White Wellness: Holistic German Doctors & Healers (7-25-19)

Tabitha talks about the benefits of the herb yellow dock, how eating the wrong foods affect your face, how dairy changed facial structure, the (((connection))) between diet, race and skin color, and the work of Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and Arnold Ehret.

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Anthony Roberts

Was the planned weakening of the strong Aryan jawline, as portrayed as the nerdy White male in all modern hollywood films, designed to highlight the extended homo-erectus negroid jaw and so manipulate sexual attraction, promote race-mixing, and hasten White genocide? Another facet in the diet-face relationship, besides junk food slop and the lack of hard-substance chewing, was the demonization of breastfeeding and the promotion of poison formula milk. I’ve read that babies on bottles do not learn the proper swallowing technique, where the tongue pushes up on the palate, which leads to later allergies, mouth breathing and the face growing down and not forward. A narrow face and weak chin signal unhealthy genes; just what our jewish genociders want. PS Great info, Tabitha. I grew… Read more »


That is a good point and indeed possible. Our diet was (((modernized))) before the African diet was, so the White race has had more time to nutritionally degenerate. When knowing this it makes accusations by blacks of “nutritional racism” on our behalf sound ridiculous.

In addition to bottle feeding, thumb sucking can mess up palatal formation. The faces of modern people are much more slack than the faces of our ancestors. This is one of the reasons 3D facial implants and injections are so popular, as people are using surgery in hopes of mimicking sound nutrition.

Indeed all the mind control agendas have cut the potential of our people, and it is worse in current times.

Foster XL

Finally listened to this show yesterday. Very good food for thought as usual Tabitha, thanks. Was particularly interested to hear you talking about Glucosamine, Chondroitin & sulphur. I tried a joint formula years ago due to increasing pain in my elbows from old sports injuries. It completely took that pain away & my elbows were basically back to normal allowing me to work my active outdoors job daily with no problems. The big problem with joint formulas though is that Chondroitin is sourced from animal cartilage, mainly shark or cow, although now there are plant based alternatives like Phytodroitin. Several years ago I had a ganglion form on my left wrist which wasn’t debilitating or painful. I did some research & found that they were… Read more »


What you say makes sense with the MSM and then the hemp shrinking the ganglion. Hemp oil or Rick Simpson oil is used to shrink growths, cysts or tumors. And sulfur helps do the same thing. DIM (Di-indolyl Methane) is a powerful aromatase inhibitor that’s also found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and supports the body’s estrogen metabolism.
It also has sulfur compounds and is used to shrink female reproductive cysts. It has uses for men too, like boosting testosterone.

Foster XL

Thanks for the feedback Tabitha, all good info! 😉

Good Dictator

Can’t wait to listen to your show, I read a lot about Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and Arnold Ehret (including his very interesting book “The Mucusless Diet”). Dr. Hamer’s relationship with the tribe is also very interesting!

Good Dictator

Finally listened to the show and I loved it! I just wanted to contribute with an explanation: Dr. Hamer had his testicle removed as he hadn’t yet discovered anything about cancer and illnesses in general. It was precisely his cancer that initiated his discovery. He thought: “I wonder if there is a link between my cancer and my trauma?” (he had just lost his child who died in his arms after 6 months of agony and complications due to the bullet injury and amputation of his leg). Just wanted to clarify that, as it is a tragic, but fascinating story.


He was a real German.