White Wellness: Circumcision, Creepy Cute & Culinary Genocide (4-11-19)

Tonight Tabitha talks about numerous health topics including Ayurveda and circadian rhythm, protein, a possible celery psyop, the grain of the week (oats), the benefits of miso, longan fruit, air cleaning plants, lung health, furniture free living and facial diagnosis. Other topics include: a semen based cookbook, the affects of 8th day circumcision, the kinderwhore/creepy cute trend and foods stolen by jews.

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Love claims she is part Heeb. Is anyone surprised.


Her behavior has always been crazy and erratic.
Here is the link to the pictures I posted in the chat about Love and the kinderwhore style: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1774705


To me, she’s one of the darkest personas in the biz – her own father wrote: “Love Kills, The Assassination of Kurt Cobain” (you can find him talking on YouTube about it). Even the name Hole and her fake name Love – sick. She was a child at the Presidio day-care center (with Aquino?) – she’s protected for sure, was considered by some to be the one that brought harder drugs to Pacific NW / heroin chic, and as you point out this creepy degenerate baby doll look.


Yes she has a very dark and chaotic energy. Some people are convinced she’s a tranny. She was also on the back cover of the Grateful Dead album Aoxomoxoa as a 5 year old child.

Artemisia Imperatrix

Let’s not forget too that Heroin Chic has been carried by jews like Calvin Klein and degenerate LGBT photograph Nan Goldin who shot pictures of naked children in her work “The Devil’s playground”.


I remember the CKone fragrance ad of the 1990’s being both heroin chic and androgynous. These agendas have been at play for decades.


I have had the thought regarding the celery psyop that the jew that came on the scene promoting it who goes by “Medical Medium”, just stole the science behind it and has trademarked it as if it were his own discovery. I came across the zillions of testimonials on jewtube, listened to a few, then looked into who apparently got all these people doing it (and found the jew). The genuine testimonials had me sold, although I was absolutely shocked at the cost when I went to buy enough for a week. What I learned was that mono juicing, or keeping juice combinations simple, is probably the best way to consume juices for health, especially when in a crisis. Celery is great, but grow it… Read more »


They harvest oats the same way as sunflower seeds! https://www.ewg.org/childrenshealth/glyphosateincereal/
“About one-third of 16 samples made with organically grown oats also had glyphosphate”

Anthony Roberts

You are right, Amber. I’m just tucking into “organic” jumbo oats, with “organic” chopped banana, and a dash of “organic” soya milk – yum! A delish brekkie. Cheap and simple, like moi. There is probably drift, as well as chemtrail fallout, too. Perhaps we all need to get mini greenhouses?

PS Great show again, Tabitha. It doesn’t hurt to have three weeks supply of organic oats, bottled spring water, and a small coleman butane camping stove. The b’s could pull their final false flag “blackout,” anytime soon.

There is glyphosate in nearly everything we eat. Even though my garden is organic, when my retarded neighbors spray their yards with roundup it gets carried by the wind into my garden. The best way I’ve found to deal w glyphosate is to take something that allows the body to break it down into something useable (chlorine dioxide) as well as using restore. The highest concentration of glyphosate is in animal flesh.


Here is some info on growing grains. Have not tried it myself, but definitely something to think about: https://theecologist.org/2009/aug/25/know-your-oats-grow-your-own-grains

Ragnar Fan

Yep, around here in the land of Shitstralia the council regularly has trucks spraying the median strip for weeds with glyphosate. I know this because they put signs up on the trucks stating “warning – glyphosate spraying in progress”.

They also spray children’s playgrounds with it, and then children walk all over it and inhale the fumes.

It’s insane.


I read your comment about the Medical Medium the other day and had to look into his possible jewish ancestry.
I didn’t find ultimate proof. Could you share more if you have any?

I did however find a good indicator, looking into the name “Coviello”…

comment image
Doesn’t she look just like him? She’s called Carrie Coviello

I honestly didn’t know Anthony William was a jew. I suspected, but didn’t want to believe it.


It’s quite obvious in Williams, but I did not know from the looks that Don Kirshner (looked up the typical name and thus found out, Kirsche means cherry in German) was one and Neil Diamond (the name should have made me aware) and Neil Sedaka as well. Most probably all musicians he produced were the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Kirshner Can’t remember how I came across this person on the web.


Thanks for the input. I thought my jewdar was pretty good, but “Anthony William” just slipped through my defenses.

Gladly I can say that I never listened to his podcasts – now the nasal quality of his voice seems so obvious to me. And pictures/video of him are very telling (beady eyes, weird mouth movements, and of course the nose..) I didn’t even read much of the books because they didn’t “speak” to me, but I did buy his first one (3 years ago) and skimmed through some of it.


Ok, I was just going to find the part about celery juice (since I also came into contact with the Medical Medium in the past and recently saw the “praise” heaped at his newest book by Hollywood jews), but then saw your (Tabitha’s) posts in the chat about “creepy cute”…

This is reminding me of the musician Grimes. She is about to release a new album, and has been perfecting a whole new version of “creepy cute” during the past year or two.
I don’t recommend, but you can watch her music videos


or simply check out her instagram. She clearly has started targeting children.


She’s also literally in bed with Elon Musk and promoting AI (in her song “We Appreciate Power”)


The Instagram of Grimes is really weird; complete with alien looking creepy cute “art.” A lot of it looks transhumanistic but softened due to the pastel tones. She put out an album called Mental Slave.

She and Elon Musk (or Lone Skum) are an odd looking duo. Probably united to help push AI.


I agree she was probably paired with Elon Musk to push AI. I just want to point out, that the album “Mental Slave” is not from her. Her music is actually a lot more insidious (including titles – “Flesh Without Blood” for example): She had her breakthrough with the album “Visions” (2012) where she locked herself in a room for 10 days and used sensory deprivation to “force” the creative process. Lots of those songs hint at demonic possession. I find her “artistic” output since 2015 so upsetting that I haven’t even watched most of the new videos. But she’s definitely a very important pawn in pushing the most sophisticated new degeneracy and mind screw on the young generation. I once attempted writing an article… Read more »


Thanks for clarifying; I was going by what came up when I searched her name. The definition of the word grime is akin to filth – dirt ingrained on the surface of something. I see in this photo you posted she is sporting the steampunk look which seems to be most popular with Whites. Might the steampunk style be another (((archaic revival)))? There is also something quite transhumanist about it as well; especially in regards to biomechanical tattoos.

Thank you for the suggestion to eat miso broth when I was unable to eat solid foods when I was sick. It helped so much! Kyle’s not a bad waifu. He whipped it up in no time.


Great to hear the miso helped! It’s such an amazing food.


Do you think the powder is just as potent as the paste? I want to try this in my oatmeal.


The paste is definitely more potent. The powder is good in a pinch, but the fresh miso has all the beneficial probiotic bugs.

dennis ward

Stop eating that trash junk food from any death joints!


Thank you, Tabitha. Much helpful info.

Question… Regarding day 8 circumcision and Roger’s assertion that “The first puberty occurs on the 8th day of life,” I am left wondering how he could know that. Would you have any idea how he drew that conclusion?

Some say that for each, everything starts at conception, even death.



Thanks Elizabeth. The jews claim they razor rape on the 8th day because on this day the amount of blood clotting material is increased. “In June 2000, a new edition of the best seller None of These Diseases, by Dr. S. I. McMillen was released. McMillen notes enthusiastically that in the first days of life the newborn faces a serious dearth of blood clotting substances; whereas, after the eighth day, the level of clotting material – prothrombin – in the blood reaches its lifetime average of 100%. However, just before the eighth day, the amount of blood clotting material increases rapidly, until on the eighth day itself, it is 110% of the norm!” There is definitely some magic attached to the number 8 as well;… Read more »


I guess I see. He equates the body’s ability for blood-clotting and hormone reshuffling with the onset of puberty when the clotting is at peak. Okay, I’ll sit with that for a while.

Thank you for explaining it and damn those who seize the 8th day, which seems a day where the body is furiously manufacturing and distributing all it needs for healthy, uninhibited growth. And BAM!! Betrayal. A demon with a knife shows up and steals the glory. Now we have gory.

Regarding the number eight… Please indulge me as I shift gears:

What did the zero say to the eight?

Answer: Nice belt.




Sorry for invoving myself here, but I thought this link might be interesting in regards to the hormonal changes. I came across it during my phase of researching circumcision (which is still one of the most crucial topics for me. Luckily I was spared).

I don’t know what other people think of the following source, it’s a little unhinged at times (some of the crucial proofs are not provided because the author claims he will release them in ceremonious fashion sometime in the future).



Thanks; I actually came across this link earlier today. Circumcision also interferes with bonding.

Medieval jewish philosopher Moses Maimondes seemed to understand how circumcision harmed human bonding 1000 years ago:
“It is hard for a woman with whom an uncircumcised man has had sexual intercourse to separate from him. In my opinion, this is the strongest of the reasons for circumcision.”


Circumcision is actually “male genital mutilation” and should be outlawed worldwide, the same with “female genital mutilation”. A “side effect” of “male genital mutilation is brought out by the fact that the jewish “mohel” who performs “male genital mutilation” fellates (performs fellatio on) the child after the “deed is done”. This is a good way to infect infant boys with a large variety of STDs, including syphilis. It would not surprise me if over half the jewish population of boys and men were so infected. As syphilis has a long gestation period (decades), it would not be a “stretch” to attribute much of the mental illness suffered by jews to be a result of brain lesions caused by syphilis. Of course, that could also account… Read more »

Good Dictator

Great show Tabitha! Thanks a lot! My favourite show of yours up to now 🙂 Very useful information such as air cleaning plants (I live in a very polluted city). And herbs for lung health (I’ve had pneumonia when I was 16…). I had never heard of furniture free living and I will definitely try and incorporate some of that too! (I also have been sleeping on an inclined bed since the beginning of June 2018). Very interesting also the topic of facial diagnosis, will look into that more. And then a very personal issue: circumcision! (Although I had mine performed as soon as I was delivered! And I am not jewish, was not born in a country that performs genital mutilation, my dad is… Read more »

Good Dictator

Oh, and I’ve always hated Courtney Love and I have always thought she was involved in her husband’s death…


Glad you enjoyed the show. And I too believe Courtney Love was involved in Kurt Cobain’s death. She definitely got way more famous thereafter and profited off of his passing too.


I always found this quote from Love strange, until my eyes were fully open that is.

“Kurt Cobain had a lot of German in him. Some Irish. But no Jew. I think that if he had a little Jew he would have stuck it out.”


That is a strange quote for sure. Sounds like something a jewess would say.


What is the song playing at the end?


The song that plays when the show ends is Nightwalker by Trentemoller.


Thank you! Oops. Wrong song. I was referring to the one played after the HIAS outro. I guess that’s one of Kyles pieces. Kyle are you there? Can you provide that song title and artist? Jewzzam app does not recognize it (no surprise there.)


The band is Harvest Rain. I’m not sure of the name of the song.


Thank you. Found them!


I like some of the foods mentioned in this including oats but bear in mind oats (and other ceareals) are implicated in pronounced dental decay / caries and the science on this is old and well-established, see e.g. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2520490/pdf/brmedj07379-0001.pdf http://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v05n03.shtml To counteract you need to up the vitamin D levels it seems (harder to do on a vegetable-oriented diet?) and/or maybe take other steps such as soaking oats first, though the more you traverse the internutz on this latter the more conflicting are the ideas you encounter…. The other component to help avoid bluetooth is said to be adequate levels of calcium / magnesium, and again is it easy to get this from a vegetable-based diet? Tofu came up as one reputedly good source of… Read more »

Take your death diet elsewhere. The science is in. A vegan diet is the best for long term health. How the hell would a vegan diet not allow you to get vitamin D? You make it from the sun, not dead animal flesh. You can also take a D3 vegan supplement made from lichen. Tofu does not effect hormone levels but drinking the milk from a lactating animal does. Maybe you’d like to do a fitness challenge against Kyle to prove who’s healthier?

Ragnar Fan

I just eat what I want and disregard the jew food pyramid. Pretty much – eggs, some meat, lots of vegetables, some fruit. I don’t eat stuff from cans. For starch I just eat potatoes and rice. No bread. Just avoid processed slop and try to eat as organically as possible. I do an occasional 3 day fast on distilled water only and drink reverse osmosis the rest of the time. With diet it’s pretty individual, but definitely do not use the jew food pyramid as a basis which states your base energy should come from carbs especially processed. I get the vegan thing due to animal rights but haven’t seen any evidence that it makes you healthier. My grandfather was 92 when he died… Read more »


We can cleanse ourselves of toxins, but it’s harder to cleanse ourselves of murder.

So health conscious, yet willing to kill innocent animals?

Take it to meditation, and if you’ve the time, stare into the eyes of a cow.