The Wild Hunt: Reading the Rainbow Alphabet (8-9-17)

Kyle brings out some of his old esoteric interests regarding the occult construction of language, his discovery of the Rainbow Alphabet, some interesting connections to religions and mythologies, and more.

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I feel that this could be a series, very interesting. At age 11, I was presented with Aristotle’s Venn Diagrams by a friend of my Father, Jean Claude, to see what I thought about Dimensions and Perception. I disagreed with Aristotle’s assertion that only what you *See* (C ?) is “Reality” because the idea of 2D simply does not exist, it is an impossibility: it seems that he forgot the edge of a coin perhaps (smile). Not only that, but there is the Inner and the Outer, or, as in the case of a the artificial construct of a Cube; what’s in the box and what is Outside of the box. Indeed, the value of Zero itself has been marginalized. Think about it, we don’t… Read more »


The number “O” was invented in Babylon by ((( I wonder who ))). 0 doesn’t exist in reality. It does for the bankers as they keep growing and expanding the economy with the aim of taking over everything that used to be free. The goal of transhumanism seems to be endless life to pay off endless debt.


Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea is a book by American author and journalist Charles Seife. The book offers a comprehensive look at number 0 and its controversial role as one of the great paradoxes of human thought and history since its invention by the ancient Babylonians. Even though zero is a fundamental idea for the modern science, initially the notion of a complete absence got a largely negative, sometimes hostile, treatment by the Western world and Greco-Roman philosophy.

Charles Seife also wrote “Alpha and Omega”.


Yes the concept of 0 is a problematic one, namely that nothing cannot be represented by something, that tries to represent nothing. It is also this notion of infinity in mathematics which has the whole house divided among itself (yet again).


This is a subject where kyle really shines.


“The Un-Examined-Life is NOT Worth Living”!
— You can SEE Why we Love Listening to Kyle and Sinead! 🙂

(I had my-own-Brainstorm once: Where the Zodiac’s Numbers were:
Aries(2) Taurus(3) Gemini(10) — Cancer(1) Leo(0) Virgo(5)
Libra(8) Scorpio(9) Sagittarius(4) — Capricorn(7) Aquarius(6) Pisces(11)
— It is Like Clock-Numbers with Some-Pairs Flipped-Around, and has some Amazing-Symmetry 🙂 Draw-it-Out and Look-at-It 🙂


Very interesting. It seems as though language (like much else) has been weaponized to program an artificial reality. When Guttenberg invented the printing press, the first book to be mass produced and circulated was the unholy bible. The Wachowski beasties instructed everyone on their team to read the marxist “Simulation and Simulacra” by Baudrillard when making the Matrix movies. Extremist “green” anarchist jews like Fredy Perlman have some decent critiques of “civilization” in books like “Against His-Story, Against Leviathan” but they don’t have the capability to see themselves as the problem, always projecting onto the gentiles.


When the unholy bible (Bi=-ble= dual laws/ schizophrenic) was 1st circulated most plebs could not read, the jews/Vatican yarmulke popes were afraid their gig would be up once people could read the book much to their amazement the masses could not see the evil through the trees- dumb then dumb now.


The thing is like now people are born and raised in a system. So by the time people could actually read the bible the system they were living under had been in operation for centuries. Today we have the internet which bypasses the msm narrative which in many fields is just outright lies. People reading new material now are trying to incorporate this new information into their worldview. Their worldview has been warped however from birth so it’s not easy for them. Part of it is just natural laziness. Your worldview develops over your entire life and replacing it is a lot of work. Maybe we need to concentrate on the young so that they get a worldwide based on truth instead of diversity and… Read more »


Good point Tony. The problem with this “voluntary slavery” system i that you have to allow your slave units ever increasing freedom in order that they not become aware of their slavery through recurring patterns of the same, patterns which even dull amoeba respond to. In order that the “voluntary” slave system holds, little freedoms must be conceded, albeit heavily bastardised, they still must contain truth so that the reality principle stays intact and not even the dumbest become aware of a pattern of his enslavement and begin to construct a counter to it. The system must forever remain ambiguous and yet allow for freedom. Regardless of all this, unless WE are the ones giving the orders, the ones in power, the ones in charge… Read more »

John from NC

I was happy that Kyle never really joined up with that Sync Book crowd.

According to a kabbalah documentary i watched, God allegedly has 74 names.

Saturn: Saturn Moon Matrix (related to the cube of Meca), The Merkaba is actually the star of David- minus one star piece, Don’t forget the Eye of Horus, Occulis: The Occulists are/were a secret society who were similar to the Freemasons ( );.

“And Kyle Hunt has himself pushing kabbalistic voodoo from a few years ago, rainbow alphabet or whatever.” ~Roe (She blew up my dm’s with crazy shit like this- said Renegade gets money from the UAE lmao).


She loves her rapist and the ones who enabled him. Enough said She’s beyond help.


Valve the games company released the Orange Box games back some years ago.