West World: Another View on 9/11 (9-12-17)

Bill takes another look at the events of 9/11, discussing the work of Dr. Judy Wood on directed energy weapons, the issue of planes vs. no planes, the importance of the attack on the Pentagon, and the role that this all plays in unfolding events.

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Jew-dy Wood the Israeli is a violent opponent of the Nano-Thermite hypothesis even though Nano-Thermite derivatives were actually found in debris dust. Jew-dy Wood proposes an entirely unproven, undocumented effect that has no crabbily basis in science at all. She also violently denies that her beloved Israel had anything to do with 911. I challenge any of you to prove the existence of the “Hutchinson Effect”. Do that … while I can easily show you how video and photo’s can be manipulated and even created from nothing. Jew-dy Wood is a sort of Pied Piper for those who have no scientific background. Her jewish bullshit needs to be called out for what it is.

Have you ever seen the effects of “nano thermite?” You’re mindlessly parroting fucking hog wash. “Nano thermite/thermate” lights up BIG time: it’s a giant sparkler effect. So thermite/thermate melted out engine blocks of hundreds of cars over half a mile yet no scorched people, paper, sign posts, street marks, one blade of grass! Yup the Feds are def sending the trolls out on this! Classic classic classic trolling, ad hominem, logically and scientifically bereft attacks to be sure. Observe closely people how these folks operate…learn their tactics well.

Why are you assuming the images aren’t CGI? There’s plenty of proof that most, if not all of the images, are faked including the victims. Judy Wood is the gatekeeper assigned to make you believe the images are real. You’re wrong. Deal with it. Or continue your Judy Wood shilling operation. Whatever.

Roy, the entire show was pre-recorded & approved before they aired it on live news to minimize risks, among other things. Nobody died & nobody got hurt in the operation. It was a Hollywood horror movie on live news.

elbuggo is right. The “911 Show” was a pre-recorded pre-planned drill scenario.

elbuggo, nice to see you here which gives me an opportunity to thank you for so many comments through the years on various sites, you, not deterred by all the attacks from agents and useful idiots, showing the reader that we live in a world of media-supported fakery.

roy Well, just yesterday they showed “unseen footage” of 9/11 in true contrived docutainment splendour. Lovely shots of the NY towers, great lighting, obviously filmed by panicking hand phones, not to mention emotionless scripted dialogue all stitched together by intermittent timecode. Such utter BS. It looked so acted and fake. I would well believe that the whole thing was a CGI mock up. It is so much easier to do logistically, especially since people are trained to believe that TV is truth and god.

Titus – show us your proof of “melted engine blocks of hundreds of cars over half a mile”. Prove it.

Titus: You’re simply unqualified to be discussing 911. Quit while you’ve merely exposed yourself as an idiot.

Titus – Show us all exactly how your “Hutchinson Effect” works. LOL Then explain why NOBODY can reproduce such effects as claimed by the person to who the effect is attributed.

I agree Patty my man. Hutchinson is just a hack goofball. He’s a regular Urine Geller. A nice jewish boy. hahaha I saw his atrocious attempt at fooling people with his tricky camera angles. You could tell he was using a sting to levitate that damn pipe he showed rising up. I thought, Now back the camera up so I can see your “no strings attached.” He never did. It was like some shit cheese “myth busters” would pull. So low rent. ahahhahhaha I thought that imposter cowboy Hutchinson was in the end going to just saddle up ol’ horse face Judy and ride her all the way to Hell Aviv. Hi Hooooo shekels, Awayyyyyyy! No one knew where that worn out ol’ whore came… Read more »

Ghost Man O War: I’m glad you, Hermit and a few others are here. The readers of this thread can benefit. And we’re dong this for free…in drastic contrast to the whore jew wood and here kike troll fake scientist hutchinson.

Titus – You should do a better job of choosing your opponent. I happen to be an explosives expert. What are you? A Barrista at Starbucks?

For the rest of you: “We have developed a new method of making nanostructured energetic materials, specifically explosives…using sol-gel chemistry.”

Titus: Choke on it.

Titus: Nano Thermite pertaining to 911. The WTC buildings were not simply demolished, but were demolished in a deceptive way. That is, the buildings were brought down so as to make it look like the impact of planes and the resulting fires might have caused their unprecedented, symmetrical destruction. Therefore, shaped charges and other typical explosive configurations were likely used, but there was more to it than that. Those committing the crimes needed to create fire where it would not have existed otherwise, and draw attention toward the part of the buildings where the alleged planes impacted (or in the case of WTC 7, away from the building altogether). This was most probably accomplished through the use of nano-thermites, which are high- tech energetic materials… Read more »

Pat – Can’t remember where I heard this, but someone said that sections of the interior and rooms were corded off and no one went in them. It wouldnt take a stretch to imagine that these were deliberately isolated so certain activity could take place. People ignore maintenance crew and safety officials, so there is nothing to stop any israelis from wearing the correct clothes to go about undetected and unconsidered.

We know that an ISRAELI group called “GELATIN” camped out in Tower 1 living in tents on the 91st floor. The alleged “plane” damaged the 92nd to the 98th floor. Gee what a cohen-cidence. What are the chances of something like that? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…… http://www.artbook.com/3883755079.html

Titus, it was nano-thermite. It’s powered alum and iron oxide which is basically rust. They used the same things to cut rail road rails in the late 1800’s. Now it’s nano particles making the surface area quadruple. They use thermite in angle shape charges in demolition ALL the time. This isn’t even questionable. Stick to low level stuff, my man. ahhaahah They used thermite and explosives like they do all the time. Use your eyes. Without a blast furnace, ahahahah, that couldn’t happen, the molten carbon steel. Good luck pulling up your huggies, don’t run with scissors, don’t play with matches, and don’t touch the hot stove. The stove isn’t nano thermite but still yet it could give you a boo-boo. Get the ninja turtle… Read more »
Judy Wood and Hutchison push the Tesla technology use because there was a massive grassroots growth in interest in replicating Tesla’s work and understanding during the same time frame. Their goals as agents was to divert this grassroots movement energy into supporting this debate about the “how”. The work by Tesla that is in open source patents is sufficient to resolve all energy problems today. I’ve personally replicated a number of these patents and know which ones and combinations will resolve these issues. The unfortunate thing is that this Tesla grassroots movement was led by people like me who simply reported on forums specific patents, citations, circuit schematics, etc. which others would either replicate without fully grasping what is going on in the circuits, and… Read more »

I’ll have to say what Tesla was quoted as saying to his secretary, “Miss……never trust a j.” He also said, “Einstein is a long haired crank.” He said his relativity is but a beggar dressed in purple whom common folk take for a king.

Pat can you email me at 3301×3301@gmail.com so we can share material?

Directed Energy Weapons on 911: This should be enough to put Jew D. Wood’s claims into perspective. It is a fairly simple matter to estimate the amount of energy required to vaporize the steel in the upper 110 floors in one of the WTC towers is about 14.5 x 10 Joules. The energy required to vaporize all the steel from both towers during the collapse time of approximately 10 seconds would be 5.7×1013 Watts. That is over 5 times the total power output of the entire earth including all carbon combustion, nuclear power, wind power, hydroelectric power, etc. – with no transmission losses. IF the weapons was a giant LASER: Including losses from scattering and absorption in the atmosphere, reflection by aluminum and steel in… Read more »

GO TO http://911crashtest.org This will help you understand NO PLANES.

Jew-dy Wood is an Israeli operative. I’m somewhat shocked that Renegade would allow a host here to promote “Dr. Wood” and her ridiculous bullshit. This show host refers to “well documented photographic evidence” of 911. Evidently he doesn’t understand anything about how “photographs” might not reflect reality. Is this guy going to be promoting Anglin next?

Oh really? What’s your evidence besides your ad hominem attacks? Have you read her book? Have you studied the evidence?? Explain the near total lack of debris, thousands of cars suddenly without engines that looked as if they had been burned out yet unburnt paper etc all around, the lack of any significant seismic activity, the registration contemporaneously of extreme magnetic flux disburbances in the magnetosphere, a barely reported hurricane right off the coast (thunder registering at all three NYC area airports), dissociated “dustified” material, unusually high tritium levels (consistent with nuclear like effects, i.e. “cold fusion”), the literal disintegration before your very eyes of the building, etc etc etc and say honestly something far more is not at play. Also, observe carefully the “planes”… Read more »

He’s right. Judy’s research is dependant on the assumption that the photos she is presenting are in fact not CGI. The evidence shows that every piece of media video AND photograph from that day are CGI images which therefore makes her research flawed and wrong. What occured was the buildings were demolished using more conventional methods behind a smokescreen. Stop assuming that the images we are shown was actually how the buildings fell. Look into the 9/11 VICSIM research if you want the truth of the matter.

I catch things late sometimes, but the video clip showing all the DIFFERENT network feeds and how the cameras reacted was very telling

LOL! First he states EVERY piece of media is fake. Fair enough. THEN he states, right after this, that “what occurred is…”? W…T..,.F??? How do you know jack shit if every piece of observable evidence is fake according to your own statements?! That’s called…ummm…uhhh…contradicting yourself. No point in any kind of rational discussion here. Wow.

Why do you assume the images are real? Oh because JUDY WOOD SPACE BEAMS DID IT…lol. ya, you’re the logical one.

Titus: You obviously lack a decent education. The media transmitted video and still imagery CANNOT be used as “Evidence” UNLESS you can establish the method of creation and the chain of custody of that imagery. The BURDEN OF PROOF lies with the dumb fucks (like yourself) that cite it as “proof”. Titus: Go and get us the type of cameras used, the camera operators, the exact placement of those cameras, the software loaded on those cameras, the date and time of any and all image manipulation post image capture, the type of software used for that image manipulation or enhancement, the names of the computer operators who did the image manipulation and the entire chain of custody of the imagery you’re citing. If you can’t… Read more »

Far more educated than you’ll ever be Patrick. You don’t know the first thing of math physics or chemistry or archeologically or that matter and your faggot voice is that of a flammer. You talk of the trivium which includes grammar. How many languages can you speak hot shot? I study four. How much physics have you taken hot shot? I spent years in math science and engineering. You’re a fool and despite hermit and others sucking you off, you’re a bafoon without any substance..i.e. a joke who can’t even answer simple questions.

Can’t even spell right I get so infuriated with utter jackasses such as yourself. You’re totally ignorant of the sciences yet parrot Jim Fetzer’s lines to make yourself appear as an intellectual and the retards here actually think you have brains. Yup this country is def screwed to kingdom come.

What’s a “bafoon”? You mentioned the word grammar & that you “study” four languages but your vocabulary is surely lacking somewhat so… “Far more educated than you’ll ever be…” Hmmm, I highly doubt it given the physical evidence before us. I actually put it down to the FACT that many Americans definitely overrate themselves when it comes to intelligence! This is something I’ve learned over many years of practical experience (not sitting in a classroom “learning” useless information).

Titus – you seem quite mentally unbalanced.

Titus – Go perform an investigation … but do it while ignoring any and all video and photo’s pertaining to the atrocity. That will help you to learn a bit about “Evidence” and “Fact Patterns”.

Yes Titus, I have read her jewish bullshit coverup materials. The buildings were demo’d. Much of the video “evidence” was CGI’d. There were no planes that hit anything. It’s really sad that your “level” of intellect has brought you to support a well known jewish Israeli liar. Jew-dy Wood also says that her beloved Israel had nothing to do with 911. Too bad that you (titus) seem to be stuck in the matrix of “believing” what ever is shown to you on a screen or in a picture. Do you also think movies are “real” titus? Sad.

Titus, I could easily do a 2 hour show completely destroying Jew-dy Wood, the Israeli.

Titus, your post is chock full of unsupportable bullshit. You cite as “evidence” video and still imagery that were fed to you by the perpetrators of the 911 atrocity. They showed you imagery that they wanted you to see. And evidently you gulped it down and regurgitate it obligingly. Tell me – what do you do for a living? LOL

Pat do wanna team up with me on a 2 vs. 2 debate on lasers vs Controlled demolish? If you do I got killer material I think you’ll like and I’ll share with you.

Rollie – that would be fun.

Oh okay. So there was a pile of ruble consistent with two 110 story buildings there for the eye to see right? My eyes deceived me when I saw literally hundreds of cars “burned” out yet sign posts papers etc perfectly untouched as well as people consumed on a pyro clastic flow? I was seeing things (or buying into propaganda) that “planes,” literally defying every law in physics I studied, go straight through steel and concrete? Wow. What’s your agenda dude seriously? You are either a total shill or you’ve wallowed the bullshit you accuse me of. To even condescend to respond to utter nonsense trying to hoodwink the people here is mindless and pointless, so I shan’t engage any longer 🙂

shill for who? Judy is the shill.

Maybe she is, I don’t know. Like I said, if you or Pat or anyone can point to specific evidence I’ll definitely consider it. I just haven’t seen any evidence of this and the way she’s been brutally lambasted and misrepresented over the years makes me think otherwise.

Dude look at her god damned face for starters. Have you spent any time studying jewish faces? You need to. I’m at the point where I can identify jews that are mixed with other races like asians and blacks. Even when they have prominently dominant traits from the other races. Many will have at least some jewish exemplar features, including certain types of facial expressions that it seems to occur almost solely in jews, like the Bill Krystal and Woody Allen brow furrow and look of pain. You can keep going back and forth with the others but I’m going to recommend for you to contemplate selecting some activities that will help you identify jews or agents. The time you invest in learning to pick… Read more »

Photos of known jewish actress Mayim Bialik & Judy Wood – see the glaringly obvious shared facial traits of these 2 kikes?
comment image

Photos of known jewish actress Mayim Bialik & Judy Wood – see the glaringly obvious shared facial traits of these 2 kikes?

comment image

comment image

Foster XL My god can you put a warning before you post such optically violating abominations please. This is the equivalent of being beaten awake at 3am with a bag of crushed nitrogen ice.

Anyway, that is a 100% brick lifting, cigar chewing, sausage swinging MAN. That is a definite dong dangling man beast.

Jew/ agent or not, of course I couldn’t find that out jet but she is not honest. In an interview she stated that “It’s nonsense to talk about who did it until you know what they did.” But she obviously assumes to have a crime scene and even shows pictures. She obviously takes the “what” for granted (what they did) and the question she tries to answer is “HOW”. She could have said that it’s not her field of research to look for other clues to find out who did it but she calls it nonsense to do so and leads others away from the important work of Cristopher Bollyn for example. At this point I could only speculate about her motives . But fact… Read more »
There is a linguistic game played just with the word disappear instead of destroyed. Something “disappears” and one reacts with : oh my God, what happened? But even if I follow her theory and see the pictures through her eyes it’s still the question “how” she tries to answer. How can someone make things “disappear”. We even have to use a new word for this phenomena. If I remember right it’s dustification. So one is sort of drawn into her world. There is as well extreme moral pressure when Wood says in an other video that we can only save the world from such evil if we believe her theory because if we” know what happened” they won’t do it again. Or the other way… Read more »

The whole reason for investigating is to find our who did it and to bring them to justice.

Gerard Holmgren was one of the first to realize that NO PLANES were used on 911. He was subsequently murdered with a very fast acting cancer.


Judy Wood is a sophist and has been given the task of further confusing the 911 subject. Her focus is to present “Photos” and to weave a yarn hoping you buy into it.

A & E for 911 Truth did the same thing by totally ignoring the “NO PLANES” theory and even actively surpressing it.

Elfgard, this website looks to be pretty good concerning the “NO PLANES” theory. https://911planeshoax.com/tag/gerard-holmgren/

After looking more closely, the site link above contains some decent information but it also includes some very wrong conclusions. So beware. Maybe the best thing is to do your own investigating and ignore the conclusions of others.

Thank you. I’ll take this debate as an always needed reminder to be critical to any information. 40 min in to a JW presentation – it’s a mess and even without the scientific background I can say this. Very manipulative and even data are involved as evidence she herself declares as questionable. I’ll take it as a lesson for other topics in which I may be more engaged in and perhaps biased . I know that I sometimes only want to hear what i want to hear. lol

Titus ol’ boy. Pat doesn’t hate you or dislike you. People don’t spend time helping if they don’t like ya. Pappy always told me, if they pick on ya sometimes, it means they give a damn about you knowing so you can advance, not because they don’t like ya. Like hassling the new guy at work because he’s super sharp but green about issues and got something wrong. It’s called growing and with your dedication and you basically, seeming to want to be correct, you will climb big mountains in your day. My bosses I was told by the driller in my 5 year stint in the oil field or was it 3, hahahhahaa, said that all you have to do is to get “my… Read more »

I made fun of Judy Wood when I was a guest on Renegade on Mac-may 2. Have me as guest on West World please Bill.

It’s why I like Kyle and Davis, but the others are damn good too and Bill has fantastic potential. He has a great microprocessor. It’s why the San Hedren never lets anyone under 50 address any council. Bill is building knowledge and young so learning how to use it. Yank a cannon cord, but squeeeeze a small arms triggers. Build that hard drive up and fill it with files (Your human memory) because your mathcoprocessor (brain function) is state of the art and new. Kyle and Davis are older and more studied, huge hard drives and also great processing ability therefore great output, (the speakers aka the mouth. The display. Just like the pathagorium blocks of 3 4 and 5. Who What Where When (grammar)… Read more »
A good show Bill. For me the 9.11 narrative became questionable very late when I realized, that not only the wars against Muslims but the war on free speech, which became the central part of EU and UN policies against “violent extremism” and for “tolerance” as well as the Islamisation and flooding of Europe as the means to destroy Europe could only be officially justified with this singular traumatizing event. At that point I looked up the information from a neutral and not emotional flooded point for the first time. Wow! Although the no plane theory may not be the first thing that can be used to educate the masses and is technical even irrelevant it has had a special value for me because it… Read more »
With the help of linguistic and sociological magic 9.11 brought us the powerful tax financed Muslim Jewish coalition in Europe which is an essential part in the demonization of Europeans in their own homeland. Only tolerance for and inclusion of Islam can prevent “violent extremism” we are forced to believe since then. The creation and definition of Islamophobia could be structural implemented at this point and became the tool to destroy our native culture and natural behaviour as a counter terrorism necessity . As a consequence of 9.11. every native European can be seen as a potential violent extremist if he does not embrace Islam. Racism against Europeans became structural part of education and policing of opinion. This was part of the psychological and jewristic… Read more »

Why is “Bill” here endorsing a very well known jewish disinfo agent? Bill seems to have a lot of trouble understanding how deception works. Bill can’t even seem to understand that what he thinks is photographic evidence …. simply isn’t. Does Bill here think the Zapruder Film is “real” too? The Zapruder Film has been PROVEN to be HEAVILY ALTERED and REDACTED and very obviously tampered with. Maybe Bill doesn’t know that photographic manipulation techniques have advanced since then and were used to create the 911 narrative. If Bill were intellectually honest, he would begin with investigating the 911 video and still photo “evidence”. Then perhaps his retardation would stop.

Present Bill your own “well known” research and arguments, then give him time to study and think about it . At this point the obvious answer to your question is – Bill endorses Wood because he thinks that she is a good source. If you want Bill to research all the topics you present, then just ask him to do so. You can even mail him important content. After so many years there are layers and layers of lies implemented into the so called truth movement. Everyone who starts his research is confronted with deception and has to learn and be informed by others to separate truth from lies. That’s how it is. If you are better informed it’s your job to educate others. Like… Read more »

Elfgard, 911 was a “MULTI-LAYERED” deception operation. The very first thing a 911 researcher should do is to become familiar with the science of Deception and how Stage Magic works. That would provide a basic starting point for understanding how the 911 Deception was done.

From there, the 911 “fact pattern” should be analyzed using “Structured Analytical Methods” such as the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses.

That set of analyses will yield what we “know” from what we “don’t know”.

This is how it’s done.

Pat you tend to give good information on this sort of thing. Not every one has your background or training. It does become exhausting at times trying to educate others. But we have to try to bring more of these people up to speed on various scientific methods. The most intelligent are targets for the jews. Those who know too much are targets. We need back ups to ourselves if we’re going to make it through this and win. Kyle’s a target. Your a target. I’m a target. And I don’t doubt that they have “threat assessment” levels assigned to us in some databases in Israel and once someone crosses a certain threshold a target is slated for elimination due to their influence on society.… Read more »

Hermit, you are right. I don’t know Bill and he may very well be a well-meaning guy. But, when I heard his glowing endorsement of the jew Wood – I reacted. In retrospect, I could have been a lot more gentle with my “criticisms” but in the interests of brevity and efficiency I did what I did.

You are also right concerning your Threat Assessment. For example, in places like Iraq – the US Army focuses on “Key Leader Engagement”. That’s where they identify “Key Leaders” of the opposition and if they can’t “Influence” them…they typically just kill them.

That is why they “Key Leaders” of “our” movement are mostly Fed controlled operatives. Otherwise, they would have neutralized long ago.

I don’t trust any new people that come into my life at all at this point. Not one single individual. I’m constantly evaluating if they’re someone I can trust or not. I’m still wondering about Scott Roberts status but there were some questionable things for me, enough so that I think you and others are right that he was acting as an informant. The Delaney connection never set well with me especially after Delaney supported the blatant disinfo/ honeypot of Anglin. And then this tie in with that mulatto Jon Martinson…and there was always this feeling of being outside the group even though many of my talking points would come up in forums or talk shows. One thing that’s clear is they like to operate… Read more »
Hermit, You are right about Roberts. Roberts, Delaney, Anglin and Martinson are all working with the FBI. They are low level informants that take direction from FBI Counter-Intelligence. We even know the name of their handler. As for having someone “move in with you”… that’s exactly what Craig Cobb’s FBI handler had Cobb do. Cobb moved in with a former poster on the VNN Forum named Kevin Harpham who used to post there as “Joe Snuffy”. The FBI needed more evidence to pin Harpham to an alleged attempted “bombing” of a Martin Luther King parade in Spokane, Wash. Actually, the “bombing” wasn’t really a “bombing”…but a pipe stuffed with lead fishing weights to be projected as a sort of makeshift shotgun that was placed to… Read more »

Ooo somebody “didn’t like” the truths about Delaney, Martinson and Cobb. Too bad.

Hermit, the tie-in for Delaney into the Hutaree Militia raid was that Delaney was a “Christian Identity” character and the Hutaree Militia were also “Christian Identity” people. Delaney is the one who introduced Martinson to the Hutaree people and they accepted him on Delaney’s word. Delaney himself could not be used in that role as Delaney was a felon and could not legally possess firearms.

Again, somebody “didn’t like” the fact that Delaney helps the FBI set up the Hutaree Militia people in Michigan along with Martinson in addition to narrating Delaney’s film on 911 – actually trained with the Christian Identity Hutaree people to shoot guns…something that the felon Delandy could not do even under the supervision of the FBI.

Damn again Patrick? Poor “guy”…a few thumbs down must really chap your ass hot shot. Back to the trivium bogus science ad hominems and hermit…hot shot.

So Titus here thumbs down revelations about Delaney & Martinsons roles in the FBI raid on the Hutaree Militia in Michigan. Please do another show ass clown.

Say Patty. I’ve been laying siege on the alt right empire. Tell me the kosher leaders of these sites aren’t shattered when their duped well meaning good people read these. My mission is to convert the well meaning youth who are duped and it’s working. The responses have been very encouraging. Do you think Kyle would mind if I slipped in Renegades site address. I think I’ll experiment with one or two and see what happens and lay disclaim so Renegade won’t take any flack. I also do a little head fake sometimes and say, “damn Renegade site puts up too much information for me to counter. My professor said these people like Renegade think truth is the only thing that’s important when ones feelings… Read more »

Ghost Man O War: Any traffic diverted to Renegade is a good thing. These kinds of discussions are important for people to be able to read. Usually they’re censored at other places.

Hermit, I agree that reactive statements can be counter-productive. However, this host was the one who decided to be rude and condescending. Once things go there – they go there.

You’re one of the good ones Hermy and the Hermits. I enjoyed this thread. I’m older than Saturn and I’m excited about the fact that there are so many sharp young lads out here on this thread. It’s encouraging. They must take what they learn from you and others which Renegade is a never ending deep well of weapons laid out on a table ready to be picked up by the Renegade troops and taken of this site so generously provided by Kyle and launch these weapons of mass instruction far and wide out in the world of the interlink. I build blocks of well sourced salvo’s I’ve compiled and sorted and when suitable for target audience considering what site or genre’ of folks who… Read more »

But Pat if you actually have evidence that Dr Wood is an agent, we’d all love to hear it (seriously). Unlike yourself, I try to look at facts dispassionately.

You don’t look hard enough if you’re still stuck on the Judy Woods gatekeeping. I learned she was a shill back in 2009. You suck at research. How ’bout you start off looking at the VICSIM research. Let’s see if you can handle that.

Objectivity doesn’t require a lack of passion. In fact one can be extremely objective and passionate. It’s all relies on how one makes assessments. If one relies on emotions for the assessment and conclusions one is not relying on scientific methodology. But one can rely on logic and scientific methods with passion and intensity.

Titus, I would not bother to try to teach a pig to sing. It would just frustrate me and annoy the pig. I’ll just speak to the wider audience. Thanks.

A pig hot shot? Is that your passion now? Hermit and the others must be crushed. You know something you flaming queer: I’m actually ashamed of myself for becoming so infuriated with a mentally retarded, abject fucking dipshit as yourself who knows literally nothing of any substance. Truly, for someone like myself to stoop to your level is very frightening you mentally retarded psychotic fuck. I won’t indulge you anymore. I made a pact not to post anymore and I’ll live up to it. Since this thread has been ongoing, I felt it necessary to call out, at least in someway, a disgusting punk that thrives off duping others with “his” incredibly limited intellectual powers of apprehension of reasoning.

This spell check is a real pain in the ass tonight. Ever get that feeling hot shot? Pain in the ass?

Titus you’re a re nigger. LOL First you say you’re not going to post because you’re so intellectually superior to everyone here. Then you continue to post emotionally like you’re on your period LOL

It’s very true what they say about emotions overruling logic – just look at Tightarse’s response here! Classic LOL! 😀

Patty ol’ man, you just explained in 10 lines what it took my ol’ worn out ass 100 to explain. Well done. Titus is like a bulldog. hahaahh You were clear and showed well defined points and your conclusions were well built. You’re a natural pattern seeker. Titus is durable and smart. You helped that great guy. Thanks. You’re both better men by discussing it as you did. He’s earning his stripes. Besides, you know his name “Titus” pisses the living shit out of the traditional enemies of the truth. Rule one for me is, when a gal such as Judy W comes on the scene and instantly tours the shill alt media circuit and is introduced as “Dr.” and over does the hipster bit,… Read more »

Elfgard, the “Plane Theory” (the idea that planes hit buildings) is far less supportable that the “No Plane Theory”. The evidence heavily supports the fact that no airliners crashed into buildings on 911. There is simply NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that any airliner crashed into any building. So what does that leave you with? Obviously they didn’t use airliners. 911 was a multi-layered magic trick where the perpetrators had complete control over the narrative and complete control over the imagery you were shown.

Thank you for investing your time to discuss and provide your arguments. I fully agree with your comment above. This is the part I’m very interested in and as I’m not able to comprehend or discuss all the technical arguments and theories around the destruction I don’t do it. In a way it seems even irrelevant to me how the buildings were destroyed but I do understand that everyone who researched the topic for years can become very angry seeing theories promoted that he is sure are wrong and deceptive. Having a strong opinion isn’t wrong at all. When I said that the no plane theory may not be the best starting point to inform “normies” I meant it from a tactical point. Perception or… Read more »

It makes a lot of sense. It is MUCH easier to fabricate a massive perception event, than to logistically execute the physical part of it all. Also it is far less messy and leaves less loose ends such as families, true eye witnesses, resources etc. With media you can get a bunch of 1st year media students to knock something up with compositing software and the correct industry connections. Oh wait, it’s not like the jews are in on every level of it now is it? People just don’t seem to register that this is all about organisation.

A 1/3″ or 1′ thick alum sheets heated to t3 spec would NEVER slice 14″ carbon h.s. steel box columns. No impact point, no collision, no crash occurred on the outer was. End of. If someone says a plane can do anything but crash against it, they are A. totally ignorant and should just stay out of the big boy talk, and wipe their near butts then put on big boy pants and re-think it. Birds knock 2′ gouges through cleanly and completely and 10″ phone poles tested sheared the same weight wings right off before snapping after it was bent so far but he wing was totally separated. I have A.S. in Electronic Hardware both analog and digital. B.S. in Electronics Software, Hardware. M.S.… Read more »
Good thinking Bill. The recommend for you, thing on youtube can send you astray but it has backfired on them. I never really looked into certain subjects long ago and then they came out with recommended for you and notice, “Hey, I didn’t even think about House of Saud being part of the tribe. They became J by marriage though because the original Saud hated them and literally said, “Not selling it….over my dead body. You may take it from us through killing us but you won’t get it through buying it.” Oh, the book Pawns in the Game and The Nameless War shows that the Nazi Ideology heads did plan a big mash up, AND THIS IS WILD, HITLER WENT OFF SCRIPT FROM THE… Read more »
https://archive.org/stream/PawnsInTheGame/Carr.-.Pawns.in.the.Game.international.conspiracy.exposed.1958#page/n49/mode/2up This is link to Pawns in the Game and it reads it to you. Lay back in the bed at night and you will be filled with research of over 200 books, documents, decrees, from every corner of the world and to ancient times. Trust me. Seneca was Nero’s teacher and he married a moneychanger J’s daughter. It lays it out by date, papyrus impeccably researched. I’ve read 1000 books if I’ve read one. I’m near 60 and this guy Carr tagged parts of a good 100 of the ones I’ve read. It may be the single best researched book. He’s very religious but if a Christian researches it and sources it, it doesn’t make the source less true. If you read that book.… Read more »

That book is one of the best books for bringing people into the thick of it that I’ve ever read. I should reread it at some point to see how it is almost 10 years after having read it.

Most important question about 9/11 is not how it was done, but WHO did it and WHY. We can jerk off until we are blue in the face how it was done – was it nano-thermite, mini nukes, was there planes or wasn’t, did people die or didn’t, until people are not aware WHO did it, there will be no end to Middle Eastern wars and so called “war on terrorism” home and abroad. There is probably deliberately spread around “truth community” all kind of crazy and conflicting theories to muddy the waters and waste everybody’s time, so in this case, you have to stand on grounds logic and common sense, not desire to fantasize. All, who WTC attacks benefited, was only Israel and US… Read more »
Bill33 – The Trivium Method consists of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric Grammar answers the question of the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and the WHEN of a subject. Logic answers the WHY question. Rhetoric answers the HOW question. 911: GRAMMAR Who: US gov & Israel along with complicit media operatives. What: Conspired to create a fake narrative that 19 A-rab hijackers defeated NORAD and destroyed the towers, other buildings and damaged the Pentagon. Where: Attacked buildings in NY, and DC and crashed one in PA. When: On 9/11/2001 LOGIC Why? To get the (m)asses to endorse endless wars on behalf of Israel. RHETORIC How? They concocted a multi-layered deception scheme and leveraged their complete control of the broadcast media to make people “believe” the atrocity narrative. ===… Read more »
Wow, thanks Pat. Thanks for stitching up my wounds. My strength is my 40 years of research and family being players. I had terrible accident and left me wrecked physically. I read non stop and now the dots aren’t there. After you see the dots from 3000 b.c. and read the J’s own books and basically everything you can find, the dots to connect disappear and a DARK BLACK line emerges and you go back to the books and you see where the original researcher had a misstep or was mislead, or….for whatever reason was not correct. We’re lucky to have interlink instead of riding a horse or wagon to travel to the library’s or whatever physical location they had to endure and travel just… Read more »

Actually I think you’re the one sucking Patrick off mental midget. You out to be ashamed of yourself weakling.

Titus I’m replying here to draw attention to this thread so others can see what you’re all about.

Fucking retard you don’t even know what you’re talking about haha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Crime solving 101. You must first know the how before you start looking into the who and why..

HOW: Faked and manipulated video of a pseudo event. Novel demolition methods using high tech Nano-thermitic high explosive and incendiary materials.

WHO: Who had the technology and access to perform the acts? Who benefitted?

WHY? How did the perpetrators benefit?


Jew-dy Wood is a KIKE shill.

Dude honestly your stupidity is beyond belief. How the FUCK do you first say the video etc is all fake yet presume to tell your cohorts that it was thermite?? I mean if nothing else folks, see through this ridiculous fool for what “he” is: a wanna be hot shot who’s ignorance and stupidity approaches a near pinnacle of perfection.

Shithead Titus: I didn’t say “ALL” they used was Nano-Thermite. Nano-Thermite was found in the debris dust you moron. Nano-Thermite is a tool – often used in conjunction with other tools to perform a job. M kay?

I’ve worked with thermite you moron. You don’t even know what it is, it’s properties or characteristics yet you lecture of having the whole thing figured out! You disgusting pig hotshot you! Go back to the trivium please!

Titus, the Thermite you probably worked with is NOT “Nano-Thermite”. You most probably worked as a dumb laborer on the fucking railroad where low grade Thermite is used to weld tracks together. That stuff is nothing like what we’re talking about dumbass. There are lots of different types of Nano-Thermitc materials that are used as HIGH EXPLOSIVES. Others used as CUTTING CHARGES. Others used as INCENDIARIES. ….. lol

That’s bullshit. The why is more important than the how. Motive is much easier to work with when one examines WHO benefits and why. This is why detectives will always say follow the money trail. That isn’t the case with all crime but it is a huge factor and considering the type of crime 9/11 was it is silly and intentionally divisive to promote the notion that we have to first know the how, when it’s clear the jews are pushing all sorts of “how’s” and trying to keep people debating it. GTFO.

Hermit is right again here. The Trivium Method discussed above must be performed “IN ORDER”. If you jump directly to the “HOW” without properly assessing the “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” … you run a very high risk of getting the wrong answer. The “HOW” is the Rhetorical part of the investigation. The “HOW” encompasses all of the PRECEDING facts and fact patterns. Again, Hermit is right…and the jewish shill is wrong. Lean about the Trivium Method and understand that it must be performed “in order”. There is an order of operations just as in mathematics.

Jew-dy Wood provides us with a good example of how a sophist operates. The point of learning to ask who what where and when before you determine why … and finally, how – is so that you find truth, and that you are not mislead by myths that have been spun by the sophists (fallacious reasoners) to control us. Jew-dy Wood not only employs fallacious reasoning by intentionally avoiding the proper use of the Trivium – that jew also intentionally uses faked imagery to support her entirely unsupportable “theory” of the use of this “Hutchinson Effect” thing that NODODY has been able to replicate scientifically. It’s very sad that any of our people still fall for this shit especially when all of the necessary information… Read more »

Sophist is a big word for you isn’t it hot shot pig? You know, at first I thought you were an agent, now I know better: You’re a flipping idiot devoid of intelligence pure and simple.

Titus – can’t wait for you to do another show so we can ridicule your low IQ again 🙂

I like the way Hermy and the Hermits and Patty my man work in tandem like a damn twin jack hammer with very astute knowledge base and masterful understanding of the physical world. Reminds me of a long wearing V-twin steel block engine pounding out the sweet sound of moving forward. Have a great day there Herm. and you to Patty and all else who give a damn about our elderly and our youth. Like my deceased youngest said, “There is no shame taking on injury from the likes of our enemy we face, for they have destroyed entire nations.” He was right and he is my motivator. If I had a magic wand I’d whirl it ’round and ’round but I don’t, but they… Read more »

Hermy and Patrick do get along VERY well don’t Casper 😊

Good evening Titus and other friends! I was bout to hit the rack after a long day and watched a few rigged boxing matches, and, news flash: It was a draw and the smiling Jew promoters were talking rematch. I swear it was so blatant the whole stadium was booing. The swindle speak was monumental. The reporters were drilling them so bad about the fraud I was just waiting for them to call everyone bigot, boxophobes, and fascists and, hmmmmm….oh yes, bad ol’ whitey? hahahahah The jewish woman scoring judge, scored the guy who got clobbered, 18-10 on the card sending it from a clear win on points to a DRAW. 18-10? He got dominated and the swindler witch gave it not only to the… Read more »

Bill33 – The “How” question has attracted jewish shills like flies to shit. And it has identified them as such. This is valuable information when the time comes for those people to answer for their crimes.

I totally agree, the WHO is the necessary question when it comes to this. The how is quite frankly immaterial, and not of much consequence, and that I believe is what all these investigations are meant to cover and distract from.

A special thank to you John Smith! Great that Renegade has fond an Irma untouched temporary outpost and reliable worrier with you.

I’ll agree 100% with that (typo?) 🙂

LOL. Freud ?

I have got a -2 for spelling. Now I really feel depressed.

I think its funny and accurate lol. worrier all the day long

The Sears Tower, the Twin Towers, were designed to collapse into their own footprint from the beginning (construction demolition code). This was done so in order that they could be “puled” without doing much damage to nearby buildings. The whole stunt was planned decades ago, so there is no point arguing about “space beams” and other inserted absurdities to make fools of us all.

The “memorial” certainly looks like toilets flushing to me as well.

((( Michael Arad ))) flushing down the goyim.

Arad – Born in a foreign country, served in foreign military, who just happened to be soooooooo much better than the THOUSANDS of U.S. based architects vying for the position to design it.

Oh, and check out who his father is…

That is a “Victory” Memorial if I ever saw one.

Here is a joke for ya Bill. Mickey Mouse went to get a divorce from Minny. The preacher tried to council him back together with her saying, “You can’t just divorce for her being crazy.” He said, “That’s not what I said Preacher, I said I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she was fucking Goofy.” hahhahh Goooooood night. The Italian region before called Rome was called Saturnia. You’re right on target. Rome was taken down by J’s and it’s documents well in the book link I left below. Also read, The Hidden Hand, The Secret World Gov. He gives sources while he’s writing for instance, in the book. Kabbah means rock or stone. It’s important in the Talmud and Zohar. Stein is big,… Read more »

Talmud must have been written AD if:

“The Talmud proofs Jesus is an historical figure”.

Others claim it was written BC in Persia. Any thoughts ?

Working on a Saturday and I’m stoked I down loaded you’re your show I’m loving it .
Good work brother .

Enjoyed the show Bill I was also a latecomer to 911 so it still interests me immensely but knowing who did it to me is the most important question the how and why can come later in the trial.
I was a huge passio fan for a long time the guy just pissed me off hugely when he was adamant how important the truth is but was dismissing ww2 revisionism aggressively.
I’d be interested in a show on him .
Appreciate your effort on the show brother .

Bark Pissholio is such a j. Ain’t he? In the words of Tyson Fury, “Hey, go ahead, be brainwashed by the Zionist jews who own all the banks, all the media all the tv shows, go ahead, that’s find….” Good comment Reboot. You’re one of the good men around here. Way to hit the eject button on Pissholio when he exposed his purpose. Bravo.

I really enjoy your shows man. I’d love to hear your analysis of Mark Passio, I also have a lot of say about him. I once went through every single one of his podcasts, before I was properly awake to the white genocide agenda and the Jewish problem. He’s doing a presentation soon claiming flat earth is a psyop and Hitler being the good guy is a psyop. This guy has to be controlled opposition in my opinion, or is he just so brainwashed by the disinfo? He promoted shill after shill on his shows.

I did too and for a while found him a breath of fresh air. I sensed bad news when he was advocating an ultimatum against order followers as if blind to the current tensions which have been ramped up between the racial groups. The cops in any deadly response were always the bad guys and at fault which is blatantly ridiculous. I agree, the nature of blindly accepting ones orders as a course of habit is something a people should look to progress forward from in an ideal world but at present their are more pressing matters at hand. A breakdown in law and order at street level would lead to full militarisation on domestic soil which would fair worse for those groups not specially… Read more »

Judy Wood is a fucking jew. I don’t care to hear anything she or any other fucking jew says. They are all worthless piece of filth liars. Listening to them has gotten us into the shit hole we’re in. From now on, I say we “goy” put on our big boy pants and sort everything out ourselves without any input from the filthy jew.

What I find strange about this ‘directed energy’ thing is how other buildings/objects didn’t get damaged. Only the target buildings – and it was supposedly happening simultaneously on all sides! Where was this directed energy beam(s) coming from? And what was it being sent with? Judy showed a bunch of tank chassises with some sort of emitters – but did anybody observe a whole bunch of these machines on the ground firing simultaneously at the buildings and NOT damaging anything else? And not by accident splitting random people on the street into atoms? It’s kinda… far fetched. Unless anybody can paint a clear picture for me of how all these energy beams were moving in space and all that…

AlexP if you perform your own investigation you’ll begin with answering who, what, where, when why and how…in that order. Who? Persons unknown. What? The 911 narrative. Where? NY PA DC. When? 911. How? The “How” question is the narrative describing all of the foregoing. When and if you investigate, you will find that many of your questions lead you directly back to the media and the imagery you were shown. The media is the lynchpin of most of the “how” question. Is it easier to manpulate what you are shown on a screen…or create and deploy a “space beam weapon” that operates on an entirely unknown principle? Which is more likely? Which is more supportable by the available evidence?

This vid does it for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3NtaDC_ZEo Not only does it look like primitive 3d max 2001, they even inserted this crap with the wing covered by the building in the background…
And as for space beams, I was basically saying the same thing: impossible.

holy crap! the wing just disappears….wow

If you watch this:

It’s absolute clownish to see it with today’s eyes and knowledge of fakery.

Question, was anyone actually there or know someone who was there when all this happened? The towers were there, now they are not, so they had to be brought down somehow. Even if the videos are CGI, there must have been something going on, on the ground, and I wonder if anyone can verify anything at all. The other point is that it might have been very easy to organise people who are “in on it” to amass in the tower on the day, kind of like a flash mob, to ensure only those or most of those in the know are around. I know of a couple of people who worked there who were either deflected from being there shortly before, so it would… Read more »
Great point. I do know for a fact that “ground zero” was completely cordoned off and that many signs were posted prohibiting cameras or photographs under penalty of law (what law? I don’t know). If you work the crime backwards, you can see a pattern of informant and imagery control used by the perpetrators. Professional of Deception will tell you that it’s best to “layer” deceptions one upon another – and not to simply stage a single deception. That technique makes is more difficult for someone to figure out exactly what went on. If you move backwards in time from when we “know” the towers were not there – you will see some the issues with the official story in a slightly different light. And… Read more »
Cordoned off… wow. How telling indeed, how very telling. Perhaps so they could have designated actwhores to film pertinent angles and footage to stage manage the whole movie set. Yes good one, layers of deceit over time, so people are already ten miles down a hundred wrong turns. When you think about it. It really does make more sense to make most of it CGI and scripted. It is so much easier to manage, AND to show what you want to show. You can control all the variables and reduce the x factors and anomalies. What with everyone worshipping the devil’s wankbox and anything shown on it, it is so much easier to execute. Loose ends all taken care of.
Here is a picture of one of the signs at ground zero. If says “WARNING NO cameras of video equipment permitted. VIOLATORS will be prosecuted and equipment seized. Please ignore the fact that the pic is posted on September Clues. We do know that September Clues is a disinfo site. However, portions of what is there is true. In Military and Political Deception circles, there is the term “Deception & Denial”. “Denial’ is the post-event security aspect of the Deception operation. “Denial” seeks to “Deny” us access to evidence proving the deception core and invalidating the deception narrative. Just as with the JFK murder, there are many layers not only to the original Deception, but also the Denial phase. Key insights can be had by… Read more »

This Jew York Times article talks about part of a landing gear that was “found” 11 years after 911 wedged between some buildings.

comment image

The piece had a rope completely wrapped around it and and tied to it. LOL

Even the Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly did not completely rule out the possibility that the component had been lowered to the spot where it was discovered


Jew D. Wood, who was denied tenure in 2006 by Clemson University for poor research record and a downward trajectory – says the towers were brought down by a “magnetic electro-gravitic nuclear reaction”.

If you haven’t seen Jew D. Wood’s interview with Physicist Dr. Greg Jenkins – you’re missing some comedy gold!


Not sure if Bill should view this. He might commit suicide.

Weather warfare—a certainty. Same for Sandy hook during the Obongo re-selection in 2013/14. Have a look at some satirical cartoons on my blog and feel free to spread the info around.

https://wotanwisdom.blogspot.ca/——free daily cartoons and philosophical writings

During the show the name Ace Baker was mentioned in the chatroom and there seem to be some well known facts about him I’m not aware of. I saw some of his videos. He sure looks suspicious but … Just a short hint for further research would be nice. As important as 9.11 is as a weapon against Europe the research naturally is much stronger in the US especially with the language differernces slowing down the flow of information.

Elfgard, I have actually spoken with “Ace Baker”. Much of his material concerning faked imagery is valid. His identification of the “Avid” real-time video editing system used in conjunction wth the “Chopper 5” to create a real-time video composite designed to trick viewers into thinking a plane hit the second tower was all valid. However, he contends that “All” of the video of the Towers themselves was genuine (a direct camera capture of them in real-time). I had discovered evidence that much of the video of the towers was CGI. He disagreed yet could not refute my assertions and reasons. This may seem like a minor point – but it goes to the enormity of the image control that the perpetrators implemented on 911. I… Read more »

Bingo! He’s talked to the absolute shill and fraud Ace Baker! You’re so fucking pathetic Patrick it makes my skin crawl.

Yes Titus, I did talk with “Ace Baker”. The guy is highly intelligent. Far more than you. He’s definitely a paid operative and part of the ongoing 911 coverup. I suggest you try to get your head out of your ass. There were no planes used. And no space beams either titus.

Ace Baker is likely an Israeli operative (Controlled opposition). He was apparently given the job of making himself (and others who know that No Planes were used) look crazy. That is why he faked his Suicide on the Jim Fetzer show. There are lots of errors and misconceptions in his video – but there are some solid truths as well. Jim Fetzer is also a planted Controlled Opposition operative. His history goes way back to essentially confirming the validity of the Zapruder Film as “evidence” citing what happened to JFK. We have since found that the Zapruder Film was heavily altered, manipulated and redacted. Fetzer is used to confuse the (m)asses who don’t really understand the Scientific Method very well. Fetter’s background is in Scientific… Read more »

Thank you so much Pat. Layer over Layer. I was happy to find Bakers videos back then because he showed how they can give us real time images of events that just can’t happen that way in reality. I had no clue before that it’s possible . But he was just planted for people like me wo are glad to find answers and are not able to analyse the things themselves. Are there websites which are not ISIS and can be promoted for the technical interested?

Elfgard, there are no websites that I am aware of that I could endorse. You can perform all of the necessary investigation work yourself though. And it would be a good exercise for you to do. I highly suggest this book: Psychology of Intelligence Analysis Pay particular attention to Chapter 8 https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/books-and-monographs/psychology-of-intelligence-analysis/art11.html Step 1. Identify the possible hypotheses to be considered. Use a group of analysts with different perspectives to brainstorm the possibilities. Step 2. Make a list of significant evidence and arguments for and against each hypothesis. Step 3. Prepare a matrix with hypotheses across the top and evidence down the side. Analyze the “diagnosticity” of the evidence and arguments–that is, identify which items are most helpful in judging the relative likelihood of the… Read more »

If you really want to blow your mind, look up E.A. Koetting/ become a living god on youtube or go to becomealivinggod.com (I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS GUY). He is a Black Magician who is an intense follower of the Left Hand Path. He says a lot of interesting things though.

FETZER has a Ph D in philosophy of applied science he founded scholars for 9/11 truth. He was originally a fan of Woods. Judy does bring to light the FEMA photos and raises questions. Where they had a fallout is Fetzer left her an A+ rating on Amazon and today it has like 7k replies because of Woods’ cult like following. He asked her why she discounts nukes given the evidence. That’s the story, he’s curious as how she could discount JEFF PRAGER’s nuclear evidence and people acted crazy. Prager points out if enough thermite were used to dustify the towers it would have been so bright that it would have been absurd. like lighting a magnesium strip in chemistry, it’s super bright. if Fetzer… Read more »

Ernst Zundel spoke approvingly of CNN upon his release from prison. Then, he was presented with the truth about CNN and he recanted. Fetzer is a Controlled Opposition persona whose job at “Scholars for 911 Truth” was to ensure that the entire “truth” fiasco turned into a cluserfuck and yielded absolutely nothing. In that, Fetzer succeeded. Just google Fetzer and look into his background of fuckery Case closed.

Posts like the above from “pj sinatra” usually come directly from Fetzer himself. Disgusting pig that he is.

Fetzer’s “schtick” may be somewhat confusing for many. He seems to play both sides against the middle. On the one hand he CORRECTLY says many things about events like Sandy Hook. We KNOW that nobody died at Sandy Hook and that it was a government influence operation involving actors and an entirely scripted narrative. However, Fetzer also claimed that the U.S. government and Israeli secret operatives actually shot kids at the Newtown, Conn., school shootings. Fetzer’s column describing this appeared as “Mossad death squads slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook” on the PressTV website and then he elaborated on the theory several days later on the Veterans Today site. He also authored the column “Sandy Hook: Huge hoax and anti-gun psy op” and even wrote… Read more »

Damn you’re good hot shot pig I’m impressed. Tell us: is there anything you haven’t figured out? This is incredible and inspirational at the same time seeing as how even a total goddamn fool can figure out all of life’s secrets.

Titus, if you learn to the us Trivium, you won’t get sucked into bullshit lies spun by kikes like Jew dy Wood. You’re going to need more than the Trivum though. It’s not my fault that you weren’t educated properly. Most people (in addition to being pretty dumb) have no real training in how to think properly. As evidenced by your show.

Just got back from a Jim Fetzer rabbit hole. I found a lot of his stuff to just be a guy who just likes to hear himself talk. But his Sandy Hook research is very VERY good. It’s DEFINITELY worth a look. His other stuff? Meh.

Ooops. I came back to see new comments they were so interesting and still coming in and I noticed I said 1/3″ or 1″ alum sheets fashioned into a big hollow tube will never slice 14″ h.s. carbon structural steel especially without having a collision. WHAT I MEANT TO SAY IS 1/13″ BECAUSE THE MASS OF THE BODY OF MOST OF THOSE ARE ONLY 1/13″ IN MASS AND SOME ARE 1/8″ THICK, OR THIN RATHER. OOOPS. The thickest aircraft aluminum I’ve ever heard of is 1/2″. That would have to be at seams. So planes slice without even denting or contorting in any way is hilarious. It’s a non-starter. Our “gods” on earth are really top of the line evil. hahaha Are they even human?… Read more »

Kudos Bill, you are spot on ….

Kudos Bill, you are spot on….shalom – Dr. Judy Wood

This is in strong support of Bill. Good job man – throw it on the table! Dr. Judy Wood offers 10x the information about that day than anyone else out there. After at least a thousand hours of study on 911 I found her site and my mind was completely blown. I had been digging and digging and to find literally hundreds of pictures of that day that I had never seen before was quite an experience for me. Judy is also marginalized more than anyone out there other than Dana Durnford. The vast majority of these comments are by professional trolls in my opinion. This means you are hitting really close to the mark. F$%# these soulless people. They should be ashamed!!! I’ll be… Read more »

Seriously, these KIKE trolls are like flies on shit. Once Bill does more investigating he should see the kikery very clearly.

As I said I’m not very interested in the question how they did it and that part looks like a snake pit. Why do you think we have to answer this question or make it central? I’m in no camp at all and obviously unaware of the very heated American situation, personalities and camps. To apply the trivium seems good advice. Don’t get it wrong but what stronger tool do we gain for our struggle if we position ourselves one way or other. Are there further gains to reach with Wood’s theory or losses with any other. This may seem very naive to ask but in this case I’m a total outsider.

The question of how they did it can be figured out. The benefit of doing so provides you with more knowledge about what your enemy’s capabilities are with respect to Deception techniques. We already know the Who, What, Where, When and Why. How comes last. Wood’s Theory relies on two pillars 1) Photos = reality, and 2) “Evidence” of her illusory “Hutchinson Effect”.

Theory validation is performed by attempted to REFUTE theories – not by attempted to support them.

Wood’s Theory is pretty easily refuted due to the known science behind photographic manipulation and also the fact that NOBODY has been able to replicate this “Hutchinson Effect” in any laboratory anywhere.

Other Theories better fit the available evidence and fact patterns.

Sure Pat. But I was interested in brfomco’s thoughts. From what I saw (YouTube) at least in 2013 Christopher Bollyn called the nano thermite theory as proven and other theories disinfo and supido he was called an agent in the comments below. That’s the sort of unpleasant climate I do not like.
I will look into it a bit deeper but as I understand it the validity of the pictures Judy Wood provides and builds her theory upon is central and furthermore you wrote that Wood keeps Israel out of the picture. The first question cannot be answered ( perhaps forensic analyse could) but I can search answers for the second one.

Dr. Judy has done a more concise investigation than anyone. She tells you right up front she investigates the how, not the who and the why. Her work is top notch and makes A&E for 9/11 truth look like a bunch of school boys, so shut your cake hole and listen to a real investigation.
“Empirical evidence is the truth that theory must mimic” – Dr Judy Wood

“Photo’s are “real” and if you don’t think so you’re wrong – even if you can prove it” – Dr. Judy Wood (Israeli Jew)

Dr. JEW-dy Wood the Israeli plays to the uneducated dummies out there who have no science background. The KIKE JEW-dy Wood … the Israeli wants the dummies out there to “BELIEVE” in the pretty pictures she shows you and to “BELIEVE” in the totally unproven “Hutchinson Effect” that NOBODY has been able to replicate.

The Israeli Jew-dy Wood DENIES Israeli involvement in 911.

The Israeli JEW_dy Wood supports the MEDIA version of events.

We already KNOW she is a god damned liar – you might want to take your shit someplace else. It isn’t working here.