West World: Witnessing the Madness (10-24-17)

Bill discusses a variety of topics, with a large emphasis on the insanity of JWs, his own experience with religion, how the Bible views women, and the role of heathen European women. He gets a call from Rollie and another from John Smith.

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Good show Bill. Religion destroys critical thinking the same way TV does. The bible narrative is just as inconsistent as your average TV show or movie.

>inb4 Pat’s bitching about how Bill didin’t talk shit about Fetzer.


The abrahamic cults are harsh on women because the middle eastern people are harsh on women.

I believe that Europeans have always had patriarchal societies. European men just aren’t into treating their women as second class citizens as is common among middle eastern people in particular. If we were our native religions would reflect it as do the abrahamic cults reflect the mentality of middle eastern people.

It wasn’t “paganism” that changed Christianity. It was Europeans.


great show Bill. Our european men not just folk in general shine like no other & all abrahamics dull their ability to do so. There was no need for patriarchy in authentic paganism for we had ‘respect’ based on ‘being’ & not because it was ‘demanded’. Abrahamics of all arms have choked that from the main of our folk especially from our men. Its a virus that needs at least mental inoculation to stop it destroying our folk. The men who try & demand respect, through patriarchy only gain superficial respect which only has face value. Which requires constant force to maintain. This is a diversion of energy, which is best used in being authentic & ‘remembering at least’ the old ways, in honoring the… Read more »


Dindus are just dumb straight up. And the Jew Fro just proves they are a group of black and whites mixed race that decided create their own race thanks to the light they stole from the Aryan superman. So thats why they love the black man because its secretely where they got their “relative” intelligence.


Normally, I avoid religion, but the program was very listenable and I learned some stuff about the Jehovahs Witness’, I actually had a lot of house visits from them when I lived in Roanoke, VA. I enjoyed wasting their time on Saturdays after my morning deer hunts. Little did I know they were getting the persecution they wanted.

Also, the cat report reminded me of what “The Fetch” does on his program.