Weekly Dossier: Get a Clue (8-10-17)

Clueless John Smith renews weekly call to action and more involvement from supporters, and discusses topics such as cell phone history, political corruption, Boyd Rice, and William Pierce.

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Good show John. If only 50% of our folk were as clueless as you. It’d be a vegan cakewalk.

Is WWE going to kick off this weekend? Any given Sunday? Missile-less in Seattle? Or will it be the following week, with their foreshadowing (projected) ellipse-eclipse?

Fear not cattle, ZOG emperor and his gold team will save the day and first kick chinky, then russki, and finally arab butt. I have no GUAMs about that!

I wish Boyd Rice would of taken up High Priesthood of The Church of Satan rather than Peter Gilmore.