West World: Order out of Chaos (8-29-17)

Bill talks about joining the network, why he likes people who consider conspiracies, how our enemies code our reality, some Trump symbolism, numerology, and astrology, as well as some other considerations.

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Anthony Roberts

On many family days out, my dad pulled his Ford Cortina over and we picked up White hitchhikers. This was before compulsory seat belt laws here in the jew-K. From my recollection, this happened a lot in the 70’s, as long as they “looked wholesome,” as mom would say lol. Growing multiculturalism, loss of community and industries, put an end to this safe and friendly practice. Thatcher’s (((privatised))) 1980’s greed society just sped up this calculated destruction of our people, land, and the resulting loss of trust between Whites.

PS Great news about your regular slot Bill – you are a natural. I’m looking forward to your weekly observations and will don my TF hat in anticipation.


At one stage I used to do a bit of hitchhiking here in Australia. Out of all the people that gave me a lift almost half were Aboriginals. Even if they had a full car they would squeeze me in. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with them but they don’t leave people stranded on the side of the road. It did make me rethink my attitude towards them. They are a seriously messed up race with alcoholism and drug addiction rampant in their community but they help each other out a lot.


Last time I hitchhiked in Australia the guy was pinging hard on MDMA


Lol. You can definitely have some different experiences hitchhiking or even picking up hitchhikers. I picked up a hitchhiker one morning after a night shift who ran from the cops after trying to crack a safe at some factory. He had to abandon his car which was parked near the cop car. He looked like someone going to work with his bag. His bag was full of safe cracking tools.


I don’t dislike Aborigines; I’ve never met one. But I have known some Australians that seem to look down on them typically for the reasons you have just mentioned like drug abuse. It seems to me that Aborigines don’t function well under European inspired governments. Such an environment seem to put them under unnecessary stress driving them to depression and drug abuse. I guess In short I feel bad for Abos.


Many of the Aboriginals in the cities are actually mixed bloods so they are doubly messed up. A lot of the Whites that mixed with Aboriginals were alcoholics and a lot were criminals. Australia started out as a penal colony so a lot of the White population when the race mixing started were criminals.

The full bloods you don’t see a lot of in the cities except for maybe Darwin up north. They are quite a bit darker than what we call half castes. They mostly have their own communities which they need if they are to survive as a distinct race. Kind of like us at the moment.


Thanks for the insight. Like I said if there was any nation where such a thing is possible it would be in White nations and white lands. I have always wanted to go to Europe and see the “old country” and I have met many English, Scottish and Germans that have said to do so. However, my fear is, if I were to go, I will be disappointed by what I will find.

John SmithRGB

welcome Bill! great job tonight


Thank you John. 🙂

Quintus Sertorius

Great show Bill! Your descriptions of what you see during your walks through subhuman San Jose are spot on; hilarious and horrific at the same time. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, just the other day I was at a checkout lane in a grocery store as it just got robed by a couple of Mexicans.


Why is it so difficult for people to understand that the people in power want to remain in power – and want to further their agenda? Why can’t the sheep understand that it makes perfect sense that they would shape the political discourse to achieve their political goals? That is exactly what all these FAKED events are about. Anyone who can’t understand this is simply too dumb to live.

You ever read Aliester Crowley’s 777 qabalistic writings? They say it can help you understand the symbolism in the astral plane. I have another ebook that is like an expansion of it as well. I looked into the black jack gematria you mention, but I did not find any mention of kings.



I haven’t read anything by Aliester Crowley. But I’m sure it would be insightful to say the least. And as for “Black Jack” thanks. I couldn’t find anything so I was skeptical that such a claim was true. But I figured it was worth mentioning anyways.