White Genocide in South Africa 5-9-14

Not only does the world’s media remain silent as White people are being slaughtered in South Africa, they actually hail the genocidal Communist Nelson Mandela as a hero.

Clips are taken from:

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10 years ago

Great show Kaiser. We must never forget about our White South African kin. The show displayed a perfect outline of what whites in America, Europe, and throughout the world could face if current trends continue.

10 years ago

This was a very great podcast! Thank you for putting it together, and broadcasting it! The world need’s to know the truth about South Africa and Mandela!

10 years ago

[…] Renegade Broadcasting May 12, 2014 […]

10 years ago

Dear Patriots,
Thank you is such a small word but saying it with my BIG Boer heart for what you are doing to bring to the attention of the genocide of my people, of our people, in South Africa to the world then it is no small word. THANK YOU! May God be with us all.

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