Weekly Dossier: Forward Together – Getting Motivated (7-20-17)

John is joined tonight by Kyle and Andrew, discussing the recent video release The Big Picture of Child Trafficking – Mind Control Culture. Audio clips from Sinead and Dr William Pierce, and an exultation to get involved before its too late!

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4 years ago

Another great show John. That’s great clip from Sinead! Also great to have Vegainaot jump in.

4 years ago

Great show john! please watch short video- What the Jews have Done Dresden An Act of Genocide Part 2 Perhaps you can cover this topic?


4 years ago

Absolutely correct PSR on how to debate and plant the seed of doubt into the social “norms”.

Learned how to push around cops muscle heads on roids and the like by being right first of all and absolutely above there antics and provocations all while keeping in public as they tried to intimidate me into a dark corner for ye ol sucker punch. This was a golds gym and pool hall valet lot

Online is the same game as is life. If you are right and righteous then the open air light of day is what you want. The snakes slither in dark damp holes

4 years ago

good show John .. thanks for your work

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