West World: Dealing with the Ongoing State of Emergency (9-5-17)

Bill talks about some current events, including the previous and coming hurricanes, his experiences in this weird world, demonizing the sun, Trump’s role in this all, indigenous Americans, and so much more.

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Christopher Columbus was a fucking crypto jew.


How cohen-cidental that the ews were pogromed out of Spain in 1492.. Everywhere ews go, they get kicked out, and rewrite some fantastical bullshit story of their made up adventures and ”glorious attributes” to their newly infected societies…

109 times they’ve been forcibly expelled! ”I wonder why?”
I bet it’s more like 1009 times… Too many cultures have been way to nice to these slime ball nation wreckers and have suffered as a direct result of their influences and manipulation.
We’re living through it now, but I know you knew that already Renny…

John SmithRGB

thanks for the shout out; enjoy your shows!


Too strange not to share! Stay safe Renegades!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7B2Fsn17Ps


Thanks for sharing. Way too creepy. Those fucking jews do love their predictive programming.


I hate the whole degenerate ”art imitates life” bull shit that seems to be everywhere… I can’t wait until we ditch all the jew trash propaganda and get back to nature based, beautiful art!
Our time has come!


A lot of topics were covered, so if I didn’t care about one, you moved on to something better! On your next show, how about going into robotics and A.I. if you are up to it. This is going to have a huge impact within the next ten years, if we last that long. Universal basic income or a mass extermination? Definitely something to ponder for the youth, who really don’t have a viable or productive future.

Jan from belgium

Hey Bill, about the music; Slayer, MOD or Carnivore is fine too. It doens’t has to be black or death


Metal is the last stand of implicit whiteness.