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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

You’re a great broadcaster John. Have a break and you will come back energized. Besides, Kyle can only manage 5 nights a week!

PS Re Charlottesville: Was libtard Neil Young correct in his 1970 assessment of the current Alt-Right queen? “Southern Man?” Or were the jews always preparing for civil war 2.0 with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s famous rebuttal?

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Thanks for stepping up John.

6 years ago

Appreciate your show, John. Hang in there. We all well know that waking up isn’t enough. The prisoner wakes up — indeed, every prisoner in the jail wakes up — but that doesn’t mean they’re going home. Every last “goy” on the flat earth can wake up, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting out of this mess. I truly hope that one fine day we do trash the filthy jew bastards. Perhaps it will be that the pieces of filth destroy themselves for surely something that evil has a myriad of weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

6 years ago

Guys, it’s only going to take one ethnostate peacefully done in the model of NS Germany to derail the JWO. Why? Because they will not be able to invade, conquer, and install one of their central banks, not in this global Internet age. However as I say this I’m flabbergasted they were able to do exactly that to Gaddafi’s Libya, so who knows. However if Jews have ethnostate, and they do, an argument can easily be made that Whites ought to have one as well, a safe haven of their own, one not controlled by Jews who hate them (and you can blow open the Jew holy books to quote anti-goy hate speech in corroboration of this).

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