Weekly Dossier: Our Ruinous Addictions (9-14-17)

John starts out the show by talking to Kyle about his thoughts on the recent Irmageddon and what it says about our current state of affairs. John then gets into the controlling influence of movies, television, vaccines and other forms of mass manipulation.

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great show. having no tv or anything wireless including mobile in my home has been the best thing. i do have a computer of course going through the landline phone & watch occasional things on a split screen as i work & or blog. but find it hard to enjoy anythings because of reading between the lines/what have you. odin bless )O(

The jew tranny pieces of filth running our world. Warning: severe barf alert!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYQp3peKaqs&lc=z22cgrtrvnyfht4wk04t1aokg3hvehp103x043miov3fbk0h00410.1505491239838406