Weekly Dossier: Gerhard Lauck – Books on the Ground (3-16-17)

John Smith talks to Gerhard Lauck of Third Reich Books about the nature of the books he carries, the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, how to effectively use memes, the Renegade Tribune promotion, competition vs cooperation, the meme contest on jewish censorship, censorship and spying, and much more. Callers are taken.

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They are reading a copy of The Poisoned Mushroom. order your copy today!

Seriously, if Renegade interviewed Lauck every week, I’d listen every single time.
Regarding 3rdReichbooks being down… Recently invictusbooks was also axed because their server found the materials offensive, although someone there said they’d be up with the month.

Can’t access the site. Maintenance? Could some months back, iirc.

Alexander from Flanders

Gerhard Lauck should come on once every week. And I love his strange accent. He has a very good radio voice.

Yep. The site is down – ‘forbidden’.

Same, been down last couple days

Don’t use the link on his twitter feed; it doesn’t work for some reason. do a search or go through NASDP.info

http://third-reich-books.com/ doesn’t work.

You do not have permission to access this document. ‘

dunno I was on there last night no problem; odd

site is back up!!