Weekly Dossier: Kyle & Sinead – At Liberty to Speak (6-8-17)

Kyle and Sinead join John for an hour to speak about meeting up with the VeGAINator to do some USS Liberty activism, how the vast majority of the opposition to jewish tyranny seems rotten as hell, how the enemy divides and conquers, and more. John then reads from Erasing the Liberty and plays a William Pierce audio.

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John SmithRGB
4 years ago

thanks to you both for joining in the conversation.
Renegade defeats gremlins 14-0

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

The sheep in the jew-K have fallen for two pathetic hoaxes and now a sham non-selection. We have a hung parliament. (((Nobody))) will be in charge and it’s in complete disarray – just as the chosen like it. Nige F of UKIP is even saying we need another brexit vote – shock horror! Well done with your USS Liberty activism and great show all. It’s a shame that more people are not enraged by this murderous act. They prefer gawping at Comey or the Kardies! My comment about the Liberty on cnn youtube was shadowed yesterday also. PS I think the next, and possibly largest jewish false flag, starting ww3, will also be a missile from a (((US))) sub towards Seattle. The ratbags wouldn’t choose… Read more »

4 years ago

Sven? I have known many jews over the years (directly or indirectly) and Sven has very jewish features. Also, his ‘studio’ or a room in his home from which he made a few videos is obviously a front. Everything is perfectly aligned, bought and added to create the ‘air’ of what a White Nationalists home should look like. It looked like the guy was on a movie set and things were placed by professional set creators. Even, if he showed a ’23 and Me’, I still wouldn’t believe him, as the FBI or any other agency can easily fake the results. >>>FBI Agent calls Larry Bernstein at 23 and Me: FBI Agent: Hello Larry. This is Special Agent so and so from the FBI (add… Read more »

Reply to  PolesRunHo11ywood
4 years ago

Those fake 23 and me tests just make me more skeptical of them. 100% European my ass.

Reply to  Asteria
4 years ago

Also, your DNA becomes the property of 23 and Me.

As owners of your DNA, they state they can use it for any known or future scientific applications.

They can literally harvest your genetic code and apply it to anything they want, whether that be now or 1000 years in the future. Imagine where the technology will be a century or millennia from now.

You send in your DNA and they own it. Very scary.

4 years ago

The filmed sniper attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq and many bombings were Mossad run.

Also no doubt the Marine barracks one was as well as the pushed Reagan to invade for Israel

4 years ago

Did you hear the one about the jewish terrorist?

He was going to hijack a plane but didn’t want to use his miles.

Hesh Rabkin

4 years ago

As far as health these people murder on a scale not possible for normal people…. An interesting example in a effort to avoid compensation to miners steal workers and the like was to just give them a different “cool” branded disease “not related to work”. I’m posting an example but remember the Ebola outbreak was in a Jewish owned gold mine having a workers strike….. ” In human experiment, Ontario miners say they paid devastating price “We were used like guinea pigs,” retired miner says of exposure to toxic (aluminum) powder meant to protect their lungs. It was a human experiment on an unprecedented scale. Its target: 10,000 Ontario miners. Its tool: a mysterious black powder they were forced to inhale in a sealed room… Read more »

4 years ago

Great show. The reading of the USS Liberty sailor’s story about Admiral Kidd was riveting. A giant fuck off to IsraHell, jews and all goy (especially Christ-tards) who worship them.

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