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3 months ago

Thanks for enlightening us I am looking forward to hearing more. I wonder if the female anatomy is censored in European and Asian medicine, but I am not surprised with the clowns of the AMA and American medical schools. They circumcise boys and pretend like they are preventing infection. My rule is that I never go to an MD ever. I have never taken my children to a pediatrician because I know all they want to do is fuck them up with a vaccine. These people have no talent to heal.
Learn about MMS and fuck doctors.

2 months ago

I think it’s beneficial to males to learn this stuff too. Though there isn’t really a ‘male space’ for true White males since they are all controlled op, women hating and christian! Personally I don’t want to be in a male only space, I think men and women should help each other, and most sensible men agree with this. The talking heads can deny MGtOW but ‘biblical submission’ and other crap is the same thing. Renegade is one of the very few pro White sites that wants mutual respect between men and women and that is not christian! Women definitely need to know there is a beacon out there that exposes the women-haters and why it looks like such a shitty ‘movement’. All designed by… Read more »

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