White Wellness: Keeping Clean in a Dirty World (3-14-19)

Tabitha discusses a multitude of nutrition articles, herbs to clean our blood, a green latte` recipe, word inversions, parasites, trannies and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

Very interesting info – thanks Tabitha. Are the jewish supremacists adding their homo toxins to chemtrails, injections or our food? We know fluoride and estradiol hormone are, at the very least, feminizing our males from the water supply. This will only get worse if we don’t stop it now.

PS Good advice on food scraps, but i would add one caveat: if your budget doesn’t yet quite stretch to buying organic fruit and veg, i would keep cutting the skins off, and don’t consume, just compost.

Tabitha Wolfram

Indeed good point Anthony. I would also suggest that the skins of non organic produce be composted. Also, making sure to get the dirty dozen of fruit and veg in organic form.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Tabitha Wolfram

Trans is not a cure for trauma, it only makes it worse.


That’s exactly what these four ‘detransitioning’ girls said in this vid – that peer pressure to be trans got mixed with trauma into a whole lotta nonsense. Now they wish their parents had not given in to their obsessional demands to go on T. They talk about how it ruined their teen years, obsessing over their gender identity. Some of what they say is so funny / sad – like one said she identified as a gay trans-boy, but then was attracted to girls, and realized she’s actually a straight-up lesbian and had been afraid to come out of the closet!

Tabitha Wolfram

Indeed it is almost as if they are sampling different styles while still navigating who they are. When I was in high school, I went through a few styles of personal expression like so many other young people do.
Everyone (especially parents) need to hone the awareness to say NO to anything synthetic or chemical. Then things like injectible hormones won’t even be on their ideological radar. And obviously none of this dysphoria should be indulged.


Something hardly mentioned is the fact that most transexuals grow up hating their genitals because they were abused at some point in their childhood. Their misplaced hate, most likely because their abuser lives a ‘normal life’ with no consequences, turns into self hate, a hate so strong they want to get rid of their genitals, and literally do in some cases. The RT documentary’s main characters all say it quick and in passing, but hardly does anyone ever make the connection that children MUST BE PROTECTED from predators, and when abuse happens, both the perpetrator and the victim must be handled in their own way. (Predators to the volcano, the victims to theraphy, which could include pushing the perp into the volcano but not limited… Read more »


I am 100% convinced that gays and lesbians of the past only exist because of childhood sexual abuse.
They, as children were preyed upon, and could never come to grips with what happened to them, why society, their parents didn’t care or protect them, or vindicate them, nor could they understand why their abusers were able to just ”go on their merry way” with no ramifications or consequences, and live a seemingly albeit perverse, ‘normal’ life.
I think the case is still pretty strong with most LGBTQ’s today, although now children are being thoroughly confused with mind control and hormone distrupting non-food, as well as injections of who knows what.
It’s no wonder our children and teenagers are committing suicide, how can they survive such an onslaught?


I would also add that children who grew up in houses with few or no boundaries and were victims of emeshment or other types of dysfunction can have issues with identity. When someone grows up with trauma, they disassociate and want to be somebody else. Especially if they felt they were an extension of another person in the family and not their full self.

I too would agree that sexual abuse is huge contributor into how homosexuals are made. Parasites, 8th day circumcision, enemy propaganda and brain damage are additional factors.


I think you make a very good point here. I remember thinking, when reading about Cher’s messed up daughter, that she must have gone through something awful as a child. Seems that something happened to her, growing up among substance abusers, probably a lot of comings and goings in that house, that made her so disgusted that she would rather mutilate her own body than have it happen to her again.

People don’t commit voluntary gender mutilation for fun, it’s a sign of severe emotional trauma and mental illness.


Parents can be victimized by the pressure as well. The more radical LBGTLMNOPQXYZ’s try and instill fear that their children may attempt suicide, self harm if their “identity” is not recognized by them. It’s a real mess!


Forgot to mention earlier, about ‘merryjuana’ extracts. And I still remember what president Clinton said:
comment image


Sex Change Regret

mike angelo

Some great info thanks Tabitha.
I find that pineapples are a good source of bromelain and have pain killing properties for osteo arthritis. Another thing that helps with joint pain is classic hot yoga bikram style. I don’t have a juicer but I purchased a nutribullet . Do you think they are good ?. I make a nutriblast of celery, cucumber, apple for sweetness and add tumeric which makes the container go yellow.


A Nutribullet is good, but will be more of a smoothie than a juice. Juices are more concentrated forms of nutrition but they are not whole foods. Smoothies usually contain whole foods and less concentrated forms of nutrition. Both have their pros and cons. I like to include a variety of both.

mike angelo

I threw my juicer away as I got fed up with cleaning it. I just use the nutibullett. I’m looking to buy a small juicer.
This is interesting. https://youtu.be/IoWTymK5l7w