Weekly Dossier: Russell James – The Colchester Collection

John Smith speaks to Russ James about his website The Colchester Collection, mainly focusing on his list of 101 books every White person needs for their education, how he selected them, some of the classics, why identifying the jewish problem is important, and much more.

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Thank you Kyle and John and the team in the background. To stay behind for good reasons with no means to act on the ground is unnerving too and to put the video together in such a short time was great work. I wrote my first thought in the Firestarter comments section 3. 27. and still think the same today. After seeing Dorsey beaten by those terrorists and not fold and even shearing the bullhorn I want to thank him too. Coming from the radical left ( I had a long journey since) I can remember, that all smaller protests which could be called avant garde and could not use bigger organizations or media attention for mobilization grew out of personal contact. This means that… Read more »

I wish I could of made it to the Aipacalypse. The vehicle I just got still needs some repairs before it will be reliable to travel long distance. I just seen a video of JDL they beat up a 55 year old Palestinian man. I wish I was there to fight the shitty diaper Mossad JDL.


Mega bus is cheap as hell. Just take a bus there and back in one day. Not expensive.

My experience with bus was not good. One time it was set in St. Louis for a day or go all the way down to TX. then back up to Mt. Vernon IL.


I am not in the position to lecture and do see the transport problem you all have in your very large country. But if Renegade ever promotes anything like this in the future the chat or the roundtables would be nice places to bring such problems into the discussion and find solutions. I still feel inspired and do not want the disappointment to take over. As Anthony from the UK showed in one of his comments we all have to fight depression and despair every day. Analyzing my own situation over here I always see what I am not able to do but I try to take the inspiration to reach a state of mind which helps me to explore what I still can do.… Read more »

John SmithRGB

ditto from me to our German brethren. Remember self-absorbed USA men; that is the future planned for us; it is under way, it is being implemented, there is no doubt. When another chance like this arises do not falter, do not fail, let your voice be heard!


I would love to have an explanation from the reader who voted your comment down. At what point do you, fellow reader, disagree with Johns comment?

Karen in E Tenn

I attended an end the fed rally several years back. I had a good time and recommend everyone attend a protest once. It was good to get away from the computer, get out of the house and meet other awake people, you’ll feel less alone. Those paranoid nimrods at the fed actually had a cop with a bomb sniffing dog looking for explosives, outrageous! In reality though protests really accomplish nothing. The only one I ever heard of achieving anything was the white march in Belgium. All were dressed in white carrying candles and turned out in huge numbers. Several child rapists were frightened enough to commit suicide, a success.


I have to apologize Mr. Smith that I didn‘t write it in the first comment. I am still a bit AIPACked. It was another surprisingly god interview and a very worthwhile guest. Colchester Collection really is a treasure and I am happy to know now who did all the good work.