West World: The Battle for White Blood (9-26-17)

Bill talks about some important racial topics, a powerful dream, George Lincoln Rockwell and other charismatic inspirations, the mixed couplings that are all the fashion these days, how White people have been the pinnacle of civilization and beauty, how other races try to emulate Whiteness, and much more.

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When I took the time to examine mixed-raced societies I discovered a trend. From Mexico, Brazil, and India the whitest elements have ruled. It seems to me that the other peoples of the world fall short of self governance and the more intelligent peoples (mostly whites) take the reins of empire and society. This, to me, seems like an inevitability when whites mix with non-whites resulting in the non-white populations to emulate the superior white ruling class. Genetically speaking royalty rules through our veins. The union of Whites and non-whites produce the offspring of nomads. A damnable peoples that deserve nothing. Children without homes; children that deserve nether the lands or inheritance of ether parent. I pity such people from the bottom of mt heart,… Read more »

John SmithRGB

send me an email; we should do a wild card together one of these weeks


That sounds like fun. 🙂





Quintus Sertorius

Excellent show and brilliant insights, Bill! You are spot on with your observations about the Aztexicans and other bipedal products of miscegenation. In typical jewish fashion, the cliche about the Mestizos being “here for a better life” contains a toxic seed of truth. They are here to loot, pillage, and desecrate our homeland to our immense detriment; so they can take what they could never create for themselves “for a better life.”


That’s about the size of it. Ask you’re self this simple question. “If Mexicans are great people then why is Mexico such a dump?” Is corruption the only explanation? No. The Aztecicans are displaying the truth of their vary proclivities. In order for the Mexicans to “have a better life” they must first take it from another. By doing this they in turn lower ours.

Niels Lund

When Bill is talking about :”Black Athletes”, it reminded me of a couple of weeks back on Danish television (I’m a Dane) how a news-show where actually talking about how much steroids where flowing down in the African countries to, for example Kenya, and that these drugs where so good that this could be one of the main variables to their long success in running and on top of that how much banned it was in Europe because of…yes you guessed it: the EU…hmm, how convenient, don’t you think; the Jewish run EU!!! Anyhow, this was on national television where a Danish journalist had done the research! Just an interesting thing to think about; I believe that the whole drugging of athletes is also being… Read more »


I wouldn’t be surprised. The fact of the matter is that Blacks, and non-whites, typically fall short in academic achievements and study. Because of the fact that Negros fail to excel in academics they have been tailored to be the uncontested champions of entertainment, be it sports, acting, music, ext. From my point of view, it would be advantages to coverup any and all negative press and facts of foul play or drug abuse. However, this is a problem that effects all sports and all people. Consider Lance Armstrong. One of the worlds greatest bicyclists but he used “performance enhancing” drugs to do his best. The heart of the problem my lie in the fact that people want to be “entertained” and that greedy people… Read more »


Well, I agree with you to some extend. though, the example with bicycling is pretty much only a “White man’s sport” and have not seen any competition by blacks there; but if we look at Tennis lately (besides the trannies: Venus and Serena) there has been a sudden boost of black tennis players…like out of nowhere, so it is not ONLY the drugs but also an excluding and including from when the atheltes are very young, potentially already when they’re children.

John Smith

A talk about the all white (or almost all white) towns and communities in the United States as possible havens for racially aware white people would be interesting.

Niels Lund

Well, in Denmark, there’s no such cities left or for that matter towns. I would estimate in the small town I’m from (approximately 2000 people) that a good 30% of those are immigrants/refugees..and that is the general pattern all over Denmark, and it’s even worse in Sweden and the Netherlands!


Damn shame to hear that.


I would hope so. However, I get the idea that all white/ mostly white communities would be a little too naive to get the point across. I could be entirely wrong though.

Happy Shicksa

Can you contact me at gtmartin@hotmail.com

Happy Shicksa

I enjoyed the show, its nice to hear everyday stories from Americans and you well expressed the teachings of the blood.

By the way Americans, important lesson to you: its GoEbbels, not GoRbbles. It sounds like speech impairment when you pronounce it Gorbbels…


Haha, ok, ok. I’ll try and keep that in mind next time. You have to be patient with us Americans 😉

Happy Shicksa

Sorry I meant gtmarten@hotmail.com


I agree, America was set up to destroy the enemies of the Jews. It is the Golem, the body politic Frankenstein monster, to be the army of Jewish power.


Numerous Sicilians are cryptos and not White. Western Sicilians have African blood and Central Sicilians have Arab blood. Eastern Sicilians which is where my maternal grandparents came from are White. We have Greek and Viking ancestry which is reflected in our green and blue eyes, light hair and light skin. People are always surprised to learn I am half Hellenic as I have green~hazel eyes, light brown reddish hair and fair skin. It has bothered me my whole life that people think Sicilians are all swarthy, degenerate and connected to the (((mafia))). My belief is that Christ Insanity and miscegenation have soiled Sicily profusely.