Weekly Dossier: Kneel for ZOG (9-28-17)

John discusses the recent kneeling in the NFL and other sports stories, reads from Nature’s Eternal Religion, gets into the Clinton affairs again, and much more.


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Great show as always John. I especially enjoyed the NER reading. White Power, NER, and White Man’s Bible are my holy trilogy. About the kneeling niggers, I predict this to be over soon. I think this is waking up Whites way too fast for jews to realize what they’re doing. My own father, who almost fistfought me over telling him how retarded these nigger sport ball games are, is now boycotting these apes. As cucked as he is, for him to boycott means that millions of other Whites are doing the same. The NFL ratings are down 35%, so I think that they are. This means less money for jews, so I believe it’s coming to an end. We will see though. Hopefully they will… Read more »


This is marvellous news. They instances of the jew ballsing up trying frantically to keep their grip will only escalate, mark these words.


Grady I quoted White Man’s bible to many whites and they all agree that niggers are utter scum. It’s a great propaganda book.


great BOOK, period! 🙂


I also agree with Klassen, that we need to eat only raw plant food, if any at all…


Great show tonight John! Yet another one I’ve got my husband listening to, given his NFL worship. Thank you John, keep on keeping on.


LMAO one quarterback refused to kneel. Guess what? He was White. Everyone is boycotting NFL shops and products. “Too big to fall” my arse, everything can fall, and it always happens when they think it won’t. This is so sweet, people finally putting theirr money where their mouth is, and even better, beginning to wake up to the scams.


Klassen’s work is incredibly important, because he doesn’t sugarcoat anything, he calls niggers, spics and kikes what they really are – dirty stinking animals… and how white race is so much superior to them.