White Wellness: Rainbows & Racial Realities (6-13-19)

Tabitha talks about calming essential oils, garlic scapes, the benefits and history of the grain barley, the real meaning of the word pride, rainbows, origins of racial theory and the word race, racial agression, the benefits of eating clay and finishes off with a real story about racial realities.

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Anthony Roberts

The straight pride parade dupe has ties to Kyle Chapman’s “Resist Marxism.” He was based-stickman at the berkeley “punch & jewdy” show. RM are a sphincter, sorry splinter group of the proud boys and patriot prayer. All of these groups/agents, both left and right, folk and christard, come from the jewish supremacists.

Btw, one of the leaders of this straight parade, Chris Bartley, is a proud homo. They have also replaced Brad Pitt with Milo Y in their literature, after the actor complained. They plan to goose-mince in Boston, at the end of August, and want an “s” added to the alphabet filth code.

PS Thanks Tabitha for your interesting topics, and thanks jews for being so obvious.


I mispoke when I mentioned 1939 being the year of the steel penny. The correct year is 1943. A copper penny from 1943 is very rare and quite valuable in a fiscal sense.

Also, I wanted to mention something in regards to mono amino oxidaze (MAO), or the agression gene. So many pharmajewticals are MAO inhibitors, which is exactly what they want: a docile and stupefied public.

mike angelo

Thanks for another informative talk Tabitha. Interesting about the barley. I’ve not tried it but my mother used to put pearl barley into stews .
What do you think of consuming oils like olive oil?. I know that Dr Michael Klaper and Dr John McDougall say oils are unhealthy. Do you have any info about Dementia and Alzheimers.?. There seem to be an epidemic of this awful condition.


I aim to keep oil use to a minimum, but suggest fruit oils (olive, almond, avocado, macadamia) over vegetable oils are they are less inflammatory. It’s best to use raw oils in general and to not heat them, as use of heat will cause oxidation.

I watched a Dr. McDougall video a few months back and was rather surprised that he and his wife said they use sriracha (rooster sauce) on much of their food. This condiment is hazardous to health. I will be deconstructing the rooster sauce label on next week’s show.

I will add dementia and alzheimer’s to the list of future show topics.


I don’t support Abrahamic religions, but when you were speaking about the homosexual bending of the word pride I couldn’t help but think of one quote from the Bible, Proverbs 16:18 – “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” If Jews want to change the meaning of words then turnabout is fair play and use their words from their “holy” screed against them.

Happy Merchant

I hope you try to relocate soon Tabitha. New York really is the anus of the country. Speaking of that, I’m just curious about the song you mentioned the spics singing. Do you consider this strictly a nonwhite thing? I have mixed feelings about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARFRYPcbYKg in some ways I don’t think we should be prudish but it also seems like a really niggerish thing to openly talk about or try to make cool. Or Jewish. I don’t really see it as a gateway to homosexuality like others say. The fixation on the anus and heterosexual anal sex. If a man is having anything done to his anus that’s another story. I’ve only tried anal sex during periods because I didn’t feel like I was… Read more »


So NYC is identical to NWB (New Weimar Berlin)?
No surprise of course.


From what I know, analingus started out as a homosexual activity which now is practiced across the board. Since it’s so heavily advertised on many degenerate (((lifestyle))) sites, it is something that people much younger are trying out. It is a very unhealthy behavior that puts a person at risk for contracting hepatitis A, parasites, herpes and even cancer. Even if a heterosexual person has at some point engaged in this type of stuff, it doesn’t mean they have to continue doing it. Maybe they tried things when they were younger and lost. I see articles a lot that try to convey that homosexuals are “better in bed” because they engage in paraphilic sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. And I don’t think… Read more »


Sticking your dick is someone’s ass is not “sex”. It’s perversion.

In my teens, my ”good influence” girlfriend (who’s family were Baptist twice a week attenders,) was the only one I ever heard of who let her boyfriend anally rape her because ”it wasn’t sex”. I was 16 and she was a year older than me, but I remember thinking how utterly disgusting that was, and how ridiculous the way they persuaded each other into doing ”everything but sex” (no pun intended), so that GOD wouldn’t get upset. I think it was then when I started to silently conclude that not only are christ tards delusional, but they are massive hypocrites. Nothing should go in your exit, Ever, and anyone who tries to convince you that it’s ok, is just trying to defile you and make… Read more »


“I’ve only tried anal sex during periods because I didn’t feel like I was wasting my potential children during that time and I’m not a big fan of it.”

You don’t feel like wasting potential children but stuck your dick in an asshole?

You sure you aren’t a closet fag?