Weekly Dossier: Memo from Turner (8-31-17)

Special guest Shawna joins John for a discussion about two William Pierce novels, and the issues of race, class, and power that surround the struggle for our continued existence.

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Chris H

very good to see Shawna was on again. Will listen soon. Looks like the schedule is in a good place now with more people talking about doing shows and showing up. Looking pretty healthy right now. Good team effort.


Great show John. Really enjoyed the David Lane clip. I even got my husband to listen, which is rare. I can only pull out the “you really gotta hear this”card every so often. This show was one of those times. Thanks.


thanks; credit my executive producer who pointed me in that direction; was thinking about playing another segment form the readings; it is great. thanks for listening


I finally checked out urban jungle girl’s material, on Valkerie underground. Kudos to your executive producer. Your not so shabby yourself. Keep on keeping on.


Could you provide the link to 8 hours audio recording you mentioned and played?


Trying to find a copy of The Turner Diaries on the internet in .pdf format, to download for offline viewing, is truly an exercise in futility. Very good show, but the audio of the guest was a bit garbled with background noise.



Let me know if you’d like the audiobook uploaded as well.


Thank you for the pdf. Good day to you!


Thank you for including the David Lane selections. It’s been years since I looked at his material and I just wasn’t ready for it then. I still hadn’t shaken off the last of the judeo-Christian superstition mind f-ckery. His writings were potent back then and are now more potent than ever.