White Wellness: It’s a Zoggy Zog World (5-9-19)

Tabitha talks about the booming tranny meat business, life optimizing tips, how kibbutz living is communism, the trust hormone oxytocin, wasabi, bikram yoga, the psychology of trannies and jewish clowns.  

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

It’s obvious the jew supremacists are using this mental illness psy-op to weaken all Whites, ready for their one-world bolshevik gov’t. Once their trap is sprung, the “fishnets and five o’clock shadow” brigade will be the first, and easiest, to be neutralized. Imagine then, how easy it will be for jews to control the remaining low IQ mulatto zombie slaves. As easy as a farmer and his three dogs, rounding-up docile cattle.

PS Thanks Tabitha – great show. From tranny filth to uplifting transformation back to health.

5 years ago

Just wanted to add some additional tranny terms I stumbled upon last night after the broadcast.
Bleeders = biological females who menstruate
Chestfeeding = biological men who take hormones to force lactation
Front hole = biological female genitalia


mike angelo
5 years ago

The hot yoga studio I use in the UK is no longer called Bikram yoga. I have mixed feelings about the hot yoga itself. I think it’s beneficial for things like arthritis but it can be exhausting if you do too much in a week . But I’ve found it much better than going to a gym. Another thing is I choose my teachers carefully as there’s some that are fanatical and can cause more harm than good because of their ego’s I guess. I have found some really good teachers who understand that it’s really for healing the body and not a competitive sport.
I have seen a few advertisements on facebook that imply that Bikram Choudhury is giving Bikram teacher training in Spain.

mike angelo
Reply to  mike angelo
5 years ago

Why do I get a minus one for this ?.

5 years ago

Good show. I like the food and nutrition talk.

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