Weekly Dossier: Two Hours of The Time (5-18-17)

John speaks to Kyle briefly about some controversy and then deals with some issues that have been plaguing him, then lets William Cooper tell the audience about Freemasonry.

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Renegade is really “on the money” for accurate info and has many very skilled dot-connecters. Alex Linder would be an interesting guest. I prefer his audiobooks to Brigid’s readings. I can’t find my slippers. 🙁


This is true! Also as I prefer natural sedatives I find Brigid’s readings best taken just before retiring… zzzzzzz……

John SmithRGB

Alex has been on the network before. There is an interview from early last year – http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/twos-company-threes-allowed-2-11-16/


One reason why so many jews go (seemingly) white nationalist, that they also feel threatened by hostility of dark races, that they helped to thrive. Lets say Jews get rid of all the whites. Next logical step would be indoctrinating other races into white supremacy and get serving them as Gods on Earth. They are coming out more and more with stuff like that lately.


I hope that the more truth is revealed it becomes harder for the jew to be convincing and have to be more extreme so that even the most ardent couch potato will twig that something is wrong. If we can energetically steer them into constantly screwing up.


I unsubbed from Enterthe5t4rs, pained to say he is downplaying our European heritage as evil and buys into the “nazi” theme. Oh well, he still has SOME good info but for the most part the christ angle always sees people head down the jew poison river. Besides our spirituality had the big eye and the flat world as Yggdrasil, so he is not the first to discover this, and the giant trees.


here is an other example of satire that you may not get. You have to understand in the land of the free there are many roads and many people waking up in their own ways. Thus vocalizing in their own unique ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx2hmNJxyMI

John SmithRGB

I don’t have time for games, or satire of gaming protocols; but thanks for listening


Agreed John. People who want to take things seriously and BE TAKEN seriously have to stop following along behind these “gamer” youtubers. I won’t go into detail here but I was very involved in the videogame industry for quite a while (I actually played my first videogames in the 70s pre-PC!) & my conclusion after having gone through that is that in reality it is another HUGE hole of time-wasting that is & will be way more effective/destructive than any TV or Hollywood programming ever was. Of course it’s courses for horses & the usual false dichotomy is apparent here too – “normies” watch TV & movies and gamers play games. Having said that I’m sure we can also agree though that in the the… Read more »