White Wellness: Role-Playing Retards (8-15-19)

Tabitha discusses some news stories, why bikram yoga is unhealthy, the benefits of yerba mate, the connection between psychopathy and sanpaku, incels and plastic surgery, transhumanism, 1950’s trad roleplay, the origins of the 6 pointed star and the symbolism of rabbits.

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I have not gotten to listen to the whole show yet, but thanks for that incel explanation. I have been seeing more of these weird mutant looking surgically altered men. I was still wondering about the “incel” word..but now I see its abbreviated for involuntary celibate. Oh my goodness. Women out number men.. I have seen the most low of them end up with a trail of girls.. hows that possible? Anyway thanks.. I have to try the tea too..

Anthony Roberts

I think every one of the last fourteen decades were systematically planned and fully executed by the jewish supremacists. You can see their destructive social engineering hand in each one. These extreme forms of existing keep us all unbalanced and thus enslaved. I fear for the mental (and physical) health of our asleep people, in the coming decades.

PS Another fantastic show Tabitha – thank you. That 50’s trad role-playing appears to be another back door attempt at instigating White sharia, and the destruction of our White families. “Ayla” akbar!


Images of the Sri Yantra: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=sri+yantra&FORM=HDRSC2

The three gods in the Vedic trimurti (triad) are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). Also worth noting is that Shiva is called the auspicious one, a word that is used to describe the swastika.


Really enjoyed this episode. When you were talking about the shikona (not sure about the spelling), it automatically brought to mind the shekina mentioned in the Bible. There must be some connection there.


And the “shock and awe”


Interesting connections with both the shekinah and “shock and awe.”

It seems many sri yantra drawings contain both the shaktona and the swastika, as well as the lotus flower.

This picture of a house in India features the shaktona and the swastika: