West World: Theater of the Absurd & Cinema’s Sinners (11-14-17)

Bill shares his thoughts on some recent events and theories about Trump’s super secret agenda to dethrone the globalists, then gets into the main topic of the motion picture industry, discussing the role of non-jews, how the old-time Hollywood films were regulated and why, the Third Reich in 3D, and more.

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6 years ago

Is Marlene Dietrich becoming a running gag to mock German listeners, Bill?

Call me humourless but I hate to hear an outright enemy of my people being called a nice person here on this network. If you didn’t believe what I wrote (commenting on comments) you could have done a search and would have seen yourself that it’s true what I said.

Reply to  Elfgard
6 years ago

Thank you. I am only now learning about her offenses.

6 years ago

Bill, a week or two ago I heard that Brendon O’Connell is now sitting in a New Zealand jail with very poor conditions. Speaking the truth has interrupted his life. I hope he gets the support he needs. And you mention all the sex scandals and how you think they want us focused there. Couldn’t agree more. Saw this headline yesterday: “Every U.S. Senator Will Be Required to Undergo Sexual Harassment Training.” Got me thinking that that headline could soon become, “Every Single Person Will Be Required to Undergo Sexual Harassment Training.” So this might have been part of the plan all along. And not to excuse any abuse that was done, but it could be all this is being highlighted so fiercely so some… Read more »

Reply to  Liz
6 years ago

Interesting find. There might be something to that “sexual harassment” training” program. The first half-hour might be the best part of the presentation. This show was far from my “best” effort.

Reply to  Bill
6 years ago

Blame it on the holiday blues.

But I did learn a lot about Hollywood.



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