Weekly Dossier: Death Don’t Have No Mercy (7-6-17)

John shares some of his thoughts, discusses the Christian view on the death penalty, plays an audio clip about the topic, discusses the state’s monopolization of our lives, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

I’m a bog man John. If there is enough evidence to find them guilty, then these “beings” need to be put to sleep. No 20yrs on death row at our expense. No torture revenge killing; just a simple bullet to the back of the head. The whole “justice” system is set up by jews to make money, and to perpetuate their social tensions and agendas. Bad Whitey locking away poor innocent immigrants again. When we regain power, we can simplify the process, teach our children right from wrong, and go from there. PS Thanks for doing these shows and using your free time to aid our fight. Is that the new ‘Tesla’ chair from Ikea in your picture? Can’t wait to get one and plug… Read more »

John SmithRGB

thanks for the remark on the ‘jewstice’ system; it’s part of what motivated me to go in this area even if I didn’t really clarify that as such. At this point state sanctioned ANYTHING makes me ill.


Even more reason not to have the state in the torture and killing business…. End drug crime laws downsize the crime making industry that feeds top to bottom on disorder from cops to judges prosecutors doctors psychologist activist race bait groups etc etc ad infinitum

Truth is they are all welfare dependent on crime/misery


I am pretty sure you are the only person who’s ever said “I’m a bog man.” That’s a classic.

Foster XL

Yep, in clear-cut cases where the perp was caught red-handed committing an act of violence against an innocent person that resulted in that person’s death then a death penalty is not unrealistic or “inhuman” in my opinion. Where I make a personal distinction though is that the sentence should entirely be in the hands of the victim’s family & “the state” should only be involved if said family wishes that a state agent carry out the sentence THEY see fit. I think this is much more akin to the way our ancestors would have meted out real justice as it is more along common sense lines.


I’m in agreement when it’s on the personal/local level. It’s just in this day and age with the system we have its “whack” as we all know .

I’m all for hanging all the traitors ruling over us just against being tricked into being there death squad mob puppets rampaging through the innocent that will inevitably be kin.

We have the laws in place to clean house as it is. Every last one could be convicted a hundred times over

Foster XL

Unfortunately those “laws” are based on abrahamic religious code ie. jewish. Realistically all abrahamic theocratic laws have to be done away with completely & replaced with our own Natural Law. Only then can we properly deal with these parasites & the mind virus that infects our people. Their laws always give them an out – our laws wouldn’t have any. They believe their law gives them complete jurisdiction & the deception of the “choices” they give the goyim makes all goyim willing participants in their own fates/deaths at the hands of the parasite or their agents. We can not “deal” with the enemy using the enemy’s laws. Believing that we can is delusional & dangerous & needs to stop. It’s time for some major changes.


So lay out the “new laws” against the inalienable rights of men to be free from tyranny.

I rather not tear down the fence before knowing who is my neighbor and why the fence was built in the first place

The people claiming to be Jews ignore there own laws that condemn them to death and exile and destroy the order in nations they feast on. Doing there work for them is retarded as they have the money and willing traitors to do as they please Bolshevik style

Foster XL

Natural Law is not “new laws”. “New laws” are written down on bits of paper every day by those who continue to oppress. Those bits of paper can be screwed up & thrown in the trash or an incinerator even more quickly than they were written on unlike Natural Law. And just as quickly as those black robed traitors signed their bits of paper with their poison pens their treasonous necks can be snapped by the rapid tightening of a Natural hemp rope should they be found guilty under Natural Law! (PS. Please note correct spelling of “their” – a decent grasp of good vocabulary should always be an early step on the ladder of personal achievement if you wish to be taken at least… Read more »

Shawna Marie

Thank you John for exposing yet another layer of the talmudic slave plantation we have been born into. I had not really considered the career incentives for judges and prosecutors to knowingly pervert justice when it comes to violent crimes. Naively I had assumed they were possibly run of the mill masonic narcissists who made incompetent blunders and a few innocent people were wrongfully executed, which was troubling enough. Previously I was aware of the prison industrial complex, a for profit industry which I figured was really about growing an institutionalized slave class based on mostly victimless crimes under the guise of a “war on drugs” and other farcical statues. What you have presented is important to consider even if the information is from a… Read more »

John SmithRGB

thanks very much for the kind words. you really picked up exactly what I was trying to get across, and I really make an effort to not have such strict tunnel vision to not take ideas from what are considered ‘corrupted’ sources and interpret or apply them to what we are trying to get at. They never have to my knowledge called out the jew in that publication, but the opportunity to use the ideas presented and bounce off them to suit our needs is a great thing in my opinion.

Tristan Kent

John, you have a good, NPR sounding voice. But sane, of course. People cannot possibly attack you, and yet they do. Some are paid to attack/shill. But many mean well, even the worst of the Whites, Asians, Blacks…… not a fan of the Adamic(jew muslim christian). Whites WILL confess to their identity-starvation…. with me forced into my own heroism. I have no choice but to ‘rise.’ My past is….. a bit shameful(sexual dysphoria is my thing, sh&t) So I ‘repent’ in a true, basic racial sense. And Earth is not spherical. I heard you say you ‘hate the sound of your voice,’ lol. Your voice is better than the nasally Jews. We need fury. Just a worldwide strike maybe? An anger of lightning and righteous… Read more »

John SmithRGB

I like your style; call in next week; test the waters!

John Smith

Everybody has been so good and informative. The intro and ending music to the shows I have heard is well chosen. Please keep up the good work.
John Smith

John SmithRGB

how does it feel to have so much free time? I’ve forgotten