Weekly Dossier: MGTOW —> Volcano (6-15-17)

John talks about gender relations, the degeneracy being forced down our throats via law, health issues plaguing the people, the juice world order, our greatest misfortune, a call from UrbanJungleGirl, vaccines under investigation and much more.

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Much thanks to Urban Jungle Girl for mentioning Dr. Revilo P. Oliver. I had never heard of him, but he is absolutely amazing. He was nothing short of genius and could speak more than 10 languages. He truly does nail the filthy jew like few others. I’m am paring down who I spend my time listening to and watching online, and RPO definitely made the cut.

RPO was a great spokeman for the WARYAN (White Aryan) cause. A great resource is his correspondence, link here: http://www.revilo-oliver.com/papers/.

Unfortunately, the archive is incomplete because Kevin Alfred Strom’s bitch former wife (Alisha?) absconded with the missing part, along with most of RPO’s library, when she set up Strom for a take down years ago.

Revilo P. Oliver is missed.

Bob, thanks for the link. The more I hear of RPO, the more I like him. Incredible man.

Good show John. Some of the topics made me think about what I had been reading. “With the introduction of pernicious doctrines of the jew Karl Marx into Germany began the attack on the strength of the Reich and the attempt to undermine the peace and well being of the people…If Marxism was to succeed, a strong and contented Germany had to be made weak and discontented. And so for many decades Marxists were working systematically with this end in view.” Hermann Goering.

Interesting topics John. Thank you and all the hosts at Renegade. To hold down jobs and still have the energy and motivation to get in front of the mic is very commendable.

Thanks to Kyle, Sinead and UJG, i have been oil and dairy free since 1st June. I’ve been watching all the YT vids on Dr Mcdougall, and his potatoes, rice, pasta, veg, with a few nuts, seeds & fruit will do me just fine; seeing out my last few years on this plane. Also, i can’t wait to see my pectoralis major again lol!

Alex Linder reading Revilo P. Oliver’s “The Jewish Strategy.” Definitely worth a listen.

I will check this out; thank you

Alex Linder is also a kike and is definitely another Hal Turner/Anglin type character. Do yourself a favor and pass on anteing related to Linder.

I talked with Kyle and Sinead about him last week, but good looking out; him reading others’ material I am ok with. for now

Alex Linder is a Jew.

What did Kyle and Sinead say about Linder? Do they think he is a jew? If he is a jew, definitely fuck him to hell. Oliver most definitely was not a jew, and I would highly recommend people listening to as much of his work as possible.

Linder’s on the Chump Train. Which came as a huge surprise to me considering what he wrote in “attack the conservatives”.

I join you in your confusion; I am slowly getting used to people in our area doing sudden flip flops reversing course. almost like they are politicians lol

If you’re “Confused” – you might want to do some real research into how the Hal Turner debacle played out. Then, research how many people have been put in prison who were former posters on Linder’s forum. Then, research Linder’s stance on forever supporting “official stories’ such as Sandy Hook, Boston, and every other easily provable Staged Atrocity. Then, you might want to start looking at the tons of other evidence about Linder.

After watching a few of Linder’s videos, I would definitely have to agree that he is a filthy jew. Geez, these fuckers….. I would love to see some links about posters to his forum being imprisoned.

Linder’s “job” is to incite and they rat on anyone who responds a bit too favorably to his rhetoric. Linder’s forum is literally FULL of Controlled Opposition characters. Just a few examples: Kevin Harpham, VNN Handle “Joe Snuffy” Sentenced to 32 years in prison in 2011. Craig Cobb (FBI Asset) visited Harpham to gather evidence on him before his arrest. Curt Maynard – VNN handle : “Melcur” Alleged murder suicide. “I’ve heard you and dozens of others condemn blogging as a waste of time, and constantly encourage others to sacrifice themselves,” Maynard wrote to “Rounder,” Miller’s screen name on VNN. Frazier Glenn Miller – (FBI Asset) VNN handle: “Rounder” Took part in fake Staged Event shooting. James Leshkevich- VNN Handle “Yankee Jim” Alleged murder suicide.… Read more »

That’s an impressive list but ShalomFront is still the murder capital of the alt-right

Thank you, Pat. The Frazier Glenn Miller incident at the Jooish Community Center was so fake, but unfortunately received little attention by “conspiracy” buffs. It was, in my opinion, the most fake of all the fake events.

wow, I was unaware of any of that! the power of the collective; thank you. disappointed but grateful 🙂

‘Alexander’ is a common Jewish name, since when Alexander the Great entered Palestine/Israel along his conquests over the Persians he bestowed upon the Jews a limited autonomy, in gratitide Jews ever since will often name their sons Alexander. The word ‘Linder’ comes from lender, as in a ‘money lender’, which says it all. Alex Linder advocates for the extermination of the Jews, an obvious Jew/Fed shill line.

Oh, my….. Way back in 1968 Dr. Revilo P. Oliver was talking so much wisdom and common sense. (He reminds me a lot of Kyle Hunt.) What a shame Americans didn’t listen to him. “What We Owe Our Parasites”…….a truly great speech by Dr. Oliver.

RPO knew as early as 1969 that the ‘point of no return’ had been reached in 1964 — a reference to the anti-White ‘Civil Rights’ bill passed that year.

Thanks for a great show John. That recorded compilation was right on.
I can’t even anymore. The Jewish double bind paradigm has sunk into every aspect of life like black goo. Hearing from the wise Urban Jungle Girl with her awesome laugh was a much needed offset. If only we were so fortunate as to have the likes of Kyle and Sinead leading the Juice World Order!

Hi John this is the best cod liver oil – it’s raw. The Green Pastures one is fermented or high and some research has suggested it is rancid. There were two people recently in the traditional foods community who overdosed on it and it may have been a contributor to their deaths. But keep in mind to get enough vitamin D from cod liver oil it would be difficult. Fat wise, all lipids should be raw that’s the secret.