West World: Jews and Booze (11-21-17)

Bill starts off by talking about living in San Jose, then jumps into the main topic, talking about his own disdain for booze and the scourge of alcoholism, and then how he was led to research the history of jews and the production and sale of spirits, particularly wine.

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As always I enjoyed your show and only want to give an additional perspective. I never heard the story that jews invented vine! All I know is, that vine was first cultivated in the south Caucasus Region , today Georgia 6000 -5800 years ago. I did read this in a very liberal publication that would have loved to declare the jews the inventors, but I even looked it up in Wiki to be sure. Georgia is still famous for its wine that carries an unbroken tradition. One must not be a wine lover to see this as cultural heritage. I like to think, that something which has started 6000 years ago evolved over the time and is still alive today. I do not know who… Read more »

It depends on how it’s used. Alcohol can be a productive stimulant as well. Tesla called it the elixir of life. In my own case I’ve found it hit or miss. I prefer cocoa with cream. If using alcohol, you have to be careful to respect it. It is fast acting, potent, and obviously especially psychoactive.

It is less the alcohol than the other additives they put into the commercial drinks, especially the “alcho-pops” that makes people violent and retarded. The kind of beer you get in Germany for example, is pure as pure, and no BS in the streets. It is all about knowing your level, as with all things. Whenever it is in the rancid had of the jew, ANYTHING is suspect and destructive. It is the way of the jew: to take something and make it worse i.e. look at jewish “art” compared with normal art. Everything the jew has in its possession, is a destructive and inimical object for us.

The jew favours the city/the metropolis for the simple logistical advantage of being unnoticed among the throngs of people. In a small European rural village, everybody would notice a small change, and thus the jew would be instantly observed and noticed setting up some kind of filth. But in the city, among the dark corners and stagnant spaces, like rats, they can find quiet spaces in between the hustle and bustle of the busy day and develop their machinations. It allows them to inject their poison into the society simply because everyone is too busy, and too numerous to notice a bunch of smut peddlers gain elbow space. Adolf Hitler was very very spot on when he said that Europe should be a collective of… Read more »
Nice post. Earth has offered humanity absolutely amazing potential, but everything has done wrong because Jews have taken control of the money and hence the world. There is something very wrong with them psychologically that reflects back on how they run and destroy things. Even consider something like gold, a beautiful mineral. One or two mines in the entire world would supply plenty gold except when is normalized Jewish ideas of infinite wealth at whatever cost. Cities too, one or two large cities like Paris, but to have them all over in endless quantity expanding like some kind of cancer, that is Jewish to the core. One Earth and because Jews have been in charge we’ve so badly abused it and everything else. I don’t… Read more »

Well said. Although since you are not ill disposed to the cause of all problems, one idea would be to stuff all the jews into your house, then you can entertain them and bake them cakes for wanting to destroy you the world around you and live the Stockholm syndrome to it’s fullest. At least we will know where they all are.

Right on Skylgarir, Hitler we know now was by far the greatest leader of the 20th century.

I would not disagree, especially given the situation and odds. Probably the greatest leader thus far.

Great show Bill, very informative. Love your stuff. It amazes me how much energy we spend constantly dealing with the festering kike in one form or other. This really is like a body dealing with an invading cancer. Our mistake is to constantly make allowances for them, then they spread into the public domain, then they get a voice, then they take over. When will people learn that the jew is to be completely cut out and quarantined in all forms? The mistake of our leaders was to be too nice and always grant some sort of concession “jews can do this but not do this, they can be here but not here….”

jews were already infesting back in the 1700’s… I know I am a bit slow but, these shitters have been causing problems even BEFORE THEN and that is 400 years ago! No one asks the question; WHAT THE HELL is the jew doing in our nation AT ALL? WHYYYY are they always teeming and seething in some corner of our nation? The jew should have been ejected immediately as soon as they were found to be occupying some place. It is always jew jewjewjewjew jew jew jew jew jewjewjejwejwej jew, constantly insinuating themselves into our affairs.

A good way to call out these anti-Aryan parasites is to ask them this: If Whites are so horribly anti-Semitic, why have they followed us forever we have gone? Because they have no truth on their side, we should be dominating the narrative and exposing them left and right.

Nice one.

Thanks for all the good shows, this one was particularly helpful for me because I’ve been drinking just about every night and after hearing what you had to say I just know that is it time to stop.
Also it is good to hear from another Californian!

Bill, you might be interested in reading this post, on the topic of wine and the jew, and the symbolic value: https://delendaestziobot.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/kalki-the-avenger/#comment-5293