White Wellness: Controlling Our Future (3-28-19)

Tabitha discusses a multitude of topics tied to how we can take control of our mental, physical and spiritual health including: slippery elm, exotic types of honey, millet, psychedelic plants of Europe, the meaning of the color red, the brain affects of psychological abuse, breath of fire, the traps of Buddhism, parasite cleansing tips, the 8th chakra and the panchakarma cleanse.

Creamy millet porride with roasted strawberries

Breath of fire how to

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Tabitha, thank you so much for mentioning the plant-based leathers. I know they’ve been around for a while, but now they are so improved. I’ll post a few links I found for any who might be interested. Again, thank you!! This is such a major breakthrough for our animal friends. Hooray!!

Pineapple Leather:




Thanks for sharing these videos. I watched them all. I want to get a mushroom leather handbag!

mike anglelo

Thanks for another really good broadcast Tabitha. I just thought I’d like to share a few things. Apparently the Gladiators were vegan and were called the barley men. In a scientific report from WW2 it was said that ANZAC prisoners of war in Japanese camps were fed on potatoes and rice and all the men who previously had rheumatoid arthritis went into remission. Dr Hulda Clarke recommended a parasite cleanse of black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood.


Thanks I plan to discuss barley on an upcoming show; it’s another great grain that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Interesting info on what the Japanese were fed during White War 2. I read Lonce that it was rather typical for Irish men to work all day and thrive on 10 potatoes. There is even a potato diet that is touted as a curative for certain illnesses.
I’m familiar with Dr. Hulda Clarke; she has many good ideas on how to use herbs to cleanse and build the body.

mike angelo

It was the ANZAC’s ( Australian and Newzelander) prisoners of war that were fed the potatoes and rice by the Japanese. Clint Paddison mentioned it on his arthritis info. I’ve done the Dr Hulda Clarke cleanses but I didn’t get much out of using her zapper.


Makes sense Australians and New Zealanders would thrive on potatoes and rice as many of them are of Celtic stock.