West World: Spooky Samhain Stories (10-31-17)

Bill informs us of his love for the holiday, goes over some current topics and events, tells some of his own haunted house stories of spiritism, talks about vampires and their relationship to jews in fiction and reality, the long history of zombies, survivalism, and much more.

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While I respect the American view or tradition on Halloween, I feel deeply detached. What I don’t like at all is the way Disney, Hollywood, Comics etc. wormed their way into the White mind through costume marketing. I always hated the way Disney makes our fairy tales ugly and cheap. Even as a child I was disgusted. My first encounter ( four or five years old) was formative and I never entered a cinema to watch any Hollywood movie again although I do of course know some via TV. Since I learned about the meaning the day has I enjoy the strong presence of the dead around this time without any of the Christian fear and even without sadness. For me there isn’t anything spooky,… Read more »

Same here in the UK Elfgard. We had “middle class” White zombie parents herding their made-up toddlers to each others houses. All trying to out-do each other in cost and Chinese plastic. They can’t even see they are being mocked. The US public have been (((led astray))) like all Aryan peoples.

I’m a bit proud to say, that in my small town neighbourhood the idea to implement Halloween through a multicultural youth project was met with disgust. To send groups of little Arabs and blacks around with one or two little shy Germans mixed in in the dark to loudly demand sweets was no good idea to start. It also began just in the year of the big invasion. But schools and Kindergärten are involved and yes, the “cool” parents take pride following the NWO event. Idiots! The Churches here are in a dilemma. They heavily promote the refugees and multi culturalism but can’t let go the St. Martin tradition which is really sweet and loved around here. Sure they are given sweets too but the… Read more »

The fetid jew cancer has always since the beginning sought to cheapen and degrade our culture and meaningful traditions on all levels. Now it is nothing more than running around covered in blood knocking on doors begging for candy, and other such trivial typical jew polluted nonsense. I do like the atmosphere of halloween though, but it has lost, as Yule has (((typically))), the true essence of the purpose of these holidays. It would be good to have the crash and bang of the toffee apples bats and jack o lanterns, but then have the real meat and guts of it too.

I don’t disagree with you. I dislike how commercial everything is in our modern times. Everything is cheap and tacky. I like seeing children having fun, running around, and just enjoying the innocents of youth.

But Halloween should be a good day filled with family get-togethers, community events, and festive eating. A day when we honer and remember the dead of our folk. That, to me, should be the spirit of “Halloween”. But we both know that’s not the case 🙁

“American-ism” is a blight to the world.


haha nice one. Yes I love the autumn and the atmosphere of samhain, around this time of year. Great show too brother.

Great show, thanks Bill. The ghost story about your house got to me.

Thank you. I find that most people buy into the crap that you see on TV like “Ghost Hunters” and other such trash. Honestly, I feel privileged to have had such experiences. They may have been creepy at the time but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Glad to hear i’m not the only one who doesn’t buy into the crap of “Ghost Hunters” and a few other ‘ghost’ shows i won’t mention here. I’m looking forward to your future shows 🙂

Are they about to “Kill Bill?” No, not you William L, dead good show btw. Are they about to collaspe the Windsor “house of cards?” I had a strange feeling for Samhain (Sow-in) yesterday. I saw a magazine cover showing Harry Hewitt and his new Canadian mixed love. What if they assassinate his royal hairless, jew William (Diana’s mom may have been a Rothschild), duke of Cambridge, and his 4 family members to put uncle H on the throne, once Charles pegs it? Blame the Ruskies or NK and trigger their WW3. I ‘ve never watched the jew filth flick, Kill Bill, but wiki says it’s about a woman getting revenge on a man call Bill, and his team of 4 (jew Kate & 3… Read more »

Uuuuuuhhh… An interesting idea, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The connections seems a little tenuous.

The jew as vampire is a favorite topic of mine , thanks Bill, that made my day!

I’m not sure I did the best job explaining my thoughts on the matter but it’s hard to ignore the parallels. However I find it both interesting and funny that Europeans have historically attributed Jews-like traits to unfavorable characters.

The Brothers Grim wrote a story call “The Jew and the Bramble” its both funny and painfully accurate.

A very inspiring show, Bill. If you think about the plague in connection with jews just imagine that the plague came to Europe with the merchant ships from the Middle East and was spread by rats and flea infected goods that were then spread along the trade routes. There was an obvious connection for the people even at that time when people did not know much about the disease. They made observations how it spread around and who brought the goods from far away? The first passport was introduced in Italy during one of the extremely deadly plague epidemics that hit Europe and killed off big parts of the population. Ships had to wait before they could be discharged. Cataclysms like this which created a… Read more »
Interesting you mentioned, houses being built with no fireplaces. More reliance on thieving utility companies that control your home. Can’t get some old wood and warm yourself by a nice normal fire. the strategy is total dependence on “services” that will be jacked up every year to leech more of your life force and make things more annoying. Also yes, I believe these events are set up to justify their moves, i.e. microwave laser torches houses, no more fireplaces because housefire. Same with the cars. Tightening the (((grip))) on the slave plantation. Electric cars will also be controllable remotely and they can shut off your car power, stope you from being able to charge etc etc etc, so no going where you want without permission… Read more »

I am from former soviet block country and my parents had a Bran Stocker’s Dracula. I can’t remember the year it was published, but it must gave been late 70’s or early 80’s. This edition had full page pictures from the Nosferatu movie. These were the spookies pictures I have ever seen ever seen and impacted me deeply as a 10-11 years old boy. I had no idea about the copyright / ownership dispute. But it makes me wonder, most of the copies of the movie were destroyed, yet this publisher in the soviet block seemed to have no troubles finding a copy and even put them together with the original work the movie had plagiarized.

I worked with this “Russian” guy name Yuri, Юрий (he was born in Uzbekistan but stated that he was technically born in the USSR/ CCCP) He told me that he use to work in the black-market selling contraband books like “agent zero-zero-seven” and Lord of the Rings. I was never sure if he was telling me the truth but he was fun to work with.

If science was honest, it would already have had a construct for the “supernatural”, not pissing on it like it does, because of the (((agenda)))

I agree. Science only builds upon itself ignoring contradictory theories and evidence. In short science is dogmatic.

Absolutely ! “Science” meaning the essence of thinking, has been Compart_mentalized (Conscience | Subconscious) and supplants Excepted Terminology v’s that which is Not Excepted Terminology thus restricting ones ability to express or describe Critical Concepts which results in them (the agendabenders) to label one a crackpot. They have also Inserted Assumptions to cover their bases in some areas, by deliberately oversimplifying the description of the observation of certain experiments (in literature) at the very Foundation Level of Physics (Electro – Magnetism). Here is a bold faced Assumption, often quoted, by the jew, Baruch Spinoza – “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” < Incorrect ! Nature itself is derived from the Supernatural (meaning : natural but not yet, allegedly, understood), There is no "Absolute Vacuum" nor such thing… Read more »

O.o Well… Very good, you said it. Anything that is performed on paper exist on paper and paper only. True science assumes nothing and requires replicable results. Science is not “hypothetical”. That would be oxymoronic.