The Wild Hunt: The Conspiracy Against Hair (7-19-17)

Kyle speaks about how important hair is, physically and spiritually, the different ways it is being attacked, the different religious views of hair, the skinhead culture, how Hasidic women are forced to shave their heads, how we can grow powerful, and so much more.

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Just started listening, and your choice of topic , though seemingly random, is proving to be fascinating. Been listening for a couple of months, and I must thank you all for providing a new vigour to some subjects that have been dear to my heart for about 6 years now, since I was awakened to our current situation, which was followed by a great abiding love for my people. This is the very first time I’ve even so much as commented online at all in a few years, as I lost hope, and found it verifiable dangerous to do so. I put my pod face on, you know? Your shows have got me thinking, maybe it’s time to do something. Not just learn, and maybe… Read more »

you can all burn in hell. sincerely, a bald guy.

I can attest to the claim that hair has significance. I am Cherokee and Blackfoot (and German- but i am highlighting my Native heritage here). Anytime that I step foot into the woods, I immediately get a feel for my surroundings. I can tell if something is wrong, if an animal is wounded, if there are other people in the woods, etc. This is a special thing that many Natives have. Here is a link to some research on the topic of this intuition and how hair amplifies it.

The Hawaiians did the same and any cuttings were buried to avoid witchcraft

Biblical reference of long hair is Samson and the Nazarenes. What was probably going on was men looking and dressing like woman see the French court with blush lipstick and the like stuff we see now

I have not shaved in years I just use a buzzer… Can’t stand the close shave feel. Woman are trained to reject the homeless look and are well encouraged to shave like a baby while calling there well groomed child man “baby”

Anyway fun topic .. Lice in war was the production method needed to feed the meat grinder of less then individual solders/pawns on the chess board. Don’t want pee ins getting any gliry

*lice was the reason for shaving heads in trench warfare

The French women started shaving there heads as a fashion statement when after the war men were chasing the ‘branded’ women. Much like lipstick was prostitute come hither attire picked up by the masses

Masturbation rapidly affects hairloss. One of the biggest benefits studied in nofap communities is the benefit to hair health. When you masturbate the hormone that gives you an erection is DHT that Kyle mentioned. The healthy testosterone that promotes strength and energy known as free testosterone gets converted into DHT when you masturbate and builds up in your prostate and scalp,

Its no secret in Eastern medicine and philosophy that abstinence is the best way to increase longevity and regeneration. Christcucks use the story of Odin drinking semen from corpses to gain power (I havent read this yet myself), and anyone can see for themselves how demotivated, pale, apathetic and weak the porn addicted geenration has become.

Masturbation is bad in so many ways. In my opinion, if you want to create a man who is an obsessive and neurotic wanker, circumcise him as a baby. It’s the easiest way to fuck up a man for life.

Another anti-sexual, neo-puritan imbecile!!…They seem really to proliferate a lot on the Web these days!…

Marc, are you saying that if you think masturbation is bad then you must be a puritan?

It’s smart to stop doodling yourself. You all know it. Just let it go, naturally.

They do like to shear their sheep don’t they? A lot of children cry the first time they get a hair cut. Could this be because they are losing a connection to something?

Fashynating show Hairr Hunt, here on Follicle broadcasting. I’ll quit why i’m behind!

Great show Kyle – so much to ponder. Why are we the only animal that trims its own hair? I’ve never really thought about that before. Logically, our hair provides protection from the elements and thermal shock. We are voluntarily weakening ourselves by cutting our hair.

Until we remove the jew from ALL areas of our lives, they will continue to control and poison our young people’s minds and bodies. We need to reclaim our: health, hair, clothing, food, music, culture; our identity and natural state of being. You and Sinead provide a great starting point for this coming resurgence.

That idiot bastard Varg did another anti-vegan video, (, not only did he quote scientific articles sponsored by the dairy industry, he also got all his facts wrong as usual. He also married an underage girl, proved by Sinead, which makes him also a pedophile. He also likes his hair SHORT….

You can use two teaspoons of silica an rub it in your hair an it makes your hair grow so fast you may have to cut it every twice a month. I was growing my hair long again an planned to wear a suebian knot, but being athletic an doing karate it annoyed me, so I cut it again. The Normans did not keep their hair long an they where still pretty bad ass fighters. They do say the Merovingians had long red hair an the Vril Society seen it as some kind antennae.

Amazing information. I remember when I was in seventh grade they were going to start bussing to desegregate the schools, so my parents shipped me off to a Christ-tard school. One of the policies was that you could not have long hair…….and long hair to them was any hair touching the top of your ear! Fucking Christ-tards. They had random hair checks…..fucking Christ-tards. One day there were a couple stray hairs touching the top of my ears so the fucking Christ-tards at the school shaved me bald. Fortunately, my parents took me out of that Bible dupe hell hole of a school after that. I apologize to no one when I say that, next to the filthy jew, Christ-tards really are the biggest assholes in… Read more »

Renni. You are an obvious jew. Oy vey, I’m being prosecuted by the evil christians who could not tolerate me.
You were probably annoing to all the other boys tha gave you what you deserved.
I ones knew a guy who was persecuted a lot. The thing with him was, nobody wanted to be around him, so he did everything he could to be noticed. He even came up with biting some of the boys for no reason. Then he cried, persecution.

Is the man bun a hair energy pod or fem fashion look?

I’ve considered American males eunuchs not only because of the circumcision but because unlike their women they have their hair cut short like (in my opinion) you’d expect of cuckolded beta males wearing chastity devices.

Good show. I’m not new to this theory and have tried to test it out throughout my life and personally couldn’t come to any firm conclusion. The last few years i’ve kept my hair fairly short, but I have to say Kyle has made a pretty strong case here. I’ve heard a lot of these points before, but he definitely has a way with words. I also have to say I enjoy getting my hair buzzed after i let it grow for about six months, i feel refreshed, but I think I’ll go a year after listening to this one and see where it takes me. I wonder what Hitler would have looked like with long hair.

Celtic men of Brittany (small Britain) had long hair untill the end of XIX eme century.. It ‘s a very attractive part of White human beings diversity.
Thank you for the interesting topic.
The comments are instructive too .

Can’t wait to listen to this one , good topic Kyle.

I felt bad about not having eyebrows, not anymore! Thanks – never thought about it that way 🙂

Great show, maybe more body related shows in the future?

Dear Kyle,
Interesting show and it reminded me of some research I did while in college into the history of the connection of Kingship with Thaumaturgy in the various Celtic, and Germanic tribes/nations. Your show got me thinking and in every case I can think of the adoption of cutting the hair short and shaving coincided with the termination of the monarchy practicing and and people believing in the supernatural power of the Sacred Priest-King. You referenced the English Civil War and the Round Heads and Cavaliers and I specifically researched Charles I who had long hair and was the latest/last example I know of a King being sought out by the people of his nation for the laying on of his hand to cure illness.

WOW. Nutrients to regrow the missing hair. I never thought of that. We leave alone our leg hair, armpit hair, pubic hair, but our bodies are constantly regrowing the head hair we cut! Of course that requires vital nutrients and bodily energy, a lot, the same way one expends so much when they orgasm and climax. Excellent broadcast especially after 1 hr 30.

I have unshaven armpit hair exposed either when I’m shirtless or in a tank top. Females definitely show more interest when I’m exposed like this.

Awesome show, brother. I have long hair AND practically no eyebrows. Woot! 😁

Oh by the way special forces now ordered to shave cut hair… One more thing nerve endings in the feet as well are communicating with the brain. Shoes kill that connection to the earth

“But now the Pentagon has revoked the privilege of whiskers. American special forces soldiers have been ordered to shave their beards and adopt a more conventional, military style of dress.

Looking forward to hearing this, meantime “CONCLUSION: There may be an association, probably very rare, between vaccinations and hair loss.” Early onset male pattern baldness has been noticeably more prevalent in the UK in the last 20-30 years imo (based on others’ anecdotal observations to me too). That would happen to coincide with greater use of vaccinations in the young than formerly. ex-Doctor Carley made a remark in one of her podcasts some years ago about Italian research indicating a likely causal link with vaccines, but I can’t trace it. But an auto-immune response screw-up attenuating follicles mediated by vaccines would be worthy of further investigation. The commonest baldness, male pattern, appears to come in two flavours: early onset, which is probably best explained… Read more »

I read before the Norman’s kids would grow their hair long like Anglo Saxons as a type of teenage rebellion.

Interesting that Orthodox Jews keep long hair in curls……

Keep in mind, the serpent is feathered.

Kyle, if you ever do a show on the heart, you might be interested in the work of Dr. Thomas Cowan. He has convincingly shown that, contrary to what every doctor will tell you, the human heart is not a pump.

I’ve read that if the outer third of the eyebrows are very thin it can be a sign of hypothyroidism.

I’m bald !