Weekly Dossier: Mother Revisited (3-2-17)

John talks with Kyle in the first segment about what he has in the works, with a special focus on the new documentary, then he talks about Oprah’s White House ambitions, and what we have arrayed against us, then reads and comments on some stories about child pornographers.

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Anthony Roberts

This problem can be overwhelming and have you feeling under the weather in no time. It is also hard if you haven’t got the wonderful distraction of your own family/enlightened friends. Having felt pretty low for a couple of weeks, i’ve decided to cut down on all peripheral issues – even if i know they are jew created/related. My tiny processor quickly burns out and a feeling of helplessness takes over. These episodes only last a day or so ( i’m quite a sunny person – honest! ) But when i dive back into the (((web))) those thoughts return. Also, too much SAR from devices. Basic logic: all pro-white groups are jew controlled in every country. Their leader(s) either support jew constructs, or they are… Read more »


Phone screen – I don’t have to worry about cutting down staring at one, BECAUSE I don’t have one. Am rooting for your success.


Kyle is spot on about robots. If you’ve got a job today, chances are very good that within five years a robot will take your place. We have precious little time to turn this thing around.


Jew-less artificial intelligence is not an issue. An artificial intelligence that can serve the humanity to whatever extent we predefine can be beneficial.
What jews may end up doing, if we allow them to continue, is they will destroy the humanity and any other life form on earth and then the “jewyests” among them will start to parasite off of the “lesser jews” until their own existence will be rendered useless.
There will be an empty planet (or plane) with a bunch of primitive robots which cannot evolve and have no real individuality (soul).
That’ll be the completion of the jew World Order.


Put them in government.
They will excel there 😛


John, I just heard that Jon Humanity will be a guest on your show soon. That is great. Humanity is an interesting guy and has a lot of great videos on trannies. I’m sure your listeners will find the show more than interesting. I had no idea how many trannies dominated Hollyweird, the music industry and politics until I started watching Humanity’s videos, as well as those by MrE3000. It’s all creepy as hell, really.


The satire that Mad magazine did on 2001 was hilarious.
I couldn’t find it but this will give you an idea of their general attitude at the time
One of the astronauts was eating the astronauts that were in suspended animation, thinking they were meat in the freezer.
The black monolith was a book titled, “How to Make An Incomprehensible Movie ” by Stanley Kubrick


Sophisticated title. Also, Varg Vikernes could make for a great person for either you, John, or Kyle to have on or discuss on any of your future shows. His recent statements and Sinead’s video reaction and comments there, have become quite a controversial topic at RenegadeVids.


re Sinead, rumor is that today is her birthday. One and all, help her celebrate another day of impressive LIVING. GREAT show, John.


her fake facebooker birthday, that is.

John SmithRGB

we talked about Varg on the roundtable last Saturday

Karen in E Tenn

Not that I think it would make for a positive experience, but at least with sexbots women are not being exploited.


“…but at least…”

Say those few words to yourself in the weak, wimpy voice that they can really only be spoken in. The voice of submission. This is exactly how people have been sucked in to accept numerous seemingly small things at various points that ALL lead to the furthering of utter degeneracy & the breakdown of our societies. It’s the same as that other pathetically repeated mantra “If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to worry about” that is used to get people to submit to ever-increasing amounts of tyranny.

It’s time to STOP thinking like this you idiots!!! Just say NO!!! Then let the anger flow…


Robots are their wet dream along with AI. Of course this means you goyim can now go away. Funny thing is you could buy, online, a hand held emp device. Size of a pack of cigs and you had to assemble it and ZAP. Cant now and the point is robots and AI are MACHINES. Nothing more. Sure, robots for fast food which will amount to you ordering on a computer and some automated burger machines doing the work to plop it on a tray, or so they say. And all who shovel the crap down their pie hole can have it along with card swipers at the self check out so schlomo can make more sheckles… This is just another big deal issue that… Read more »