Weekly Dossier: True to Your School (7-27-17)

John talks tonight about the education system, its problems and possible solutions, and puts out a call to action.

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Are you fucking crazy!! Atheism is a terrible concept prime example communism preached atheism and murdered millions of Ukrainians, and other european folk. We need a folk based religion in harmony with nature and the abstract notions of gods.
We have always seemed wisdom and a higher calling. Atheism is a jewish based theory which leads to nihilism and. degeneration !!!!


True that! Thank you, Vasgard.

Tristan Kent

Being ‘terrible’ is how we deal with our terrible problems. And yes, I’m crazy.

Tristan Kent

The giants lived in the wild, harmonious, natural, divine. Performing metallurgy is divine on its own, not Hephaestus working his magic through you(He ain’t doin a damn thing) Worship all you want….. You’re worshiping Jews, your enemy. I just want us to survive. Ukraine wasn’t atheist, neither were her killers. No such thing as the “best,” nor such thing as a “god.” It won’t take much for Whites to see that gods do nothing but kill and die, and so traction will be gained.

Tristan Kent

Here goes: The gods were always our enemy, since they made us mark time with gravestones, death. The gods sit in their ‘Aesir’ enclosure Innangard, the god Odin gathering the greatest ‘human’/negro warriors to defend the gods during the final breakdown, the awakening of the frost giants. Ragnarok is here. We shall invade Asgard and kill the gods. The gods lie and say “omg ragnarok” when they are bringing it about…. to eradicate the frost giants. Our ancestors, the frost giants/Jews(?), were tirelessly stalked, terrorized, and killed by the ugly little gods. Atheism is the ONLY thing we haven’t adhered to strictly. We’ve prayed to Jesus, who was a faggot. We’ve prayed to Odin, who promised an end to frost giants–us? Let’s hijack Atheism!!!! Betray… Read more »

Tristan Kent

Animals are atheists. Channels like Vegainator, Goyim Goddess, Scott “shady” Roberts were heavily censored. Perhaps due to their atheistic, average-joe vibe? It might seem small, but it could really ignite: “Frost giants” are way cooler than “inbred prostitutes,” after all. Which is what gods are: sacks of shit. Who live in NY. We don’t need gods. Cows certainly don’t. So let’s kill em all! Who were the godam giants anyway? Were they really as ‘ugly’ as Odin said they were? Were they the ‘devourers of worlds’ for no reason? Or fighting back against little occupying godly imperialists? Why are the giants even in mythology in the first place? Are there any left? They are us, undeniably. Giants and Giantesses. Jews and Jewesses? Idk bout that… Read more »

Foster XL

Someone obviously didn’t get enough attention from their mommy when they were little :/

Tristan Kent

I love talking to my mother, especially about the possibility of atheism making more sense than any other world-view, *ONLY* because of how the giants were always blamed and called ugly. Just like Germans, blamed. I was NOT atheist until I considered the continuity of gods making us mark time with gravestones, coaxing us along until they destroy us from the inside out at Ragnarok. The modern Jews saying they were enslaved in Egypt, when ONLY giants could have built the pyramids, enslaved by terrible gods.


Welcome jewish trolls!! We missed your kind!…


Perma ban time? 🙂

Tristan Kent

Consider it again. Ban me if you will. “Atheism killed Ukraine” Nice guilt trip, but modern Jews did, and Christianity. Nature is atheist. This realm is atheist, not connected to death-gods. Modern Whites are literally giants, and always were. Call me crazy, but I want a goddamn solution, no more “chipping away.” Every….single…..god…. has some connection to death. Let’s not die. I’m willing to be banned from a radio site if it means I spread new(outrageous) ideas. Get more reception that way. Alchemy happens when you make it happen, not when gods tell you to.


I’m a Pantheist! I believe in the ALL. The absolute connection of everything that is. In other words there is no such thing as absolute vacuum. The problem with debating about God is that you first have to define the meaning of God. I’m an Atheist by definition; because, I don’t believe there is sufficient evidence for the existence of an anthropomorphic God. I use to be a Christian and I can say that FAITH is a powerful force. Even if the source of said FAITH is false. If a return to worshiping the Old Gods will make our people fight for their identity thus their existence, then I’m all for it. If I had to drag us all back to the Bronze Age to… Read more »


You speak blasphemy! LOL
Imagine in 20,000 years someone un-earths a marvel Comic book, wow!
Listen to all follow none but your own heart.

Tristan Kent

Yes, I am a blasphemer, Tony. ‘Giant’ mythology has authority because it’s old.