West World: Questioning the Corrupt Curriculum (11-28-17)

Bill briefly talks about North Korea and Prince Harry and then gets into the recent nonsense from Q-Anon and the reaction it has gotten on Youtube. He then talks about the deliberate dumbing down of education through programs like the old No Child Left Behind and forced diversity, amongst other topics. This is Bill’s last show, at least for a while.

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Anthony Roberts

Oy Vey Maria! Israel’s pres. Rivlin was one of the first to congratulate prince Henry Hewitt and Ms-End-a-Nation Rachel (now know as HRH prinwess Darkle of Albino) over twitter.

He’s invited them to honeygloom there; tour the illegal settlements, point at Palestinian limbs in rubble and start a charity for clients who have been short-changed by sex slaves. All very worthy. You can picture the jews rubbing those filthy hands, and ticking another “to do” off their Kalergi milestone list.

PS Thanks Bill for all your informative shows and call-ins. You are a great asset to this network imo. Don’t be a stranger mate!


What a psy-op the “Royal Family” are. Acting like nice little race mixers for the public to see. If its good enough for the Royals its good enough for you too!

Anthony Roberts

Forgot to add Bill, be on your guard. I still think the west coast is on (((their))) agenda for a major FF, via earthquake, tsunami and blackout. The jew’s little actor, Kim Koreian, has just launched another “come flatten the ground for our new central bank” firework.


Imagine a ”missile” launching from North Korea, reaching NYC – on a marble, spinning ‘roughly 1000 miles per hour’, but never reaching a height higher than 62 miles.
Hilarious isn’t it?


I’ll give you this much. I don’t strictly buy into Flat-Earth but there are plenty of intelligent people, on the internet, that seem to think this way. As I have seen it or perhaps as I can rationalize it, both the idea of a Flat-Earth and a Round-Earth work within its own context; much like how gravity does in a Gravity-Universe despite the fact I think the Electric-Universe model seems to be a more promising theory. Until I see anything with my own eyes I’ll keep an open mind 😉


What confuses you about the height of a missile’s optimal trajectory?

I’m not particularly worried about North Korea because as others have pointed out, it’s all United Nations Theatrics. While the US military was pushing North on the Korean Peninsular, the Communist Chinese greeted them at the half-way mark and set up a Green-Zone. It stinks of a setup. 🙂 I did witness the Skylab reentry when it fragmented into bits up in the Stratosphere. A large chunk of it fell in Esperance Western Australia 12th July 1979. It’s quite easy to verify the question of “Satellites” by the use of your eyes if you go out after Sunset for about one and a half hours, or, one and a half hours before Sunrise. It is during these times that a small star, often a few… Read more »


North Korea is nothing but a media construct. CGI and greenscreen, actors and scripts. I doubt if there is even a NK. What worries me is the gullibility of those who still worship the all Truth of the devil’s wankbox (TV). Oh don’t dare tell anyone the TV is wrong DON’T YOU DARE!!!


Some people on the internet think that North Korea is some kind of CIA annex. I’m not sure if the CIA really controls this little nation called North Korea, but the whole thing stinks to high heaven regardless. I suspect that North Korea isn’t what we are being told it is. Isn’t a little odd that North Korea is one of the most protected and secretive places on earth. The DPRK seems like everyone’s little conspiracy; like space.


Totally agree about NK, chiefly bc my sheep pals fear they’ll nuke us so you know it’s just a JEW/MSM/BIG BRO Kabuki show.

Quintus Sertorius

This was another great show, Bill. You have a real talent for broadcasting. Best of luck on your move! At least the density of degenerates might be a little lower in the north bay!


Thanks Quintus. I’m not sure if this was really a “great” show but all accept it. I’ve been to the North before this isn’t my first time being in the Napa Valley. Its nice but there are plenty of Mexicans there too. You can’t get away from them it seems 😉


Hopefully I’m not too late to say that I will miss your shows, Bill and please come back as fast as possible. All the best for everything you want to accomplish! I would love to hear you talking about your new surroundings, all the new observations and cultural strolls. Thank you so much! I know that the German school system is often seen as a root to the problem in the US but while I do not think that it has been perfect it opened doors for generations of pupils from working class families to achieve and giving gifted and less gifted children the chance to be educated appropriately. We had and still have three different school types for children with different abilities which allow… Read more »


Even to mention Prussia as the starting point of evil seems to me only political motivated. Prussia was relative late compared with other German regions when it made education mandatory and it did not make school attendance mandatory. Parents who educated their children at home could do so.
It was the Weimar Republic that made school attendance mandatory in Germany!
But of course Prussia is used as a synonym for German militarism and as such as a trigger word.
When I started to read more about the whole education problem I found this error all over the place and would love to know who started it.


Net Neutrality will be officially dead as of December 14.
Net Neutrality has to go for the 5G network.
This is truly bad news.


Fare thee well Bill and best fortune on your travels. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future


fBill, ditto as a HS Reading Teacher- my methods, which were result of extensive study and applications not appreciated- you could be very gifted- able to develop rt/lft equally- as adults, “dyslexics” more intelligent. Thimk “ambidextrous.”. I came to same conclusions (sadly) about trying to educate through ethnic literature- this made all white people look bad. I’m sorry we were subjected to that humiliation. I’m retired, old, and you remind me of other sweet souls enduring reverse racism. Email me! Cheer up!


I don’t normally state this because I think its a little rude or self serving to make statements about yourself but I was born with a sub-genius IQ or very gifted. However, before anyone asked no I can’t see numbers in my head nor am I mechanically inclined in any way. This is why I have stated many times that IQ does not represent the be-all end-all of “intelligence” (I guess you mentioning that* word made me what to say that) However, we have all be indoctrinated by the “education” program* There isn’t anything that can be done about that now. But even in high school I knew what school looked and acted like a gulag for the impressionable minded. (that isn’t to say that… Read more »


I have never really thought about the schools in different countries through racial view, but consider information floating around how students from Russia or China, for example, are ahead of their North American counterparts. Well, they have no children from “slower” races in their classroom, so the lowest common denominator is much higher than in NA. I am from one of the old Soviet satellite country and I happen to go to US for my senior year of high school (1995). I have taken the highest level of math class the school offered and it was like my sophomore year back at home. I lost a year of “my level” math and physics and paid dearly when I came back home and started university. Good… Read more »