White Wellness: Aryan Abundance & semitic Scarcity (5-16-19)

Tabitha talks about the perceived perceptions of White people’s food vs. traditional European cuisine, oat yogurt, foraging for weeds, the origins of Ayurvedic medicine, royal jelly, and reads some passages from the 1942 book, Strange Customs of Courtship and Marriage.

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Interesting show. I get a weird feeling when it comes to Colorado. Colorado Springs is where the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is based out of apparently and I remember hearing somewhere that somewhere in the state is supposed to be the ‘back up’ location in the event that something would happen to Washington D.C. Flying into Denver, the satanic creepy vibes are off the richter, and the under ground works are pretty insane. The largest earth movers I have ever seen were burrowing way outside the main airport when I flew in several years ago. It was very alarming. The fact that CO was the first state to legalize cannabis, and now mushrooms, rings alarm bells for me.. i mean, sure there is… Read more »


Thanks Amber. I agree that the legalization of mushrooms can definitely bring chaos to Colorado. Mushrooms are something that if used, should be done in privacy with trusted people or alone – not something to walk around town tripping on. Plus people are apt to mix mushrooms with other substances and that can be dastardly.
There was a comment left on the Yolo Cannabis Culture article I wrote that mentioned negroes being brought to states where cannabis is legalized. It seems to me that mushrooms have mostly been marketed to Whites. Angry negroes + mushrooms is an awful combo.


Oh the assertion that “white peoples’ diet” is “killing the environment” because “white peoples’ eating habits produce the most greenhouse gases.” Hard to believe how over-the-top that is, and also hard to believe dumb minds would fall for that. But they certainly will. Thanks for this coverage, Tabitha. I see it as one more ploy to destroy us, and I don’t believe this is just some group of disgruntled non-whites with a chip on their shoulders. Rather it seems more to be part of a very slick and on-going program, well funded, and focused on blaming whites with an end goal of eliminating us. Easy to see that connection. We are called paranoid instead of informed. And labeled reactionary, when we aren’t really reactionary enough.… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Another excellent show, Tabitha. Lots of interesting topics to ponder.


Wow, that last bit on Hebrew wedding voyeurism was sad and sick. Gawkers getting off. And that poor young bride.

I wonder if karma is a universal constant or rather a personalized
phenomenon molded and manifested by our internal beliefs and stirrings.


That passage from the book wasn’t even the worst of it. There is a whole chapter about marriage by “capture” aka rape.

Interesting thought on the karma. I like to believe karma is racial, but also racially collective. As in the health of the folk (or subrace) is its own microcosm for the entire race.


Your belief on karma is interesting, as well. Never heard it put that and now it is a new consideration for me, something I will sit with for a while. I will say, it’s a stretch. But stretch we must.


Food traditions are interesting – I ate ‘pork rinds’ growing up (yuck), thought they were a Southern thing, but UK calls them pork scratchings and in Latin America, they’re called Chicharrón. If you go in a grocery store in the ‘hood, they smell different due to all the nasty meats – pickled pig’s feet, chitlin’s. What you say is true though about Southern food – I’ve been to family reunions where the main dish was fried chicken from the convenience store. Enjoyable and informative show!

mike angelo

Thanks for another interesting talk Tabitha . I’ve not heard of oat yogurt before but I do eat organic oats (porridge) every day for breakfast. Also I eat basmati rice several times a week. What I don’t understand is why some health “experts” tell us not to consume rice or oats. Yet people have been eating these for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. How come suddenly it’s not healthy?. Maybe because of GMO’s and pesticides. Do you know much about dementia or alzheimers ?. Both my parents have dementia. I believe that Doctor’s like Dr John Mcdougall speak about aluminium or cholesterol being a possible link. But he never mentions chemtrails. Which could be a factor. I tried Ayurvedic medicine years ago. Although it… Read more »


I believe some health “experts” villify grains because they are paid to. The two names that come to mind are Dr. David Pearlmutter (Grain Brain) and Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly). Both are jews who push the anti-grain agenda. Pesticides are unfortunately everywhere. The best thing to do is to purchase as much organic food as your budget allows, grow your own food, forage, drink herbal tonics regularly to keep the body clean and have a sweating habit. The populations with the most documented longevity (Blue Zones) all consume grains.
Cognitive decline is caused by toxicity, but Pearmutter and Davis push the narrative that it is gluten – when it’s glyphosate.

The Good Dictator

Hello Tabitha,
Great show as usual 🙂
You did a great exposé of Buddhism in one of your recent shows, so I was wondering if you know about Sadhguru (not really related to Buddhism or anything for that matter, but still a popular figure in the self-development circles) and your thoughts about him. I don’t agree with a lot of what he says, but I have to admit that he does speak some wisdom and often in an entertaining way. He also seems to have an interesting project of independent, self-sustaining, eco-village, but I haven’t looked into that either yet.


I’m familiar with Sadhguru; years back when I listened to Osho on YT, he would come up after as a suggestion.
After viewing this video, I’m certain he is covering for jews and lying. Also, there were a few moments where I got the feeling he was using an accent. As a rule of thumb, I do not trust figures who refer to themselves as gurus. Sadhguru is defintely in bed with the enemy.

This video elaborates on how the scam is run.

The Good Dictator

Thank you so much Tabitha! That’s exactly what I was looking for and that’s all I need to know about this “guru” 😀
Also, did you share your email anywhere? I’d love to have that in case I wanted to contact you personally.


You can contact me at: eyevieblack@gmail.com