Weekly Dossier: Daphne & Tiffany – Global Control (4-27-17)

John is joined by return guest Daphne Rimmel and Tiffany, discussing jews, flat earth, vaccines, jews, alcohol, organ donation, degenerate television, and negativity in general.

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Nice show, guys. It was really nice to hear from Tiffany. I haven’t had too much time to view Tiffany’s videos, but am a subscriber and plan on doing a binge watching session soon. When I have this bitch of an exam behind me, I would love to have Daphne and Tiffany on for a “bitch fest”.


Loving Daphne more and more these days!

Tiffany seems cool. Will check out her videos also.


Thank you ladies and gent. It is refreshing to hear other perspectives. Our health and our children’s health is of utmost importance considering the current predicament we are in right now. One thing I would suggest to Tiffany is if she is not home shcooling she needs to make sure that her children’s school is majority white. I did not have that privilege and being surrounded by non whites as a child was a great detriment to my mental health and intellectual capacity.

John SmithRGB

thanks again to both ladies for taking the time to join us


Thanks for having me. Sorry again about the technical issues in the beginning. That storm had me thinking I might need to call in to the show with my phone LOL! I hope we kept it HARD HITTING enough for everyone! 🙂


Not nearly HARD HITTING enough for me considering we are in the END STAGES of a GENOCIDE!!!!! I got $20 says Daff-knee is a crypto jew. 🙂

John SmithRGB

any final words


My Viking ancestors disagree with you.

John SmithRGB

I am told that was sarcasm; tread lightly friend lol

Anthony Roberts

Great to hear two new White ladies scaring the fudge out of the jews & alt-kike. They don’t want a network of strong females waking up White people, especially our currently docile men. Keep it up ladies.

Very enjoyable show John – you are doing fine mate. Don’t let the moaners get you down and stop you from speaking out. £20 says rennyrat is a closet alt-righter or troll.

PS About the trans-agenda: I thought about this the other day. Daryl Hannah & Glenn Close? Lazy bas***** couldn’t even be bothered to change their names, let alone shave the old adam’s lol!


People love the idea that this is a computer generated virtual reality by a “higher” creation principle, yet you mention a… flat…. plane… AND EVERYBODY HAS A FIT! Everybody starts spinning around on the floor punching themselves in the face and foaming at the mouth. [shrug] It was just a suggestion, damn.


Good lordy, sunnypeaches on RB! I did watch some of her videos a while back, god stuff. However, I would not reccommend this “blood over intent” thing that people seem to be getting sucked into, it sounds too much like jew magic.


I thought it sounded like jew magic, too, so I created an alternative for folks. One that makes a lot of sense. Please check out my video on sharpie over intent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJeCQJGBbNw


Great Discussion. Thanks, John, Daphne, and Tiffany.

Karen in E Tenn

John, you have a mellow, southern gentleman way about you. You bring something different to the network. Consider the constructive criticism you receive and ignore nasty insults and ridiculous name calling. View them for what they are, agents paid to disrupt.

Ed Kahler

John does not sound 50!


I believe in Flat Earth. You can’t walk on a surface of a ball, you would fall to space! I wonder if Sun is flat too… or Moon. It seems like it. Most observatories are owned by the government and they’re always lying. You guys should also cover breatharianism, ancient Aryan knowledge, how to survive without food. There is a lot of evidence that one can.


Yea Bill, I fell for the whole setup. But one look at the fact and the globe does not ring true. The sun is (as I have “heard” is some kind of electrical phenomenon.


According to scripture, circumcision was done to mark a slave.. Why do that to your son??


I have no time to listen to shows at the moment, but have this on my list, including any shows Kyle and Sinead make in the meantime.


I agree with Renny… talking about the latest shitty jew tv shows is a waste of time. No one these days (even the sheep totally asleep,) can argue how lecherous and depraved Jew MSM is these days.. for ”christ’s sakes” – there’s constant sex, drugs and violence on EVERY channel 24/7. You literally have to be retarded to defend any kind of boobtube programming – or have the IQ of an African – and I don’t mean to insult retards… It is wonderful to see/listen to women talking about reality – but come on – THIS IS IT. War is being waged upon us NOW. Talking about Jew media for more than 5 minutes is a waste of time.. Maybe I ”missed some gems” some… Read more »

Shawna Marie

Regarding organ donation Dr Paul Byrne exposed brain death as a term made up in order to harvest living organs from living patients.



Child Protective Services – one of the system’s strongest, most intimidating weapons indeed.