White Fem: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights (5-12-22)

On this episode of the White Fem Podcast, Sinead discusses how the burden of birth control should be on men and not women, she finds common ground with a Mormon woman, the history of birth control shots for women and their use on sexually predatory men, the concept of “Matrescence” and what it means, the surplus of purposeless and wifeless men in India and China which is fueling human trafficking, the purpose of the female orgasm and more!


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5 days ago

Tampons are awful anyway I highly recommend cotton cloth pads you can make your own or buy on etsy (theres options for heavy flow). I’ve tried mooncup in the past but it was uncomfortable, worsened cramps and would still leak. They must be squeezed flat to remove otherwise you’re gonna pull your uterus out 😆 Thank you for the show sinead I love the range of topics you discuss. We desperately need a show like this for women. ❤

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