White Wellness: Holistic Dentistry & Racial Odontology (8-1-19)

Tabitha discusses the Heathen holiday of Lammas, the benefits of eucommia bark, gruit ale, holistic self dentistry, tooth meridians, the connection between root canals and disease, racial odontology and finishes off with a personal dental story.

Clay toothpaste
In a glass jar combine:
2 tb. terramin clay
1 tb. baking soda
1 tea. Celtic sea salt
10 drops cardamom oil
2 tb. coconut oil, optional for a paste consistency
Mix to combine with chopstick. To use, dip brush into paste.

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Hi Tabitha,

what a wonderfull insightfull show! got me more thinking about the health of the mouth, i was wondering? seeing as you mention root canal treatments.
I myself have had 2 done, Would you suggest it be better to get those tooth
to be removed? and is there any after care if done?


Hi Laurens: Most holistic or biological dentists would suggest extraction followed by ozone to disinfect the area. The aftercare is similiar to what one would do after an extraction in general. There are some herbs one can use, but the first few days it’s best to let the body heal with room temp fluids and rest. What teeth do you have root canals in? Getting an extraction on a molar is an easier aesthetic option, but will still affect chewing and occlusion. The best option after extraction is to get a dental implant, especially if the root canal tooth was a premolar, canine or incisor. The process of getting a dental implant is lengthy, but the best option. It is more expensive than a crown… Read more »


I think more research needs to be done regarding metal implants and EMF radiation, makes teeth break down, break apart, makes fillings fall out and causes failures of implants. If teeth are lacking natural components that are lost due to EMF, would they be too weak to use as graft? Ageless protocols that may have worked previously, do not always factor in unrecognized contemporary assaults on trusted components or the changes in the physical make-up of the body. I have read that EMF radiation causes the body to drop copper, magnesium, zinc, boron, and other naturally occurring minerals. I have heard of ceramic being used in place of metals, but I don’t know if it has enough strength as an implant.


Those are all interesting and valid points, Kathy. I have heard of crystal dental implants being used in Mexico, but of course not here in the US. The best thing would be to not get in a position where one would need the implant, but we have all been (((assaulted))) in different ways.


wow ,

thank you for that long clear answer, that will be a long expensive process
i see. I will check out what the insurance will be able to cover for me,
also find a good healthy option for these operations. they are both in the back of my mouth my last big teeth there. i can take my time for it, do it over the period of a year i am thinking.


Sure, you’re welcome. I look forward to the day teeth can be regrown, through a natural method (not a talmudic one).


When I read Meinig’s ‘Root Canal Cover Up’ twenty years ago and started researching RCT it soon became apparent that while we are plagued by the drill-fill-bill mentality of conventional dentists (masterfully examined by Robert Nara in ‘Money by the Mouthful’ and ‘How to be Dentally Self-Sufficient’) equally toxic is the antipole, the so-called holistic dentists. Many of the latter on closer inspection of their ‘treatment philosophy’ seemed to be complete nutters, untroubled by observational science, and hell-bent on removing all your teeth and fitting you with dentures! (The latter aren’t a permanent solution btw). So caution. An open question for example: what evidence is there of tooth meridians? (Seemngly of no importance to the DDS denture fans). Is this something they want us to… Read more »