West World: The Environmental Impact of Meat-Eating (11-7-17)

Bill talks about his own relationship to “meat” and gets into the devastation of our natural world because of Western man’s love for eating animal products. Water usage, toxic waste, health issues and more indicate that a viable future is only possible if people reconsider what they purchase for food.

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“No dog in the fight.”

Hmmm… Every time I hear that expression a quote by Dante’ Alighieri comes to mind:

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral conflict remain neutral.”

Oh yeah, heaven and hell, and all in between: here and now.

One other thing… This is, in my opinion, a very healthy discussion. I just hate when it turns mean/dips into immaturity. Don’t see how that advances the fight.


I understand this is a stumbling block for so many. It was for me as well. We have found our way here,if for no other reason, because we are seekers and lovers of truth. It’s an uncomfortable journey that often shakes foundations we’ve become accustomed to relying on. False foundations that need to be broken and cast into the fire. Our rapacious carnivorous way of life is one of them. I’m certainly on board for at the very least, drastically reducing my consumption of murdered flesh, however much I’ve been conditioned to love eating it. I thought we were all here to break some conditioning , so let’s put our money where our mouths are, pun intended.

Very well put! I don’t believe saying this will make me popular, but I don’t think eating meat is unethical nor do I think meat tastes disgusting. Truly, I think meats can taste wonderful. I would be lying if I said otherwise. However, I felt compelled to stop eating meat because I saw how my actions were effecting other people and animals. I felt that it was a moral obligation to renounce meat in the hopes of making a better and healthier tomorrow. And at the very least I think we should make the effort to reduce our consumption of meat to help ease the unnecessary stress that the meat-trade puts on the environment. I don’t assume any morel high-ground on the issue of eating… Read more »

Bill, some might say “ethics” are subjective, but to me anything that dishes out pain, suffering, unwanted death IS NOT ETHICAL. Pain, suffering, unwanted death. Just sit with this a bit, Bill.


Here is a PDF you all may find interesting.

Nutrition Where Ancient Zoroastrians an Aryans Vegetarian by K. E. Eduljee

They say vegetarians are very calm, stable and placid people and meat eaters tend to be angry explosive people. Because meat eaters of course ingest so many hormones toxins, steroids, bacteria, vaccines etc. While I’m reading all the comments here I am wondering if they have found a way of putting all the above nasties into vegetables. Perhaps they have found a way of putting steroids into a nice healthy looking carrot. I ask because there seems to be a lot of really angry lentil heads out there. On a serious note raw vegetables and fruits are very powerful healers living on these for a even a week or two produces a profound feeling of well being. I think the modern varieties of wheat and… Read more »

Man, ya had me ’till your last sentence. Some very powerful points. Me, I’m in it for the animals. Made an agreement long ago to bat on their team. They tell me secrets.


The solution involves utilizing the Christian churches. We need physical buildings where we regularly (at least weekly) organize. “Jesus is boiling in excrement,” say the Jews. Therefore expose this and it’s obvious to any Christian that Jews and Jewish people need to be expelled from the Christian churches, and we need a revised Christian message. 70 million Christian Zionists in America that are ready to go over to our side as soon as the Jewish hatred of Christians is exposed. In addition, we can unifying non-Whites for our cause, again using the Christian message.
Is this website controlled dissent or why does it seem more interested in relaxing information rather than real-world, practical solutions?

LisaP Wildcard Show… when?

Oh, no…..! I don’t want to hear that piece of filth LisaP. It’s more than enough having to read her degenerate comments.

Oh dear, Lisa has the christard mind virus ( Strepto-cuck-cal Pew-moania ) real bad. We won’t defeat the jew by using one of their main weapons, but there is a cure for you, using all natural ingredients at: heathenherbs.com

Btw, he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

70 million Christian Zionists ready to go against Jews??? Lol they may as well be Jews. If they hold Israel dear they’re too far gone.

The Christians have had over 1000 years to deal with the Jewish Problem, and I’m still waiting.

for what

The jews against christ is another controlled op. Just like the fake jewish fear of islam, which they created to also have a controlled boogeyman. The archnemesis of the jew is not christ, jesus, islam or muhammed, it is the WHITE RACE who will never die, and can never die.

Oh, but we can die, and will without decisive action.

I have seen some strange things. I think there is more going on behind the veil. If we die then so does everything else. I do believe there is some kind of two way thing going on here.

Yes,precisely. How very astute… If we die then so does everything else. That statement should be used as a mantra

https://youtu.be/VYNryNHAPB0 He says in this they laugh at the story that Christ was a Jew just like the Holohoax story of 6 million. I always sensed that’s one big inside joke. Christ was a Jew like Hitler was a Jew. Anyway, these matters are basically irrelevant. We need to be discussing real strategies and working together. And not inciting the hatred of non-Whites against us by posting pictures of Blacks looking like Nigerian gorillas. Come on. Jews at least know how to play chess and execute plans smartly and covertly, and with the greatest will. A Jew will lie to your face boldly with the greatest confidence. A Jew will shake your hand and make you feel like a million bucks while planning to have… Read more »

The survival of our earth is irrelevant? Lisa, your retarded comments never cease to amaze me.

James, there are billions in Africa, China, India, the Middle East. They’re coming for North America and Europe. Whites going off meat is totally irrelevant in a Jew-controlled world. No wonder you fools are slaves to the Jews.

@ LisaP When are you doing your Wildcard Show explaining the detail of YOUR plans to deal with the JP? If all this “other stuff” is just wasting time then I’m sure we’d all really benefit from hearing THE way to deal with the issue straight from the horse’s mouth so we can all get onto it instead of beating around the bush. You spend so much time here & say so much you very obviously have the time to do just a single 2-hour show encapsulating all your ideas & information so how about it? C’mon how about YOU stop beating around the bush, finally put your ample words into actual action & put out this vital show that no doubt we all could… Read more »

On the off chance you aren’t an anti-White subversive I ask a serious question. How do you reconcile the OT in Christianity which is shared by Judaism with using Christianity to fight “Jewish supremacism” as you and David Duke call it.

The purpose of the show was to highlight some issues that are effecting the health of the world. Big-meat and big-ag are just as pressing as any other issue effecting our people. Besides, if the Earth dies we die with it.

Lisa said “. We need to change. We can’t keep trying the same things that aren’t working”

I agree, that is why I found every Bible in my house and put it in the rubbish bin.
A good brain detox is a good place to start.

Hitler wasn’t a jew.

veganism has been pushed for 1000s of years as a way to control man, it makes them sick and weak. this is fact. plants are very poor food for humans, they are not nutritionally dense. I have not checked the source but I heard a claim that pluto preached veganism as a control mechanism, I give it good credibility as was on Gnostic Media and they are usually pretty solid on sourcing but, dont take it as gospil till you check the original matierial.

John d, LMAO at your ridiculous comment. I’m 51 yeas old, I have been a vegetarian since 1991 and a vegan since 2009, though i don’t care much for the labels. I have not been to a doctor since 1986, I do 40 push-ups nearly every morning, and up until a year and a half ago, I was riding my bike for about 100 miles a week. Although not the strongest guy I know, I’m far from weak, and can’t remember the last time I was ill. A lot of the meat eaters I know are over weight, complain of getting sick, and always taking medications.

LMAO! Never trust a man with bad grammar who says “I have not checked the source but… I give it good credibility as was on Gnostic Media…”

Gnostic media is about as credible as John Humanity.

That could be true for all I know but my main area of concern is for the environment. If you love meat, fine. I cant stop you nor do I think its my place in this world to tell people how to live but for the love of all things nature inspired we must consider how our actions effect everything around us.

Appreciate you, Bill, but I do think it’s one’s place to step in and advise against slavery, torture, murder. And that’s what most of the animals-for-food go through: capture, slavery, torture, murder. I guess I’m a zealot on this issue but am so tired of coddling the feelings of carnivores. And as the old adage goes, “Silence is complicity.” I can’t control peoples’ choices, but I certainly can point out the suffering being perpetrated on the innocent. They are voiceless – until a caring human decides to speak on their behalf. Wouldn’t you want someone to speak up for you if you were the one being mercilessly hunted and prepared for slaughter? Some areas have no gray; there’s just black and white. Trouble is, we’ve… Read more »

I see your point. And I agree that animals-for-food are little more than slaves. Honestly, I don’t even like the idea of domesticated livestock. It’s sad to see dumb-down dependent-on-human animals. I find that to be undignified by natures standard. I feel very conflicted by domesticated animals, as much as I want to pet them I want them free to live as a true beast of the wild.

Oh, being conflicted is a very good thing. It speaks of self-examination. Can lead to clarity/breakthrough. A very good thing.



I suppose when an animal has already been born into this world, and perhaps not even bred for the wild the best we can do is look after them. However I do think we can have connections with certain souls and this may come in the form of an animal who wants to be with us. I particularly have a problem with dogs so bred away from their natural form that they could not look after themselves even if they tried.


OK, I am not going to be popular here, but don’t care. Have not and will not listen to this show. I am not vegetarian and I am not feeling proud about it. Having said all that and this is not my network….but if its going to be vego, hammer meat eating low life creatures like myself every second episode ….!? I am outa here.

To be honest, I don’t care about any of these matters as long as Jews and the Jewish matrix remain intact. I don’t see the point wasting time on all the symptoms of Jewish rule and control. Our time is running out. We really need to be spending our time, effort, energies more wisely. Right now, meat eating doesn’t matter. It is a distraction like all so many other issues.

Further to that it’s maddening imagining our people relaxing and enjoying informative shows like this. So much time and effort goes into producing this content and watching it, time and effort not being directed on strategies addressing the root problem. You may as well educate people on money-making as their ship is sinking.

You know what LisaP and Max, when I dont fancy listening to show I just dont, its kind of a simple concept.

Max. Renegade does not talk about it every second episode, you’re just being silly and you know it.

LisaP. This is all part of the matrix and for many people this is a big topic that can help bring them to our info. If though you are so concerned about our time I would love to listen to your podcast or read your articles on our solutions, feel free to link them, or maybe you can link me to some real world work?.

The Christ-tard LisaP drinks the blood of Christ and eats his flesh as well. Total sicko.

Correct. She just made herself look even less intelligent with this latests batch of retarded comments – if that’s even possible! What a stupid, stupid person!!!

Would you ever see a Jew writing a comment like this directed at another Jew? “Correct. She just made herself look even less intelligent with this latests batch of retarded comments – if that’s even possible! What a stupid, stupid person!!!”

Like I said, no wonder you are slaves to the Jews. When I read the comments here 1. you seem hopeless and 2. you seem deserving.
The Jews culled the best and the brightest and left the genetic rejects of the White race.

LOL! Good one LisaP, yet more confirmation regarding your actual IQ & probable bloodline, thanks. So when’s your Wildcard? Have you contacted Kyle yet? We’re all waiting in anticipation to hear the great LisaP & how she will solve the JP & save us all from wasting our time because… you know, we’re just “genetic rejects of the White race” unlike you!

Also, why are ALL your comments thumbed down so much? I don’t understand this if you are so enlightened & full of the simple solutions to dealing with the JP! Maybe it’s just a plot to get you to move to the next stage of taking actual action & doing a show! Yes, that’s what it must be! Yay! I can’t wait to hear your wisdom! It’ll be the best show on Renegade!

Good question. Within 20 minutes my comment had 6 dislikes. Seems to be some kind of bot network controlling the dissent. Jews know that focusing on them and their supremacism, and mobilizing the Christians throughout the world, would be the death of their power structure.
Renegade keeps people fussing about 100 different issues and has the kind of anti-Christian snobbery the Jew loves.

No bots here, LisaP. We’re real; we just think you’re pathetic and stupid. By the way, are you enjoying the weather in Tel Aviv?

Yep, what Renny said. You’re just sounding quite paranoid now LisaP. Six dislikes in 20mins sounds about right for someone who annoys so many people with their unwelcome, and quite frankly masochistic, presence like you do. You do realize the newest comments flash up on the sidebar right? Everyone visiting the site can see them so it’s more probably when they see your name repeatedly they just go “Oooh another LisaP comment – better go downvote that retard!” 😀

If you want to mobilize the Christians around the world you sure waste your time here. Do what you can do where you can do it best. You speak their language and you should use your skills targeted. Don’t waste your time and become angry and bitter because you speak to the wrong audience.

Focussing on Jews hasn’t worked ever since WW2. Using the same failed strategy will get us nowhere. That’s why anti-White subversives like yourself and David Duke push that strategy.

We’re slaves to noone. If any race is a bunch of slaves it’s Jews themselves. They are easily the most controlled people on the planet.

By the way how’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

To undo what Jewish power has orchestrated will take great strength and high integrity. Why do to other species that which has been visited on ourselves? It just keeps the wheel of torture going. Look in their eyes, the critters, Lisa. Just like we, they also want to live free.


the meat & dairy industry is part of its matrix & massive cash cow’ if you dont mind the pun & the money itself has no value until usery is removed.

If you want solutions you can reach individual and at once, just stop eating meat and then go for the bigger things. Under your logic why should we care if people still watch TV and pay for their own mind poisoning? Why should we not take every step possible to fight the system? Even if you have the big solution why should we be so stupid to participate in the jewish system and even pay for it any longer where we can leave it? You posted some gruesome pictures at the Renegade Tribune to show us how we have no compassion. But you are not willing to individually change your behaviour which is the thing you are responsible for first and foremost and able to… Read more »

Our time may be short but its limited because of our actions. Maybe it is too little too late but I think we should take a few hours of our day to examine how our actions effect our environment.

The attack is on the JEW industry not on those who were or are making their way out of it. We all have been duped at least once & this one causes cancer, I do not want anymore more of our kinsman suffering needlessly for it. I used to be a coach, body builder (25 years & masters/4 degrees fitness sciences) , meater & loved animals… why did i change????? because i was put in a positioning where i had to recover from compound injuries on the road. If i hadnt I would be in a wheel chair for life. Along my journey & just before many dis-concerning things were being brought out in my very profession & the paid for science. I hang my… Read more »

You know what the #1 cause of cancer is? Vaccines. They have delayed payloads that result in cancer.

vaccines are added to livestock & what you receive in their consumption is called ‘Bio amplification’ Nice

it is illegal to not vaccinate livestock & to not administer antibiotics (USDR part of the UN initiative) to at least the mother which creates another cash scheme for jews & their antibiotics & you in turn start being tolerant to antibiotics, needing stronger doses latter in life. Great

My meat-eating grandmother avoided vaccines but ate lots of meat all her life. She is still living at 98 years.

so you are a medical profession & or dietitian I take? So therefor are not concerned with the counter science to your opinions. Wont reply after this one. theres enough info out theres to get of their keisters & start being honest with themselves & at least give a shit about the needless lives they take for their ego. Arguing is pointless especially to a non fellow dietitian.

“vegannance” – you need to learn to put your differences aside. Again you’ve wasted your time and energy on vegan matters instead of using that time and energy to confront the Jew. The Jew creates symptoms. You chase those symptoms. You solve some of those symptoms. The Jew creates more symptoms.
The Jew remains untouched. Before you know it you are boiling in a pot of water and there’s nothing you can do about it, vegan or not.

You sure are a zero sum game ideologue. If you care for animals – you don’t care for “humans”, if you talk about the massive meat industry – you don’t talk about the finance system. If you talk about things you can change immediate – you don’t talk about the bigger picture. So are you typing your comments while you are standing on Wall Street holding your “fight the jews” sign day and night? Even if – you could still chose what you eat without wasting any time. Why do you even comment here and do not use the time to end usury?

i dare you to do your own show in the wild card & ‘Educate’ us if your bible permits it. & yes im also proudly pagan!

keister? We speakin’ yiddish nuw? huk huk huvuuvh!

There are a vast number of caring White people out there, who haven’t been completely “antifa-fied” yet. If we can get them to see that all creatures, not just domestic, deserve a good and happy life, we can then guide them back to clear thinking and the jewish source of all this suffering; and that’s beside all the health benefits! PS Thanks Bill for another great show & all your contributions. Max & Lisa: Renegade are ahead of the curve again ( even though it’s flat lol ). We can attack jews with the truth and they can’t control the narrative. They can’t (black) pigeonhole us into evil “nazi” thugs or patriotards. Sinead & Kyle linking the/our environment to nationalism is another great example also.… Read more »

Max, Westworld was a pretty good show this week. If you didn’t care about the first part of the show. Bill and I talked about a Kosher meat processing meat that was a Meth supply front, in the next 15 mins of the show.

Thanks Rollie !

Did you listen to the show Max? People who like to eat meat should at least know how it is produced, know the background of the meat production industry, how powerful it is, what a good client for big pharma it is, the ecological consequences and perhaps think if they are able to find meat products that are produced in a more responsible way or just consume lesser animals. Bill is no fanatic at all. He gave lots of information, lots of numbers. Just listen and the rest is your own decision. For many years I supressed any thought about the torture the animals are put through but felt so much better after I recognized it and changed my habit.

I over heard an Iranian Immigrant who owned 3 Butcher shops in Perth Aust. boasting how he hid Narcotics in Cow Carcasses back in 2012. The meat industry needs Serious Investigation for sure as part of International Crime Networking.

As for the Tree aspect with it’s relation to Climatology (causation of Arid land based Weather Pattern Barriers to Rainfall Distribution & Temperature) and the importance of CO2, and how valuable they are, I could ramble on .. 🙂

A great expose’ !

Truly, I’m not making a judgment call on the ethics of eating meat. I’m concerned for the treatment animals and how our love for meat effects the land. I also have a BIG problem with big ag.

Thanks again for the call-in Rollie

There’s a disconnect here. You say you’re “not making a judgement call on the ethics of eating meat,” but you’re “concerned for the treatment of animals…” These go hand-in-hand. To eat ’em is to mistreat ’em. Seems every day we’re, in some way or another, called upon to make “judgement calls.” We certainly have a right to our opinions on what’s right or wrong. This ain’t a judgement of shaming or passing sentence, but rather one of callin’ ’em as we see ’em.

Best to you, Bill. I know you do not come to your conclusions lightly, but only after much study and introspection. It shows in you broadcasts, your earnestness.


@ Max

You seriously sound like one of the saddest fuckers that’s ever commented here! Or a jew – the hereditary victimhood oozes from every phrase!

Mary ( clap clap ). Classy comment. I won’t lower myself to your debth. I hope you are not a female though. And the Lemming train is in full motion as well…….more votes please. The last time I got this kind of sophisticated attention was when I pointed out what I thought of a certain Australian sound engeneer while he was still going strong on this network. You are a coward Mary.

Call me what you like but if you go read your initial comment again you’ll see why anyone reading it would think you hate yourself. My apologies for calling you a potential jew if you are not one as that’s the worst thing I could possibly call anyone! I hope you get yourself sorted out & find some inner strength. I do agree with you on the aussie though – that guy is a despicable sack of excrement masquerading as someone who “cares” about the truth.

Look, I’m not attacking anyone for how they see the world or how they want to live. However, we can’t ignore the reality of the situation. The meat industry is unsustainable and its effects on the environment is devastating. I’m just a concerned person who sees a problem and we must address the issue of how our actions are effecting the world at large.

Good call Bill, really enjoyed this show thanks! 😉

Max, there’s something to your words: “I am not vegetarian and I am not feeling proud about it.” Those feelings are coming from inside you. It’s you speaking to you. So worth exploring why you are not proud of your choice. I only come from personal experience of noting all the choices I’ve made that I’m not proud of. Every time some of those come up I have a chance to consider other options. I’m glad you shared a few of your stirrings.


More localized groupthink. Rene-vegan. Personally i dont care: no dog in the fight. But the truth may be very different. Some thrive some dont on any diet. Staunch divide and conquor is alwasy the name of the game. Look at this and get back to me, or not.

No dog in the fight huh? Only just the survival of our Earth and the health of our Folk. Just because you lack the willpower to hold yourself to a high standard of Excellence and Pure Living, doesn’t mean that we are going to come down to your level.

“Hi, jssmith here, hipster faggot extraordinaire. I enjoy hanging out in comments sections where an air of animosity exists against me wherein I like to make brilliant observations about how these places have become merely more localized group think. I love to invent cute little pet names for these places by combining their names with their topics of discussion in order to try & belittle them before my presence while simultaneously explaining that I personally don’t even care or have a dog in the fight! I just love ending my cerebral assaults with small challenges & am especially fond of leaving the plebeians with the quandary of ‘…or not.’ This always allows for a victorious sensation of aloofness as I nonchalantly exit the arena. Methinks… Read more »

I would be lyng if I said that I find the action of eating meat immoral. Because I don’t. But I care for the environment more that I do my own comforts. As I see it, we have two options at hand.

One: We, as humanity, must dramatically decrease our meat consumption

Two: We must kill a significant number of the human population so we can maintain our standards of living when it come to meat.

As I see it, if we fail to do either of the two options humanity will face a ecological cataclysm.

I just want to live with my own race, in my own lands, with a few wise folk in charge. The people, animals and land will be its No1 priority. Strong enough, as a collection of all-White countries, to defend each other against an enevitable (((world))) backlash.
I don’t give a flying fig how blacks, mongols or arabs live in their lands. If they want to carry on stoning or eating each other, so be it. We need to expel the jew – quickly! Exposing “their” gov’ts cruel practices, is a good start.

Humanity is in short a construct, a moral concept that was defined to drown us in brotherly love for everyone. To revolt against jews and their world order is interpreted as a crime against humanity. Humanity is a variety of Catholicism (comprehensive) which is clearly visible today one of the concepts and methods (Agenda 21 also uses humanity as a front) to make us welcoming our own death. I think this word is a slippery slope. We can be good humans without this construct which has the tendency to make us suicidal while we think we are saving the world, which is indeed our fateful role but not under their rule.