Weekly Dossier: Forward Together (6-29-17)

John talks about some of the things that have transpired recently, takes a call from Frank (who is still on the Trump Train), speaks with Kyle about the juice world order, gets a first-time call from Shawna, plays some classic Revilo P. Oliver, reads some George Lincoln Rockwell, and much more.

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Nick Spero

Frank says that Alex Jones’s guest CIA Operative Robert David Steele backed up what Frank was saying is a freaking lie. Steele covers for Alex Jones and deflects like what all gate keepers do: https://youtu.be/ryTFTAFkbFI?t=19m57s

Hey Frank, fuck off. No Trumptards allowed! 🙂

In the beginning of the video, Robert David Steele tells Alex Jones that children have been abducted and are on their way on a 20 year trip to a slave colony on Mars.

Cynthia McKinney has teamed up with Steele for a campaign called #Unrig.
Here are some links regarding the Unrig Campaign:



The 250k they are trying to raise is just through IndieGoGo, which does not include their PayPal donations.

#Unrig my arse!

John SmithRGB

HAHA! yeah,I don’t think I want him even calling in to listen. He wouldn’t answer when I asked him why he would even come around here being on the Trump train. Thanks for the additional info


Nick – how does it feel to have been right about Trump all along? 🙂 I’m utterly disgusted with the Trumptards and the Cowards who think Sandy Hook was “real”… The faked Chemical Weapons attack in Syria … The faked bombing in England … the faked London Bridge attack … BTW – fuck Anglin that little paid agent bitch.


“Trump Train Frank” is just another cowardly retard. Hard evidence of Trump’s affiliations and actions PROVE that (at best) he’s just another jew-puppet. Yes – faked atrocity events are even more common that most would think. And yes – they are reliably detectable…unless you’re an idiot and/or suffer from crippling Cognitive Biases…like “Trump Train Frank”.


Another good show, John. I could really go for a total Frank ban. At best the guy is a dumbass. At worst, a jew troll. Yes, he truly is at the wrong place.

John SmithRGB

my show is a Frank free zone form now on; tune in with confidence lol.

I do like to have people prattle on and bury themselves tho; I think he contradicted himself in the same sentence several times!

Anthony Roberts

Disingenuous – not sincere or “frank” lol! Your pathetic attempt to confuse or weaken our spirits have failed Frank. Take your jew paycheque and go away mr double-speak per sentence.

Great show John, and good call and observation from Shawna about these hoaxes/ff events. I do think they are taking note of people who are awake – gulp!

PS Question for John: Will you ever give up listening to their modern music mind virus? Just wondering. I loved pop/rock music but now realize it was just another jew poison diet. The first step is admitting you have a problem John, the rest is all downhill lol.

John SmithRGB

thanks for listening Anthony- great question about the music; it’s something I do think about. Almost anything past the 90’s as far as ‘modern’ music I don’t pay attention to; but there is a fascinating sub-set that no one hears I still like. Otherwise it’s back back back haha.