Weekly Dossier: Private Transvestigations (3-9-17)

John Smith talks to Jon Humanity about his youtube channel, where he investigates whether or not certain celebrities are really transgenders, along with other truth subjects.

Image: Flickr

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I dont know guys. For some of the people he points out on his channel it is obvious (and sick as hell) once he lays it out, and others leave you guessing of course. But some as a Cindy Crawford and the like with man face, eyebrow line, or other things he finds suspect it is simply reaching. I knew a girl who could have been Cindy or some similar beauty and she was all woman. Other girls would say, enviously, she looks kinda manly. Fair enough on that but guys didnt fall over themselves to take a good look at her for nothing. Straight up head turner. Either way Hwood, where we as kids used to roam through once in a while, is one… Read more »

Jon Humanity

Hello – your argument is, essentially, “people loved her, so she was a woman.” I urge you to go LOOK at Cindy Crawford on the runway because THAT is a man. It’s just a man. Women didn’t say she looked manly because they are jealous, no, she’s just manly looking and men have had their idea of beauty warped through Hollywood. I have seen head turners in real life, MANY of them, I work in a field where looks are incredibly important and I have been asked to be a male model MANY times when I was working for a high-end restaurant. Do you know how often a truly square-jawed woman comes along? It’s so rare. I saw one at a casino about two weeks… Read more »


This guy is an obvious disinfo plant. First of all he talks like a total queer then calls others faggots. He then makes some good observations on famous transgenders but also some totally outlandish ones.

Jon Humanity

If your eyes have never, EVER considered that these people could be transgendered, it takes awhile to train your eyes to see the signs. Your brain has been subliminally subverted with the idea that transgender traits are the norm. If you think that any of them are ‘outlandish’ then I suggest you leave a comment that backs your view up because every person I have shown has the vast majority of traits that I look for when transvestigating. I have people who message me everyday and say that they had considered it, but had never been able to word it before.


Very thought provoking. Everything is possible. I’ve just spent the weekend checking out Jon’s vids on YouTube. I’ve always had my suspicions about Stephanie of Monaco and Brook Shields. Contrary to some of the comments, I actually think this was a very useful show.

John SmithRGB

You are very eloquent with callers and I do like the way you handle even a bit strange situations. You are able to make the conversations interesting and I do like the polite flexibility when you deal with different topics and characters. But this time I did not listen to the end. Though I do think that the topic you picked has some relevance, I did not appreciate the guest too much. He would call my sister in law a man if he would see some pictures. She is very slim and strong but a woman and mother. She has a strong neck, arms and large hands, narrow hips and an angular face and a really flat chest. In fact she had problems to become… Read more »

John SmithRGB

Well, thanks for the kind words at the beginning anyway lol. Sloppiness is relative, it’s true he does not take the time to polish and edit these; I think of them more as a stream of consciousness, and even though the channel is monetized, he is not getting rich; he did a video about the videos. He is not the most popular transvestigator, but I asked him on because of all the other material he covers in addition to the gender speculation, but there are some that are spot on. And remember these are investigations, the audience is the jury on these really. For me the undeniable truth is that it IS happening, and the sexual deviant agenda is being forced on us there is… Read more »


Thank you for answering. Of course the (((entertainment/ beauty industry))) is working tirelessly to destroy all racial and gender/ sexual borders. They install images of people with no explicit racial or sexual identity as role models to change our perception. Boyish girls or feminine looking men are promoted and possibly some or many of them are really transgender. Yes, I too think that some are! I take that more from my knowledge of the jewish character and way of warfare than observation. Not to boost their claim about the normality of gender fluidity we have to be careful and accurate with each case. Sloppiness may have the positive effect by questioning the narrative at first but will create the opposite of knowledge and critical thinking… Read more »

John SmithRGB

thanks; you are spot on about the roundtable; I do enjoy the interaction. next week I have Gerhard Lauck as a guest, so that me be more to everyone’s more standard sensitivity lol.

Jon Humanity

Hello! If you think I would call your sister a man, you really don’t know how well my eyes are trained for this sort of thing. I did a recent video on REAL women and I showed a varying degree of sizes, including an anorexic girl, a hogbeast and a big ol’ darkie and it’s very clear who are the real women. It’s not about a quick, “oh, wow, manface” or anything like that. I look for all of the traits of transgendered people. There is a very specific list. I also have subs send me pictures of themselves REGULARLY and ask if they look trannified. The answer is ALWAYS no. Always. The traits of transgendered people are very easy to see. Also, I’m sorry… Read more »


Keep pushing this disingenuous trash and I’ll never listen to your show again. You should be ashamed to have brought this decepticon onto the renegade network.


Do you really believe John is “pushing” this stuff? Did you watch any of the videos? Some of them make quite a good case. I don’t support this rather weird sounding youtuber (sounds like a tranny himself/herself!) but come on, where there’s smoke there’s obvious fire!


I agree that many of Jon’s videos are quite convincing. The tranny deception in Hollywood, the music industry and politics is very much alive and well. That being said, I think the caller asking whether or not Humanity is a homosexual was a more than fair question. And come on, any heterosexual would readily deny the charge. I thought he protested just a tad too much.

John SmithRGB

We’ll have to agree to disagree about the caller and his motives, but thanks for listening


Indeed. It was disgusting to hear his fallback position being to go on the offensive by attacking callers’ questions, and then look to the host to screen any more “sensitive” questions. Would have been much better had the guest responded in a truthful manner, instead of being evasive / hostile. If he doesn’t want to be truthful don’t come onto a public radio program with live callers.

John SmithRGB

He did not ask me to screen anything; maybe you should torture yourself and re-listen instead of recalling with the one ear you were paying attention with during the live broadcast.


Perhaps consider reading the post again. I say nothing about the guest asking for you to screen calls. The fact that you voice an intent to do so, however, was a little disappointing (yet understandable).

John SmithRGB

when you watch enough of the videos you hear the guy talk about himself a lot, and to me he seems genuine; I enjoyed the conversation, and the subject of sexual deviancy being shoved in everyone’s faces yet again is certainly worth the time

Jon Humanity

Hello, 1) Watch a few of my videos before asking me personal questions, especially when the topic of conversation is one where the knee-jerk reaction is to automatically become engorged with anger, 2) The first caller essentially said that this is a homosexual infiltration and my entire channel is essentially dedicated to that idea, but with an actual smoking gun to point towards, 3) As I stated, my brother like to bang trannies and he would vehemently defend his own sexual orientation, and you would never know that he likes chicks with a special sausage treat, so this whole stereotypical idea of what we believe as ‘markers’ for identity are totally retarded and I don’t even get into it personally because unlike 90% of America,… Read more »

Jon Humanity

Also, to the guy that said I sound like a tranny, please reference the video where I demonstrate my opera voice. A transgendered woman will NEVER have the muscular capability to create the sounds of a true operatic tenor / baritone. So, I would shy away from making uninformed comments / sharing opinions without having at least a basic understanding of how the voice works. This coming from someone who’s actually sung in 3 operas and has worked for churches for 5 years as a singer.

If you can’t provide proof of your opinions, don’t share them because they sound pretty. The Elite feed upon that type of idiocy and use it to keep us all in a tiny box of uninformed existence. ~JH


It’s not a question of the material being covered. When I say disingenuous trash, I am referring to the deceptive conduct of the guest; not the “transvestigation” or product thereof. No one has to like my position, but I stand by it. A little bit of drama is good for traffic business anyways.

Jon Humanity

Hello – maybe you are used to a very low level of intellectual discourse on the radio because, as my channel proves, I am a researcher and a teacher first and foremost – if you believe that I am deceptive, I would reference my videos. I don’t have to have calls screened – that wasn’t ever said – but the caller was actually on the line for something like 15 – 20 minutes to ask if I am homosexual. And the next two calls were, again, about retardism instead of the topic at hand. Maybe hold yourself to a higher level of intellectual discourse, and respect.


I was on the line for 15-20 minutes because I was listening, not to call in. This show just pissed me off to the point where I had to say something. Renegade is not the place for your “special sausage surprises” (or maybe now it is, judging by some of these comments) and the speed of which I was muted. This is not milo’s Shoah, as far as I know, I could be wrong.

Jon Humanity

Hello, Sean – if you actually think I am transgendered, based upon a voice, I can’t really help you. I have shown my face to two subscribers. The lady that called in was a subscriber from Connecticut who is one of, if not the, top researcher in real life government agents. Her research is incredible. We Skype face to face VERY regularly. Another YouTuber who covers transvestigation, MrE3000, and I have Skyped face to face, as well.

Taras Vasgard

I liked the show and topic John.
I like it when hosts use free speech, even though some may disagree. The guy who phoned questioning the hosts guest was a. fucking retard. I like women but i dont give a frgg if a guy is bringing up pertinent info. Too much of the christian babble moralizing.
Good show !

John SmithRGB

thanks for that. I talked about the subject in general with Kyle, and he indicated it’s a topic that was of interest, and so much of what he talks about we talk about, so it was a win-win

Taras Vasgard

Yes i agree! Gerhard Lauck would be interesting. Definitely some racial based philosophy. Definitely transvegitism is interesting and scary. Donald Trump did look very wierd when younger, he talks with a lisp like a jew and he uses his hands a lot. Usually a jewish not always trait!! I think Ivanka looks strange! very tall and you gotta wonder??
Thanks for the shows

Shawna Marie

Great show John Smith! People think Michelle Obama is a woman. There is plenty of scientific research on hormone interruption from conception & onwards. Fascinating guest btw.
The mud flood.
Wow! I always wondered as a child how everything got so buried in dirt. Doesn’t that seem strange.


You guys really CANT believe the Jewish media machine would do this to us?

John from Canada

My brother jerks off to tranNY porn

“My brother jerks off to tranNY porn”

Who doesn’t?


Is your brother Brian Ruhe?