West World: Planned Panic in the Paddock (10-3-17)

Bill talks about some recent happenings, especially focusing on his views on the Mandalay Bay “massacre”, sharing his skepticism and considering a number of different angles. He then talks about how young people need to stay away from a new dating app.

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For those of you who have not seen this joke video fist person account of the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity – look here. This video was shot (or later degraded in post-processing) in 406 x 720 resolution. That is VERY POOR resolution. PERFECT if you want to HIDE DETAILS.


The specs on that ridiculous “cell phone” video are: h.264, 406 x 720 AAC, 22050 Hz, Stereo (L R). Has anyone seen 406 x 720 before? Normally, its 480 x 720. Maybe they did that in post processing because 480 showed too much detail.

Pat, I submitted a comment here linking to that vid an ~hour ago; it’s either still in mod queue or already rejected. Video strikes me as being as real as a heart attack. Curious what to make of them flipping off the floodlights near the end, & the unseen guy says all the bodies are deceased, when they plainly weren’t as the cam/phone guy responded. Even imagining they WERE all deceased, the EMT/coroner types would surely still appreciate some light for the job of hauling them all away!

Am I understanding you to say you think that video depicts “real gunshot victims”? Really? OMG

Is this a joke Schlomo? Did the video of the Boston Bombing “strike you as real as a heart attack” too? Just asking.. Seriously. who are you? What is your educational background? Are you a jew? Are you employed by some shitty org like D4S? Can you please explain how anyone who is not a kike could possibly “believe” that video depicts a real-world atrocity. Go ahead.

“Pat” said, Yada, Yada, Yada…” 2 things I’ve noticed with this Vegas FF. 1) Early on, by mid-day Mon 10/2, noticed that I wasn’t seeing any obvious, laughably bad crisis actors on the talmudvision wrt this “event.” From the concert goers to the official press conferences, everyone appeared ‘properly’/authentically stressed. 2) Another striking aspect of this latest .gov FF I’ve noticed in the greater social media commentary (YT, twitter etc), is a heavy (artificial?) injection of “everything’s fake” hyper-skepticism, where it’s as if the “skepticism pendulum hath swungeth too far” into the “everything’s fake” zone. I’m just not seeing the proper discernment from the hyper-skeptics in judging the authenticity of these vids; and it seems more often than not, they take this condescending “sooo obvious,… Read more »

Also note I never suggested the killing field vid sweepingly confirmed .gov’s official killed/injured #s… only saying between it, the tranny taxi vid, & even most everything I’ve seen on the talmudvision, that I’m sufficiently convinced that a real massacre took place.

Disbelieve virtually everything else re the (((official Vegas massacre story))), most especially everything (((they’re))) accusing Patsy Paddock of. 🙁

Schlomo – you are alone on your deleted island. So far nobody except you the anonymous official story supporter on the internet “believes” that a “massacre” occurred. Do you also suffer from “believing” that people are really killed in movies? Maybe you do. Sad case.

I always enjoy ridiculing idiotic fucks who are bent on “believing” what they see on TV. I find that amusing. Makes me wonder just how fucked up you are in real life.

Why don’t you write us a long essay on why we should believe this shit Schlomo.

Thats your assignment. Get to work.

Schlomo – the hyper skepticism “schtick” is a simple jewey counter to pointing out obvious fakery. So far everyone who has seen that vid thinks it supports the fact that the event was Staged. You are very alone.

Maybe the condescending part is overdone but the people I saw interviewed didn’t look “properly stressed”. They looked rather composed considering the massacre they supposedly witnessed.

Schlomo here is an official story supporter and is appropriately mocked.

Fuck what you think Schlomo.

Well Schomo – I am “reasonably convinced’ that no massacre occurred. I also find the acting to be pathetically unbelievable. And that’s just from viewing the “CONTROLLED” imagery that was presented to us by “CONTROLLED” media sources.

Poorly done. And you fell for it? LOL “OK”

(((Pat))): Wow, of the current 25 comments/replies here ATM, 14 of them, or 56%, are your condescending jewspew, conveniently demonstrating my observations above about the suspicious abundance of “arrogant hyper-skeptics” flooding social media in the wake of the Vegas FF. Paid hourly, or per post?

Your absurd claims re “everyone” who sees the 4.x min killing field vid on LiveLeak, disbelieves it; and how “alone” I am believing it’s authentic, are textbook Flip the Script & Project jewspew…. /rolleyes

Your laughable Straw Man Fallacy attempt in labeling me “official story supporter” in the face of what I’ve said above, is a special breed of self inflicted jewcred killer, lolz 😀

Schlomo – You’ve already identified yourself as an “OFFICIAL STORY SUPPORTER”. Please go fuck yourself probable kike.

“Lone nut with Dr Judy Wood’s Space Beam powered Sub-Machine Gun Scores 500+ Casualties” – because the Matrix Is_rael ..

The guy should be either filming or helping not both. If he’s there to help victims then filming the scene should be the last thing on his mind. It looks graphic but that could easily be set up. The crowd seems awfully quiet compared to a real massacre in Palestine where family and friends of victims are overcome with grief.

PsyOps like the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity begin with a stated overall objective. We already know that the US signed a UN Treaty that promises to disarm US citizens by about 2020. How do you disarm US citizens? Once that question is asked, there is an Initial Request for a PSYOP Program. Then a “Theme” is generated. Then specific Target Audiences are identified and the “Theme” is developed into a “Script”. The “Script” is then developed into an Operational Plan. Once the Deception is conducted, there is a Post Event security operation that continues into the future that is designed to protect the overall Deception storyline. That’s a very brief description of the overall process. Operations like the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity event can be… Read more »

When the “lone gunman” is conveniently “killed’, thee event closes right there and there is no need for making arrangements to stage a series of controlled country proceedings. Events with court proceeding do occur. For example, the Trayvon Maritin case involved “Trayvon Martin” who never existed in real life. The subsequent court case was handled in a similar way to another pseudo-case in Philadelphia in 2012 http://nypost.com/2014/09/28/fbi-invents-fake-defendant-to-catch-corrupt-judge/ If you read about this case, you will see that not “everyone” at the court needs to be “in on it”. Only a certain very few individuals “need to know” in order to conduct the operation.

Welcome to the USSA.

I thought it said he suicided.

Sure – that way there is no “COURT CASE”. That way they can make it all about “THE GUNS”.

It’s up to people that know the score to make it about crisis actors and the government lying their asses off.

Maybe I’m not being clear enough. They usually have the fake perp “suicide” themselves in the storyline. That way they don’t have to set up controlled COURT PROCEEDINGS.

Sometimes they DO set up controlled court proceedings. Like with this case where “FBI agents arranged and carried out in part a fake but elaborately detailed criminal trial…”


The TRAYVON MARTIN CASE in Florida was also a fake but elaborately detailed criminal trial.

There are others too.

Well stated. The overall operation is constructed to tie up loose ends to eliminate any and all questions that might just lead back to the true perpetrator(s) However there tends to be just enough unanswered questions to allow a healthy amount of speculation for media groups to argue over. Its a solid formula.

Exactly Bill. Here is the PSYOP CYCLE: 1 Intelligence Gathering 2 Target Audience Analysis 3 Product Development 4 Media Selection 5 Media Production 6 Dissemination. 7. Measuring PSYOP effectiveness. This CYCLE is CONTINUOUS. It does not just grow from 1 to 7 and then stop.

If people aren’t buying the initial Staged Atrocity, more intelligence is gathered to figure our “why’ they aren’t buying it and more shit is added in.

Their strategy to marginalize those who are pointing out how fake this shit is – was to flood Google search results. When someone searches “Las Vegas Shooting Hoax” the searcher is met with a bunch of controlled bullshit.

That is part of the PSYOP CYCLE.

JewrassicLiars has a classic autopsy on this utterly shit attempt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8WiSDNkk2E I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I am hoping some new punters will get this. If you don’t see the obvious tomfuckery then you must be dead.

Skylgarir – There seem to be a lot of brain dead fucks around. This shit is so obvious that even a child can see right through it. We need to make them stop using PSYOP here in the US. We also need to make this shit illegal. This is all about the Civilian Disarmament agenda. That’s all it is.

Definitely. I walked downstairs and the TV was on and the usual pundit bollock babble about “current events” was on and the were talking about gun grabs. The kike stench is all over this as per usual.

It’s not that they don’t see it but they can’t believe that the government would actually do it. I was like that until the orlando psyop. I had heard of crisis actors but I thought that was just disinfo. Then I noticed the bad acting at orlando and then my eyes were opened to just how fake the news really is.

Andy Moss was particularly bad… as was most everyone that day.

Also OJ Simpson was released on the day:

Orange Juice Simpson Sentenced for a maximum of 33 years, released after 9 years, 1/10/2017 (1+1+2+1+7 = 12 = 3) He was supposed to pay £33.5 million dollars for damages

You’re doing great Bill! Love the tone of your shows.

Call it Patsydock!

Call it Patsydock

I apologise for my call. I did mean to be more constructive than that, and I regret taking up some of your show time in such a manner. I appreciate your shows, which was really the main reason for me wanting to call to say thanks.

Wow… you don’y have to apologize. But you’re forgiven all the same ;). Thank you very much for the complement Chris. I’m just one guy in a large world with a few ideas and a chip on his shoulder.

Why is the time ticker for shows so tiny? It makes it impossible to skip over the ads and music.

Search this title on YT…..LAS VEGAS SHOOTERS DRESS AS COPS – VIDEO PROOF! 100% Everyone must know about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMxn7hpXmk4

Perhaps it was just an illusion.