West World: 911 Debate and Deliberation & Rainbow Revulsion (9-19-17)

Bill reflects on his show from last week then gets into something of a debate with Rollie Quaid over Judy Wood’s theories, then moves onto discuss the disgusting levels of sexual degeneracy being promoted today as identity, and then takes some callers.

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Towards the end of the show Bill was wondering what sort of one world religion would be implemented. In White countries it’s already in place. It’s called “diversity”.

The “holocaust” faith has been conditioned for decades – now being implemented via the “law.”

Regarding the gays being used against us there is a couple of reasons they make a good minority to use. The most important reason is many of them have no children and therefore no stake in the future. The second reason is that gays are drawn to the entertainment industry much more so than straight people.

Bill I like you for what you see in Judy Wood although I see a very other person or applied method. I know this state of admiration which really has an intellectual component and it’s impossible and not even necessary to try to talk someone who is truly inquisitive out of this. Only one question – do you believe the images and the stories told by eye witnesses (all presented by the media) about 9.11. that Judy Wood uses to substantiate her theory are true pictures or just people describing the event as it happened? With the words “disappearing” and “dustifikation” combined. everything becomes so inexplicable, so utterly unique. You are so right about it that the TV was the weapon and there where not… Read more »

Indeed, great show Bill. It’s a mind-blowing subject, and the variations in explanations and theories have no limits. I bought dr. Wood’s book too (back in the day) and I still don’t know what to make of it. It is worth looking in to.
Don’t let the comments get you down, they were very harsh sometimes. We are all looking for ‘the truth’ and there are many ways to reach it. And indeed, your voice is fine. Best regards, Jan

Greetings Jan. When trying to get to the bottom of an issue. best practices dictate comparing various competing hypotheses against each other. The comparison process should be systematic and categorize all available evidence that Supports, Refutes or is Neutral to each hypothesis. Looking at the available evidence, the “Directed Energy Weapon” hypotheses loses points based upon some very real implementation problems and massive disagreement with available evidence. Some 185,101 tons of structural steel have been hauled away from Ground Zero. The bulk of the steel was apparently shipped to China and India. The Chinese firm Baosteel purchased 50,000 tons at a rate of $120 per ton. Isn’t Wood saying that steel was “Dustified”? Wood apparently invented that word. You can Bend, Cut, Melt and Vaporize… Read more »

There is no way to know how much steel was actually taken away. Nor is there any way for us to know exactly what technology has been developed by the military. When it comes to technologies that can level buildings they are generally on the cutting edge of research.

No way to know? I think we can apply what we know about Physics and pretty much zero in on the theoretical basis for any “Directed Energy” weapon that could demolish a building.

We can calculate the required energy to perform work.

There are only two types of directed energy beams: those that have mass (particle
beams such as protons, ions, neutral atoms, or electrons) and those that do not have mass

I won’t bore you with further details about how we can actually determine that Wood is a liar.

Or is Wood describing an unknown weapon that operates according to some unknown principle that is not supported by the Physics we understand today?

I don’t think that’s likely. Sounds like “Magic”. LOL

Wood may be a liar but we don’t know how much steel was taken away or the technology developed by the military. We were told a certain amount of steel was shipped off to China. Everyone was focused on the fact that evidence was being destroyed. Maybe the numbers were fudged too. Unless you take msm numbers seriously or consider it credible in some way?

We already have demonstrated that some theories are far more plausible than others. I say that the most plausible theories clearly support an indictment of several people. Those people should be arrested and questioned further. If that’s not happening – they you pretty much know all you need to know.

You even equivocate on the issue of Jew D. Wood being a liar. Everything can be believed and nothing can be known….right? Jew D. Wood succeeded with you. Congrats. Enjoy Rosh Hashanah.

I equivocate because I’m not familiar with her work. From what I’ve been told she sounds shady. My statement was obviously just assuming she was a liar for arguments sake. At least I thought it was obvious.

In a Court of Law here in the USA – a persons life, liberty and/or property can be taken from them if they are convicted of a criminal offense “BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT” by a jury of their peers. Guild does not have to be proven “100%”. Guild does not have to be described in every minute detail – only enough to establish the necessary components of the crime. Some things we can’t know. We can’t know the exact volume content of Dick Chaney’s bowels when he issued the stand down order to the USAF. But we do know that the USAF stood down. We do know that Chaney was involved. We also know that the video feeds on 911 are unreliable. We do know… Read more »

Let me give you a little insight into technology developed by “the Military”. The “Military” does not develop technology. They are an “end user” or a “customer”. The developers of technology used by the Military are Scientist and Engineers working for companies such as Lockheed, General Dynamics, etc. People at those places use Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry to develop useful tools. While many projects are highly classified – it is possible to determine the theoretical limits of various technologies.

They call it a military industrial complex for a reason. The companies you mention have their mouths firmly glued to the government tit. They can’t survive without military spending. Looking back over the last century and the pace of technological advancement I’d be reluctant to say we can determine the theoretical limits. Maybe if I was in the field of advanced physics or chemistry I could make such a statement but even then I’d be reluctant. Take your mind back to the time of Nikola Tesla. That great man single-handedly changed what was thought theoretically possible. If the reports of his papers and parents were grabbed by the US government are true then you can be sure that what is taught as possible and what… Read more »

While anything might be “possible” – “anything” isn’t “likely”. As mentioned earlier, a key intention of misinformation is to make everything seem “believable” and nothing concrete.

The problem with that is that there IS a concrete answer to 911. And we are zeroing in on it to the discomfort of the perps.

The towers were not dissolved by an energy beam. The power required exceeds many Earth equivalents during a 10 second time period. They towers were demo’d using pretty standard methods. Tesla was not a magician. He was an “Experimental” physicist. He was not the go-to guy to determine “why” his experiments worked. Much later, a guy name Meyl discovered a fundamental mistake in Maxwell’s Equations. By fixing these equations, Meyl was able to elegantly derive Tesla’s results as well as explain many other unexplained physical effects in science. beginning with Faradays law of induction as an axiom, Meyl derived relevant properties of the new concept of electric vortices. Look up Maxwell’s Equations and how their correction relates to Einstein being wrong. If you study this… Read more »

WhiteWolf I’s called compartmentalisation. That way the buck can be passed and thrown away. The military and industry are an organism that drain tax money. The people pretty much directly fund their own enslavement.

Jan, 911 was essentially a giant magic trick. It’s not really “mind blowing” when you understand illusionism and how it was used that day.

“911 was essentially a giant magic trick”
Tell that to the friends and relatives of countless victims of the attack. You probably still wore diapers at that time.

Why don’t you tell us all exactly how many people actually died on 911. Enlighten us. 911 was essentially a giant magic trick. Deception and Illusionism were used. Jew D. Wood is a disinfo agent. The object of disinformation is not really to convince anyone of something that is false. Its real aim is to create a set of conditions under which everything can be believed but nothing can be known.

There are a lot of theories out there. About the only common factor is no-one who’s looked into it believes the official story.

Most of the theories basically protect the role of the Media in the deception that was 911. The ones that don’t tend to be more on target.

Most protect some aspect of the story like it was Muslims instead of inside job. None agree with the official version on all aspects because the official version is so obviously absurd to not even warrant serious consideration. A bit like diversity.

Bill, a left uppercut – no rubble or floor pancaking, wham! A Glasgow kiss, demolition doesn’t leave holes & nano-man Jones is (((gov))) approved cont opp, donk! Gouge to eyes, empty floors and art grp doing the cartoon plane explosion patterns – pop pop! You had him on the octagon wire champ, and you let him off. Did Dana White tell you to “pull it,” and direct your energy elsewhere lol? Only joking guys – great show. I must admit, i didn’t realise Ms Wood was such a supporter of israel..hmm. We all should know the who and why by now, and that there were no planes at any site. Perhaps that is enough. Remember, let’s always try to be civil with each other. We… Read more »

Lol.. it would be funnier if you said Bob Arum pulled the towers. If you like the show press renegade to have me back on to the debate Bill a friendly way. I’ll write a pieace on my positions on Wood if their is public interest.

A “real” debate on this topic has never happened so far. I’d be very interested in a debate under Parliamentary Rules. We need a moderator. I think there would be wide interest in this.

Are you saying Bill vs Rollie was fixed?

Laugh my ass off! If the subject of it, then who’s going to write an article on it?


I saw that fight too.Rollie vs Bill Round 1: The two exchange leg kicks from range, feeling each other out. Rollie eventually gets Bill up against the fence just by walking him down, and lands a big left hook. Not long after, he lands a big right hook and Bill is stuck backing up. Rollie looks like he’s letting up on Bill a bit. Rollie again lands with the left hand and Bill isn’t used to having to defend such offensive pressure — he’s used to putting it out against a heavy bag. Bill keeps getting himself backed into the cage and inexplicably Rollie lets him off the hook….to be continued…

Hey Bill I really like your content, renegade’s been needing some new talent. I’m glad you don’t get rattled under pressure. Keep up the good work!


A Russians theory of what happened on 911 (it’s in Russian) . It’s interesting as is most of the material on his site. I think he works in aerospace or similar. He’s seems extremely knowledgeable when it comes to physics and science in general.

PS. If you’re using chrome just right click the page and select translate.

Very interesting, can you please write the researchers name in English?

I’m pretty sure it’s Vladislov Radov. He mentions Dmitry Khalezov in the 911 theory too.

There’s a fair bit of material on the site. Most of it I’ve never come across in English language sites.

J. T.

A controlled demolition requires a debris pile. None
Firefighters who survived stairwell B, impossible scenario for “controlled demolition”.

Right, just like the cell phone calls at 40.000 feet… You heard that shit from the Media. Just like you heard that cute sob story about Stairwell B. Go back to watching TV.

Alex Jewns trained for sure. I’ll bet you believe two planes actually melted into those towers like a hot knife through butter. Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

Bill, you are what I call a mature truther. You have been around the 9/11 block many times, examined and considered all the theories. What separates people like you from the majority of people commenting on this site is you are looking for the truth and nothing else.
If you want a great insight into the occult aspects of 9/11 I suggest Mark Passio’s interview with Popey. (google Popey/Mark Passio 9/11 occult aspects).
Cognitve dissonance is alive and well in the so called “truther community”.

Cognitive dissonance is alive and well worldwide or we wouldn’t have abrahamic religions.

Bill is what I call a “typical” truth. Must have been around and around the 911 block many times like a dog chasing its own tail. What separates people like you from the rest of us here is that you are unable to identify jewish facial features and behavior, you are unable to identify misinformation, and you think everything can be believed and that nothing can be known.

Bill and Anon here should get married.

Passio once waxed lyrical about an online essay by some fella (I presume) going by the moniker Aquinas On Liberty. He must have spent an hour or more analysing and interpreting this essay in line with his own beliefs on natural law yet either neglected to notice (or purposefully ignored) the quotes within the opening paragraph taken from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The reason I mention this is because these are the only quotations contained within the essay and a discerning mind would have surely referenced these as a matter of course. In view of this, I seriously started to question his level of knowledge, attention to detail and motives, and considering the murky topic of the occult and it’s relevance… Read more »