 9/11, AIPAC, and jews promoting immigration and other activities to genocide the white race. A video about the Protocols would also be an excellent idea. Ranting about all the evils and… Read more »


Sounds to me like you should just start your own channel and make the content you want. I have nothing to prove to anyone.


Nice cop out. If you were truly jew-wise, you would be eager to discuss those types of topics. You’ve got a cutesy little channel but you’re not the least bit jew-wise or interested in exposing these cretins. I am done with you.


With all the energy you’ve spent typing out all of these comments, you could have very well made 12 jew videos. shut the fuck up.


Actually, you sound like a jew if you ask me. Asking, no wait, DEMANDING other people to do things for you that you very well could be doing yourself yet you are not. Lazy lazy lazy. Make your own channel and write your own books or you have no valued input.


You are so, so, so very afraid to name the jew. That is the point. You are doing everything to avoid that. Attack me all day long, but there is still the fact that YOU will not name the jew. Ummmm……….


See, Lazy jew dude, this is the part of the conversation I just don’t understand. I have named the jew. (I’ve spent most of my life naming the jew.) You clearly haven’t watched enough of my videos. That is likely because your attention span is about as short and flimsy as your jewish circumcised pecker.


Please post a link to all your “jew” videos.


Dude, wtf are ranting on about & why are you picking such a futile bitchfight with Daphne? You’re making yourself look quite stupid! Please provide links to YOUR videos where you are going out & naming the jew or doing anything other than picking silly little fights in comments sections like a basement dweller. In other words put up or STFU! God damned sick of all these girly men geez…..


This medium encourages rude behavior between individuals that have most likely never laid eyes on each other.
Stating (or perhaps not stating supposedly, in this case) a fact that someone dislikes seems to promote the kind of behavior that used to be reserved for customer service agents on the phone.


I’m with Renny. So would G.L. Rockwell be.


“I’m with Renny. So would G.L. Rockwell be.”
LMFAO! So did you have a seance & speak with the good Commander across the dark abyss? Or maybe he came to you in your sleep & whispered that in your ear? Or maybe you’re just a friggin’ nutty nobody troll with a fake name who Commander Rockwell himself probably would’ve kicked up the ass so hard you wouldn’t be sitting down for a week! Yeah I’m thinking it’s most likely the last one. Imbecile.


Renny asked an honest question: Show me the money.

Good Dictator

Renny, so easy and convenient to be brave (or a reckless idiot) with somebody else’s arse! Give the example if you have the balls and the brains… (it doesn’t seem you have neither).
Daphne, great shows (this one and the one with Sinead), great youtube channel (I went through all 50 FE videos plus a few more), looking forward to catching up with all your past videos and even more the new ones! I love your content and your style and your hilarious humour! Keep it up!


Thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me.