Weekly Dossier: Daphne & Tiffany – Independent Investigations (5-11-17)

John is joined again by Daphne Rimmel and Tiffany to discuss many topics again; trans issues, jews, masonics in the closet, mountain life, and anxiety.

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Amazing show! Exposing the Globe conspiracy is the most crucial aspect of destroying jewish power structure and their deceptive world view!


Daphne and John are cool. But “sunny peaches” ? She is the most clueless bimbo ever to come on the show. She even said something like “the elites are causing division between the races” at some point. She is no nationalist, just using Renegade as a platform for more popularity.


Agree with you on Sunnypeaches, Grizz. If you watch her videos, she looks and acts like she’s on drugs.


I’ve been aware of FE since Sinead’s interview of Dubay back in 2015. Dubay’s weirdness reminds me of Alex Jones. Both are obvious shills giving out truth blended with stupidity. Daphne brought up this question in one of her videos – “why did they give us flat earth? ” This question is way more important than the earth being flat in my opinion. And on and on, why are they telling us about the trannies now? Sonny and Cher (likely trans) with their daughter Chasity (Chaz.) Chasity according to Wikipedia: “is sexual behavior of a man or woman that is acceptable to the moral standards and guidelines of their culture, civilization or religion. ” Brad and Angie (likely trans) have a young daughter Shiloh who… Read more »


John, thanks for bringing up the “Turner Diaries”. It’s sad to see so many whites afraid of this book and its overall message because they’re still too attached to the (((system))). The Alt-Kike is a prime example of this.

I would highly recommend the hosts and listeners to read “Siege” by James Mason. I would love to see this book discussed on the network. Hard copies are basically collectors items at this point in time but below is a link to the .pdf.



thanks for listening, and for the recommendation; will check it out

I bought the Turner diaries and Hunter years ago when it wasn’t a problem. For me Hunter was more of a formula of what could or should be done to combat the parasitical problem. I have all ways wondered how many people took it heart and how many lone wolfs are out there stalking their pray, if there is any at all.


Another good source for Turner Diaries is archive.org where you can listen to WLP himself read the entire book. His voice takes some getting used to as it is not of the smooth hypnotic type (((they))) have conditioned us to prefer but for that reason it’s all the more genuine. In addition, archive.org has him reading many if not all of his writings. I listened to TD and everything on that site by him a few years ago.


Really love these ladies. Great show.


Ah, Jazz is very good for thought, thank you for introducing me to him. Love his style, he looks like Rowdy Roddy Piper from They Live HHAHAHa. Johnny, never mind too much about the set ‘design’, it is the content that matters 😉 Don’t let the leaf derail the train. But as they say: in the end it is all up to you.


I haven’t listened yet but I just wanted to say thank you to these ladies for representing the divine feminine and thank you to renegade for rising above the indoctrination and having the knowing that we need the divine feminine to achieve our goals of balance and harmony.


What we need is more BEAUTIFUL young female Flat Earth researchers to crush the official narrative if ridiculous round Earth theory.


so, one dig wasn’t enough tough guy? wildcard slots open and tribune available for you to add your voice; but you won’t


I don’t get you, I love everything that Renegade does.


I think that female beauty is divine and helps clear the subject….


Loved this set. I have come across sunnypeaches vids a while back and was tempted to drop the jew bomb in her comment section was too afraid it might turn her off to do so. And here she is lacing it thick against the kike!

Anders Dahl

There is a lot of Napoleon paintings, drawings and even sculptures of the man. So I am pretty sure he was a real person.


I have seen so many drawings and paintings and sculptures of unicorns, so they are definitely real.


omg you are too much! Anders, go listen to one of Nik Research presentations; very convincing. From what I remember, a lot of the ‘different’ paintings are just reproductions of the 1/2 ‘original’ paintings

Anders Dahl

Okay but why would he not be a real person? What was the Napoleon wars then? Who was king instead of him?

How can they make up a person Who was alive 200 years ago. I can see you could do it with a person Who supposedly lived 2000 years ago.

And what would be the motiv?


check Nik out and get back to us; you wont be sorry

Anders Dahl

I’m sorry but I couldn’t find it. Can you remember what the show was called?

Anders Dahl

Thank you. I fought you meant Nick Spero.

Anders Dahl

I got it to 2:40min. He is right that the pictures looks fake and we don’t know a lot about history when nobody knows about a reason mud flood or flood in 1800’hundred.

John SmithRGB

yeah, I made it like 5 hours lol; really interesting but the accent is tough to follow. I would have him on as a guest absolutely

The idea of a “Formless Mass” resides in the mind of jews, they therefore give you the, it’s a Matrix (of Lies).

Must admit though, it does seem rather preposterous that Rothschild (Bauer) had a “Carrier Pigeon” advantage during the Napoleon Wars in order to win a bet which lead to the Inheritance and creation of the London Square Mile, but this does not invalidate the Battle of Waterloo as actually occurring.


Glad to see you have covered Treespiracy on your youtube channel.
Trovants and Treespiracy from about 1 hour 28 for about 6 minutes (maybe you will find the trovant information interesting, if you have not come across it already)
I have not been able to watch or listen to anything in over 2 weeks partly due to very slow internet, but am looking forward to listening to your videos and the last 2 shows when I can.


I saw a movie about Jesus once. They wouldn’t make a movie about him that was so popular & successful if he wasn’t real!

Everyone is a Tranny on Flat Earth

John Smith. If you had to choose between a sex robot and a tranny, which one would you pick?


LoL, what would be the situation and setting of this tantalising choice?

Every Tranny is a Flat One on Earth

Yeah not exactly any kind of dilemma you might actually face unless you’re mentally ill. Did you learn to ask yourself this kind of stupid question in college? I hear that college in the US now pretty much comes down to this kind of brainless debate.
Would you rather be red team or blue team?
In reality there’s only 1 situation where you have to make a choice between 2 things & it’s very simple – right or wrong! In this case both choices are wrong therefore the right choice is to abstain. See how easy it when you use common sense?! 😉