White Wellness: The Gender Genocide (8-29-19)

Tabitha discusses some new stories, the benefits of cold showers, the anti-White agenda within the pumpkin spice trend, Blair White, gender dysphoria, women’s bodies throughout the last 100 years and how to increase psychic power.

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It is really very telling how ((((youtube)))) has taken such a nose dive in the amount of content worth watching over the last few years. There is an unbelievable amount of vids on transgender topics from tranny’s themselves, and so many entitled ”he/she didn’t know”, ”how to pass” and pretty much ”how to’s” for everything from convincing your Dr.’s, start taking hormones, change your voice, on and on.. I have watched more of this content than I ever wanted to, first being exposed to the phenomenon with Michael Obama, and then via Mr.E the christ tard who does a lot of the hollyweird and political tranny’s. It was the Victoria’s Secret episode he did, and then looking at the FTM body builder competition’s that really… Read more »

Addendum : Being ”Stealthy” is something that a lot of tranny’s struggle with, just search some vids and you’ll see what I mean. Here is a vid of ‘Arin Andrews’ who has shared his transition via youtube since he first started 7 years ago. Starting to Struggle With Being Stealth at School https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wnEskdPvt8 The short docu I posted in the previous post (and others) tout him and his previous MTF girlfriend as ‘the first trans teenage couple in America’ and really make it out to seem like these two are huge influencers and trend setters, and by watching vids like that and reading the comments, you’d think they were, but when you go to Arin Andrews jtube page, his vids like the one above only… Read more »

William Wood

The fatty Negress singing at the award show remind me of the fat (((Jewess))) singing at the Eurovission show a couple of years ago. Both so sad and laughable. The music scene is so bad these days..


Hello Tabitha. Do you have any information on natural ways to help a child with rett syndrome?


Hi Marshall: yes please email me eyevieblack@gmail.com

William Wood

Are you sure SB is owned by (((you know whose)))???


Starbucks was founded by Gordon Bowker (shabbos goy), Jerry Baldwin (jew) and Zev Siegel (jew). Baldwin “borrowed” many of the ideas for Starbucks from the founder of Peet’s coffee, Alfred Peet. Peet introduced custom coffee roasting to the US. Among coffee historians, Peet has been called “the Dutchman who taught America how to drink coffee.” Their current CEO is Kevin Johnson (shabbos goy), who was replaced when Howard Schultz (jew) resigned. Remember the race psyop Starbucks pulled last year where a White employee phoned the cops because two blacks were loitering in the store? Then Starbucks went on to hold some racial sensitivity mind control program for employees. Starbucks is a company that sells an atrocious “food” and goes out of their way to denigrate… Read more »


Dear Tabitha I really like your outlook on health and fitness… But pumpkins spice was not created by Starbucks to mix the races… I’ve stopped supporting Starbucks years ago before I new who owned them… I wouldn’t even give them credit for creating anything expect how to close down local cafes by having unlimited funds given to them by slimy banks… If anything they steal their ideas from small family owned cafes who use healthy ingredients… I’ve had some of the most creative healthy drinks that blow Starbucks away ten fold… Starbucks is all about making money by using cheap ingredients like gmo’s & artificial junk not to mention the plastic tea bags. I actually like pumpkin spice when it’s organic & vegan… My new… Read more »


If you mix 2% shit into milk, the shit is not affected but the milk is ruined.


I comprehend the analogy made, but it’s rather jewish to make an excrement reference. You might want to grab a bagel to match that yarmulke.


‘Yeah, please no p00p jokes or anything like that if you mention it at all maybe instead criticize (like I am here) how it is so mainstreamed in modern day to talk about it and use those terms (and how it is pretty gross). We get enough of it in “our” ZOG Pop CULTure. Even at my slave job that doesn’t pay near-enough to live (cost of living is ridiculous, and it shouldn’t be in modern day but you know ZOG & stuff) and get much of anywhere in this ZOG system, there are people I see who bring fecal matter pillows into work (pillows that are fecal matter, but they give it a smiley face on it to make it “cute” and “normal”)… And… Read more »


You might want to check out this show Charlie did exposing Starbucks for the anti-White genocidal pos company that they are: http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/truth-hertz-sticking-starbucks-2-27-17/

And I’m unsure why you would advocate for 2% non-White admixture into a White society…this sounds like hasbara.

Lastly, PG and G movies are still brimming with ZOG propaganda. Regardless of rating, Hollywood is a parasitic filth machine that is rotten to the core.


Thanks for questioning my theory on 2% to explain it better I’m not talking about 2% Africans or 2% Jewish that would devastate a society I’m talking about the cream of the crop of intelligence, fitness & beauty from all the countries in the world… Many Europeans have all ready mixed their genes in many countries creating mixed race people who would blend in nicely with so called white American… If Japan or China took in 2% of the best from outside the country I’m almost 100% percent certain China would still look like China in a hundred years from now maybe even better if they brought in some Europeans… Joining another country is feasible if the only way you can become a citizen that… Read more »


Take your race mixing agenda elsewhere. You sound just like the GDL, telling us that identifying as White is playing into the hands of the jews. Haha you are all so damn obvious. You’re trying to equate getting a tan in the summer to being black? Riiiiiiight.


Ashkenazi jews are semites, they just have more White blood than sephardic or mizrahi jews. Just like how both Subsaharan Africans and African Americans are negroes but American blacks have some White blood – whether it be the result of miscegenation from our people or by way of ashkenazi jew slave trade rape.

Ragnar Fan

“Most American Blacks don’t even look as dark as SubSaharan Africans anymore they are getting lighter each generation… and most European so called whites really love getting darker during the summer months… fortunately the tan is healthy when done right and blacks are suffering from lack of sun… my point is simple should we refer ourselves as Europeans instead of white…”

Yeah, just go along with it White man.

You jew ass holes are infuriating.

Fuck you.


lol okay my “fellow White vegan”.