White Wellness: Staying Informed in a Toxic World (6-20-19)

Tabitha discusses the positive effects of soy and shares a recipe featuring black soybeans, the new keto certification, how to build a first aid kit for Summer, the mind-body connection of the zodiac, the work of Dr. Henry G. Bieler on homosexuality, some tranny news stories, types of vagioplasty, foods for a healthy vagina, how sriracha (rooster sauce) is unhealthy and some thoughts on the connection between raw meat and sodomy.

Natural Foods Cookbook

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Below is an interesting video about a woman making tofu the old way.


Thanks for sharing this video. I love seeing elderly people who are agile and in good health.


You are welcome. You see her climb that tree?!


At first I was impressed with her carrying the well water on her back. Then I saw her climb the tree and thought just how amazing that was at 66!
Here is the closest way for us not in rural China to make tofu at home:


Hmm. Neat looking contraption.


I’ve heard stories of gay men doing parasite cleanses, passing parasites and then not having gay urges after that. Brain lesions makes sense too.


Yes, I’ve heard a turpentine cleanse can reverse homosexuality. Somebody needs to open an LGBTP friendly restaurant and put turpentine, clove, black walnut and wormwood in the food and drink.


Tabitha, you are awesome! Thank you for your time. You would be a great neighbor.

I have been meaning to investigate the ”Braggs” health crusaders enterprise… They are the main pushers of the Apple Cider Vinegar as a health tonic I believe, and I admit, I’ve been a pusher myself.
Right now I have about 5 jars of non-braggs but another brand of ACV.
I use ACV for herbal tinctures.
Have you ever heard of making herbal Oxymel’s?
I honestly haven’t done much research into them myself, other than that they are Greek/Latin in origin, but I love making herbal tinctures, and I love honey, so the idea has been very appealing.

Now I’m wondering what’s best until further research…

Thanks for sharing your finding and thoughts Tabitha.


Hi Amber I’ve never been much of a fan of Bragg’s products. The first product of theirs that I knew of was liquid aminos seasoning, which I did not like the taste of. Aminos wise, the Coconut Secret brand is my absolute favorite. I’ve noticed that Katy Perry is a big promoter of the Bragg’s brand.
I’ve made fire cider before which is technically an oxymel. The word oxymel was a new word for me to learn though.
I usually use glycerin to make tinctures, but I don’t make them too much. I make more infusions using water as a base, of course they are not as strong and are a different product altogether.

I have always disliked their liquid aminos.. It just tastes denatured and watered down.
I have an older lady German acquaintance who drinks a splash of ACV in her water every day, and swears by it. I wouldn’t call her “the perfect picture of health”, but she’s not degenerated mentally, nor is she overweight.

I wonder if Europeans took to making ACV, possibly by accident, and used it since lemons and citrus in general aren’t very prolific in Europe..?
Just a thought.

I really don’t know much about glycerin.
I have just always assumed that it was processed or somewhat synthetic, and so I have never bothered.


Yes the Bragg’s aminos taste very off to me. I thought I didn’t like aminos until I had good coconut aminos. I add aminos to so many things I make.
Your thought on Europeans taking to vinegar makes good sense to me. Since our people have been all over the planet, their palate holds the memory of sour tastes. There are also many European pickles that produce a sour flavor as well.
Glycerin is bad if it’s in toothpaste as it coats the teeth making it very difficult to near impossible for them to remineralize. It’s usually used in creams and shampoos to help with dryness, but it’s also a way to make a tincture without vinegar or alcohol.

Hey Tabitha, thanks for the replies. Your right about the Coconut Secret, it’s the best! So with glycerin, it coats, while vinegar acidifies? I guess the best way to consume herbs is in Mead! Maybe ACV was a thing when the European diet was much more alkaline, when our foods were largely raw and fresh, and our waters were pure and clean. Did our ancestors ferment foods to maintain a healthy PH balance? I have always been nauseated by the fag Sandor Ellix Katz who ”wrote the bible on fermenting”, but I know that’s just how (((they))) operate – take something wholesome and send in the perverts to rewrite/reclaim it. Perhaps the nutritional need for vinegar and fermenting has come and gone? Regardless, for now… Read more »


You’re welcome Amber. Yes, glycerin coats and vinegar strips essentially. Mead might be a nice way to consume herbs. Infusing in honey is an option too. I’ve infused whole garlic cloves in honey and gave it as a Yule gift to a friend who gets frequent respiratory infections. Here’s a link about infusing herbs in honey: http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/March06/grandmother.htm I’m not sure as to when vinegar made its appearance in the European diet, but this sounds like a great topic for a future show. I know our ancestors would often ferment foods as a means of preservation before the advent of cold storage. Back in the 50’s being able to make a gelatin dessert mold meant you were rich as it was a sign you could afford… Read more »

GROSS! What an evil agenda to put homosexuals in charge of health foods! That’s so the older generation, the more stubborn among us, and the lazy will avoid life giving meals, and instead, ”stick with the tried and true, meat an’ potatoes” of our ”ancestors”…. Have you heard of Yotam Ottolenghi? His nationality on wiki is ‘British Italian Israli’. I unfortunately bought one of his books before I found out he was a sodomite chef who, (from wiki) ”met his partner Karl Allen in 2000; they married in 2012 and live in Camden with their two sons, Max (b. 2013) and Flynn (b. 2015). In 2013, Ottolenghi “came out as a gay father” in a Guardian essay that detailed the lengthy process of conceiving Max… Read more »


Yes, I have heard of Yotam Ottolenghi but I didn’t know he is a homosexual. Makes perfect sense why he has been so heavily promoted in the culinary world and has written 7 cookbooks in a very short time span. There is another chef, Lukas Volger whose book on veggie burgers I bought before I was aware that he is a top figure in the “queer” food world. He even has an award winning LGBTP magazine about food called Jarry. It’s so obvious who that jews give visibility to people in every industry that they want to influence the public with. I haven’t searched surrogacy on Craig’s List, but years back there were always tons of ads looking for egg donors. I can’t imagine what… Read more »


Sinead, what do you think about red ice subscribers being stuck at 322217 for a while? Also their celebration of past 300000 with exactly 300021 as a number shown? Suspicious.


Probably a wink to their masonic masters. They stole our friends hard drive when we all had gotten together years ago.