White Wellness: Role-Playing Retards (8-15-19)

Tabitha discusses some news stories, why bikram yoga is unhealthy, the benefits of yerba mate, the connection between psychopathy and sanpaku, incels and plastic surgery, transhumanism, 1950’s trad roleplay, the origins of the 6 pointed star and the symbolism of rabbits.

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WTF is this shit! Anybody familiar with the Renegade comment section knows that Sinead never gets even close to this many thumbs down. This anti-woman shit is a serious operation. It appears to be their biggest weapon and they are doing everything they can to protect it. These kids have been o brainwashed by the porn industry yet want to talk about NoFap and their reason to NoFap is of course completely selfish and childish.

Foster XL

It was most likely the work of one child (or someone with a child’s mind) simply changing IPs with a free web proxy or something similar & refreshing the page to repeatedly vote. Doesn’t take any skill whatsoever but would’ve taken some time & obviously most adults wouldn’t even consider wasting so much energy on something so futile. Clearly demonstrates the low level of pathetic detritus that harbours all this jewish programming in their weak minds. Looks like someone else just did a counter time waste though lol! Sad fuckers!


I have not gotten to listen to the whole show yet, but thanks for that incel explanation. I have been seeing more of these weird mutant looking surgically altered men. I was still wondering about the “incel” word..but now I see its abbreviated for involuntary celibate. Oh my goodness. Women out number men.. I have seen the most low of them end up with a trail of girls.. hows that possible? Anyway thanks.. I have to try the tea too..

Anthony Roberts

I think every one of the last fourteen decades were systematically planned and fully executed by the jewish supremacists. You can see their destructive social engineering hand in each one. These extreme forms of existing keep us all unbalanced and thus enslaved. I fear for the mental (and physical) health of our asleep people, in the coming decades.

PS Another fantastic show Tabitha – thank you. That 50’s trad role-playing appears to be another back door attempt at instigating White sharia, and the destruction of our White families. “Ayla” akbar!


Really enjoyed this episode. When you were talking about the shikona (not sure about the spelling), it automatically brought to mind the shekina mentioned in the Bible. There must be some connection there.


And the “shock and awe”

Brave New World

Interesting connections with both the shekinah and “shock and awe.”

It seems many sri yantra drawings contain both the shaktona and the swastika, as well as the lotus flower.

This picture of a house in India features the shaktona and the swastika:

From what I know of Jewish self-promotion, they tell us the shikinah is the female half of g-d. They say that Judaism celebrates this face of g-d and the implication is that Christianity and Islam are these unbalanced patriarchal religions. They as usual are the good guys here to save us from our own stupidity.

But from the content of this very interesting show they separated the male from the female, which roots deeper in history, in our history. They say the actual word is not found in the Bible but was transmitted orally until ‘re-discovered by the

My interpretation is that they need to find a cover story for their aggressively patriarchal religion.

Brave New World

In one of your recent videos you mentioned there were jews in the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, how do you feel about that? As for the first two Abrahamic religions (Christianity and judaism), both render their followers more effeminate compared to the pagan Aryan (Indo-European) religions of old. For greater context: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MOMMDLP4rdoX/ “You have a way of life, we have ours. In your system of life we are essentially without honor.” ~ “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel, 1924. “What I think is a widespread sensibilty that being Jewish in our culture renders a boy effeminate. Rather than producing in me a desire to ‘pass’ and become a ‘man’, this sensibility resulted in my desire to remain a Jew, where being a sissy was all… Read more »


Sad to say that the upper levels of NS was choked out with kikes. Even Hitlers chauffeur was one, who was also a high flyer in the SS.. I think the more digging happens the worse the picture becomes.

Also from the Maurice Samuel book, it is told from a jew angle, and is biased to the jew view. It starts well but comes back round to a typical propagandist jew fellating yarn. The bottom line is that there can be no common ground. Ever. It is a case of either we all die or they all die. And it seems (((they))) have the upper hand, I hate to say, very much, but it is the case.

Aryan Might

Bullshit -The third reich was not compromised by jewry as you imply. The number of jews was so small and they had rejected jewry. National socialism was heathenism on a mass scale.

Foster XL

Rather than just making bold claims or cold statements in comments sections BOTH of you need to provide hard evidential proof with complete lists of names of exactly who staffed all the departments involved. Even then a name alone does not prove ethnicity as many jews had German names so you would have to provide the actual ethnic background of each of these people to PROVE that what you just blurted out was actually true. Otherwise these are just weak, unsubstantiated opinions that sound exactly like the “conspiracy theories” the mainstream media would paint us all with & nothing more.

mike angelo

Thank you for your info on Bikram Yoga. Something I’ve been wondering about for some time now. The only problem is I’ve not found something to replace it with yet. Would it be possible for you to send me the references of your research about this subject please?.


There seems to be more yoga studios offering warm yoga, which makes more sense and is healthier.
Here are some references I used for the show on hot yoga: https://bodhiyogateachertraining.com/2012/07/21/bikram-is-bad-for-your-health/

mike angelo

Thanks Tabitha. The reason I started doing Bikram was out of desperation when having bad arthritis. It was recommended by an expert on rheumatoid arthritis. I first visited a Bikram studio but I felt that it seemed a bit like a cult so I did not join a class until two years later. I had an experience in a cult in the seventies when i got involved in Scientology. At that time I’d not heard of it in the U.K and it seemed harmless on the surface. But as I did courses and processes it got more crazy and oppressive so I left that behind. As for hot yoga I’m checking out a studio that’s not so hot as Bikram and much more laid back… Read more »

Not that I’m idolizing the 50’s or anything, but I think these vids are really sweet. I wish I had seen something like this in my teens…
How Much Affection? (1957)


Images of the Sri Yantra: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=sri+yantra&FORM=HDRSC2

The three gods in the Vedic trimurti (triad) are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). Also worth noting is that Shiva is called the auspicious one, a word that is used to describe the swastika.

mike angelo

In the past Tabitha you spoke about gut health being important. I recently came across info about oxidative stress and imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body . I think that this is very important. Have you heard about it ?. I’v read that the food that creates the most oxidative stress is meat. And the least harmful is green veg. Apparently Oxidative stress is responsible for auto immune dis-ease. On the subject of those crazy Bikram studios. The Bikram studio here is moving to a smaller studio at the back of a closed down synagogue in a house that once belonged to a Rabbi. I made a joke after yoga saying that “will we have to now where a Kippah while doing… Read more »


I have heard a lot about oxidative stress, but not what you mentioned. It sounds like it makes good sense. Rancid oil and processed, refined sugar would be top oxidative foods. Also, stress, pollution, infections etc. can cause oxidative stress.
Lol that’s pretty crazy. I’m not surprised, given that these types are brain poisoned with ZOG rhetoric.

mike angelo

A couple of links about oxidative stress.



mike angelo

I have been doing Bikram Yoga for two years. I previously did tai chi qigong. I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. The tai chi qigong was gentle and nice but did nothing for my joints. The Bikram helped me a lot, built my strength and stopped me from limping badly. But I feel I’ve gone as far as I can and now I get hip and knee pains after a Bikram session plus I feel extremely tired. I recently tried another hot yoga studio where it’s not strictly Bikram, the postures are easier and a bit different and it’s much more relaxed and not so hot. They use 38 C. I feel less tired and less in pain after a session. Tony Sanchez who used… Read more »

Brave New World

Feminism made MGTOW possible. I don’t like either and in order to address and dispose of both problems there cannot be MGTOW nor feminist rhetoric. Hitler’s message is a product of his time, for sure. I prefer William Pierce’s approach to addressing feminism, as it’s a lot more compatible in modern times than Hitler’s.

Adolf Hitler’s Speech On Women: https://archive.org/details/youtube-zRlfbUr852o

Dr. William Pierce On Why Feminism Means Genocide: https://youtu.be/gJz7Musm0OE

The MGTOW Problem – Causes and Solutions: https://youtu.be/WNFF5Gmotu4

On the Genealogy of Feminism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KASqrYJRIsWa/


The genealogy of feminism? haha Get the fuck out of here. You’re posting a video from a White Sharia jew, Aaron Kasparov. Seriously fuck off. It’s the jew behind the “battle of the sexes” and people like you think women wanting to be seen as human is “feminist rhetoric.”

Brave New World

You’re a little obvious w your thumbs down campaign. Renegade listeners don’t hate women like you faggots do.

He also keeps posting that “Masculine Virtues” video from that fascist guy who used to [probably still does] get really, really wasted and live-stream ramble about nothing. I mean, obviously super based. http://www.renegadetribune.com/difference-national-socialism-fascism/ “It is a characteristic of fascism to allow foreigners who show an allegiance to the State to become citizens. In ancient Rome, despite several wars being fought to prevent this from happening, eventually foreigners were allowed to become Romans. Similarly, the fascist States in Spain (under Franco) and in Italy were not founded on blood, race and tribal cohesion. Franco used Muslim Moroccan troops to rape women in white towns which he had identified as being sympathetic to communism. Ever since foreigners were allowed to become Roman citizens, there has been weak… Read more »

Brave New World

And yet Aaron’s opinion mirrors what Hitler said. As usual you like to spin people’s words out of context, meanwhile Sencha “had to laugh” at how some women mistreat men today because of how “men mistreated women for eons”. I said I agree with William Pierce’s comments more than Hitler’s didn’t I? And why do you hate Savitri Devi? I asked you earlier in the comments of a different podcast but I don’t remember the name.


I don’t care what Hitler said about women. He’s not my god. However, Hitler certainly wasn’t promoting “White sharia”