White Wellness: Hysteria & Hypnosis (5-30-19)

Tabitha talks about some new pharmajewticals, hate speech purges on Amazon and YouTube, the amazing benefits of Natto, medicinal plants for your garden, essential oils for fitness, nutritional therapies for alcoholism, the history of hysteria, erotic hypnosis and the mind controlling properties of music.

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Those bastard “doctors” that did that molesting, may they get theirs in spades!! Sick demons!! Now that I got that off my chest… Thanks for the show, Tabitha. You mentioned alcohol causing a “change of personality.” I have seen this and also another level of this where the drunk person splits and another being enters them. This may sound woo-woo, but I don’t know how else to explain it except to say that the person who was drunk was nowhere to be found and whoever was speaking/acting out/cursing was not the same person. Only saw it two times in my life but it was very weird, and chilling, and I had to remove myself as I did not feel safe. Very, very strange.


What you say makes sense Elizabeth. I have wittnessed this split in alcoholics before and is it frightening. It happens in a certain stage of the addiction along with other extreme things such as the delirium tremens.
Alcoholism functions as a personality disorder that is induced by substance as opposed to brain damage.


Thanks for the validation, Tabitha. Why is there some relief is seeing I am not the only one who experienced this? Ha!!

Well, I’m sure you did a good service today in offering some tips on how to treat this cunning disease.


You’re welcome Elizabeth. My take on validation is that often times when someone experiences something that’s hard to believe from a mainstream perspective, it can feel alienating. And it’s always a comfort to know that another person believes your truth.


Rings very true. Thanks, Tabitha.

Anthony Roberts

Good show, Tabitha. It’s sickening to think what the jewish supremacists, especially the ones in White coats, have done to females over the centuries. An easy way for rich men to trade in their “unreasonable” wives for younger models.

Those treatments were, and still are, just blatant sexual abuse, under the guise of prevention. The HPV scare will just bring them younger girls to “examine.” More sadistic pleasure and profit for the parasite. Yours, and all Renegade’s shows are crucial in waking our young people up.


Know of a good tincture to add to sparkling water and ice to sort of mimic a strong, alcoholic drink? I’ve used holy basil in the past.

Good show.


I would suggest oatstraw, passionflower or skullcap; all of these herbs are relaxing. You could add a splash of fruit juice too or some muddled berries. A glycerin based tincture is best to make the beverage completely alcohol free.


Thank you.


Here is the site that sells natto: https://www.nyrture.com/


Eldon Taylor was an expert witness for the 1990 Judas priest trial. During the trial the judge ordered the record company, CBS Record, to let the prosecuting party to examine the master record of the album. CBS said the “lost it”, in the same manner like the blue print for lunar lander got lost (that one probably never existed). He mentions some of it in his book Mind programming, which is an interesting read. He has a chapter there about advertising companies using graduate “artists” from a program (which cost $8000 in 1960’s) that teach them how to covertly incorporate sex and fear into their creations – the components that got the product sold. The subliminal influencing has been around for a long time.


From Hell’s Kitchen:

Need a show on GcMAF and cancer

-unprincipled puke-inducing spin.

Probably BULLSHIT – there’s already GcMAF they just don’t want goyim to have it.

And the current state of play – “unlicensed medicine” promoter David Noakes just out of UK jail threatened with deportation to France like his assistant (doesn’t the UK sentence “frank” any sentence that might be forthcoming in France?!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgWcpVEyAto GcMAFF extraditions


Good idea for a topic; I will discuss GcMAF on a future show.


Have you done a segment about rooibos tea? It is available as an espresso replacement, and is good with honey. But are the health effects as promoted?


No, I have not yet discussed rooibos tea. Will definitely mention the health benefits on a future show.


Some additional information on alcohol detox I forgot to mention: For people who are not susceptible to delirium tremens or life-threatening alcohol withdrawal symptoms, natural remedies can ease any discomfort felt during the detox process. Vitamin B1, or thiamine. Heavy alcohol use strips thiamine from the body. Over years, this process can cause Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. In the short-term, adding B1 vitamin supplements or B1-rich foods to the diet can replenish the body’s reserves and relieve some of the mental fog. Vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and amino acids also ease cravings and discomfort. These should be balanced both in supplements and in foods like good sources of protein, green vegetables and plenty of fruit. Herbal remedies: Alcohol is fermented sugar, so it adds a quick… Read more »