Weekly Dossier: Government Gangsters (10-5-17)

John talks about a few issues before jumping back into the topic of the Clinton crime gang, with lots of sex, drugs, and rocking the vote. Included is the story of the real life CIA pilot Barry Seal, the subject of the new American Made movie.

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To all Russia lovers out there; dual citizenship in Russia is forbidden by the law, EXCEPT for Israelis, just like in United States.

Anthony Roberts

Thanks for these informative shows John. I take my hat off to all folk holding down day jobs, and using your spare time to help our race. Looking forward to your future wildcards mate.


thanks Anthony- tune in for the finale covering the body count next week


Anthony Roberts Damn you are quick! I wanted to be subversive and say “great show, despite I haven’t listened it yet” 😉 You’re ok guy…


Thank you John for the time you put aside and sacrificed for these weekly shows. Informative and collected you spoke what you thought to be true regardless of what other people would think. Often, it seems, that there are as many obstacles on “our” side as there are on the opponents sides. It takes bravery of some measure to speak your truth in the face of adversity.


great pic lol